Is Greg O’Gallagher a.k.a. Kinobody a Natural Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User?

| by Truth Seeker |

Note: Readers have informed me that Greg O’Gallagher weighs only 165lbs now. I do not see how this is relevant. People can lose weight. Doesn’t change the fact that he was 185lbs as stated in his interview for After all, Ronnie Coleman was 290lbs in his prime but is only around 200lbs now.

This review makes sense only if I use the heaviest bodyweight.

According to different online sources, Kinobody has the following body stats:

Height: 5’10” – 177.8cm
Weight: 180–185lbs/81-83kg
Body fat: Unknown – I guess between 7-10%;

In the guide for natural bodybuilders, you can see that a lifter who is 5’10” (177.8 cm) tall can potentially weigh around 170lbs (77kg) at 5%-8% bodyfat.



Thus, it is safe to say that Mr. Gallagher is pushing the limits.

Never forget that the stats in the guide are for naturals with elite genetics.

To put things in perspective, think of the kids who can play incredibly complicated stuff on the piano before being able to walk properly. This is the type of muscle talent it takes to get to those stats naturally.

It’s not like everyone can achieve this level of muscle success simply by lifting and eating ”right”. These days it takes more to start collecting likes on Facebook from people taken by the global muscle lust. A lot more.

Conclusion: If Greg O’Gallagher was to lose a few body fat points and get ready for a bodybuilding show, he will be at a bodyweight equal or slightly above the numbers presented in the guide. That’s only possible if you inject or have ”God given genetics” for muscle construction, which he doesn’t since his frame is neither thick nor wide.

Does Greg O’Gallagher have the Photoshop look so common for fitness models injecting tren and friends in their glutes?

Not really. He doesn’t have the glamorous 3D appearance presented by other known pinners. He does look full but is also very watery. In other words, he is not a dry muscle specimen, which makes him look ”fatter” and not so otherworldly. Of course, this does not mean that the guy is natural.

Maybe he is simply not using the type of steroids modern fitness models rely on.

Testosterone alone is not going to give you the Zyzz look common for modern fitness models. It gives you size, but the shredded, popping 3D muscles usually come from other muscle elixirs.


Q: But he shows what he eats all the time! He must be natty.

A: That doesn’t mean anything. Phil Heath shows his meals on Instagram too. Does this make him a natural bodybuilder? Please, cut the naive 3rd-grade stalker mentality. What do you expect from those guys? To post a picture of themselves sliding a needle in a butt cheek. Get real. Social media are not for that. They are meant to showcase your great life. To know the truth, you need to be behind the scenes. 

Q: Do you have any definitive evidence that this guy is not natty?

A: Not really. He is not that big, and thus gets the it is possible to build a similar physique naturally if you have G-R-E-A-T genetics score.

Q: Do you think this dude can be a shadow pinner?

A: Anyone can be a shadow pinner. Even the president could be injecting as we speak. There are much crazier things happening in this world than that.

Q: Will I get as big as Greg O’Gallagher if I follow his training advice?

A: Honestly, bro, I don’t know what his training advice is, but the answer is still a firm: ”No way, son!”

Here’s the deal. There isn’t a lifting routine that somehow turns your body into a muscle-building machine. If you have favorable genetics and torture yourself adequately, any routine that’s remotely difficult and demands progression will get you to your potential. Thus, you don’t need ”special” routines.

Q: What about his spiritual advice?

A: If you are talking about the ”power of now”, ”live in the now”, ”there is only now” mentality, I would say ignore this nonsense.

Let me explain how the system works. Humans were never built to live ONLY in the now. That’s an animal level of existence. Animals live in the now constantly. I remember when ”my” cat used to bite the hell out of me only to love me a minute later. Humans cannot do that. We are different. It’s unnatural not to think of the past or the future. You can try if you want, but it will be an artificial, forced existence.

We are programmed to live in the now only when it’s necessary – during extreme situations such as running away from a lion. This is natural self-preservation. All attempts to replicate this mental state in everyday situations like going to the bathroom are just lame.

I am getting seriously tired of this mass media proclaimed spirituality. It’s more dangerous than you think. Many monkeys buy it and think life is all about being positive and rejecting everything negative. No, it’s not. This is simply an attempt of the system to take your guard down and make you one of those suckers who never hate or riot – a happy slave as they call them.

Q: Ok. Shut up! Do you think this guy is natty?

A: Probability of being a full natty brah – 2.2 out of 5.

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  1. Diggy

    Definitely a narcissist. “Real life Bruce Wayne”. What a joke. I can’t deny he is in good shape, but if I lived in a fucking mansion and didn’t have to get up until 10, didn’t work a full time job, go to school, cook, feed and clan up after myself I would be a tank at 24 too. He doesn’t see, to understand what it is to live like a normal person.
    Diet-1/5 (does not seem to know any difference between quality, fresh food and processed, cancerous garbage).
    What a dick

    1. niko

      Oh Diggy, you offered ZERO substance in your little girl rant. Your as bad as a jealous little twit that stays home and posts to youtube vids begging for a LOL from someone. Don’t hate son maybe someday you will grow and your left nut will drop. In the meantime keep watching Greg as he bangs hot chicks and makes your manhood shrink. Your a dick

      1. Benjamin Button

        You’re*. If you think that’s all there is to life, then you need to find one yourself, bro.

        1. Nabil

          Thats not true bro, stop heating on peaple, I got great result by using kinobody methods : Intermittent fasting, lefting heavy…..
          I can say that kinobody changed my thinking about fiteness. I was training for years and getting nothing.
          No I train at most three times a week, and I got results I’ve nover got before, even when I was training 5 – 6 days a week.

          1. bangs

            hi heater, how you doin? i know that you’re ha-ting on me
            the more that you haate, on meee the more that, i’ll do my thang

      2. Temple

        Yes mate bang on! I didn’t get jealous of Greg, instead I left my pride at the door and committed . I had a quality transformation using kinobody , after training years and no result .. now I’m
        Dench as faaaak ??

      3. sullenday

        c’mon, he’s a good looking guy ffs. You’re just trashing him to trash him.

      4. D

        I mean if you call them little toothpick girls he bangs hot then sure. Most bodybuilders don’t have girls that hot sure they have a nice face but that’s it. The only person I seen with attractive girls for real is Connor Murphy and that a fact.??. And tbh Greg sounds like a queer I promise I thought this dude was queer when I heard him.

    2. col

      Id be a narcissist to if I looked great and built a nutrition/bodybulding company than earns me over (according to Kino) $1 million. dont blame him one bit because capitalism worked for him.

    3. chris

      you’re an idiot lol, he is doing parodies of his favorite movies, he doesn’t believe he’s bruce wayne

      so far he has done:

      American Psycho (Real life Bruce Wayne)
      Fight Club (First rule of Kinobody)
      Wolf of Wallstreet (Wolf of Kinobody)

    4. Ed

      Stop being jealous people only do that when they don,t have success

      1. Daddy's Boy

        Success? With the 800 million he inherited from his daddy and the real estate business he left behind? Success at what? Marketing his fitness business with that kind of dough behind him, having the time to focus purely on his body because he doesn’t have a job, and then posting pictures and videos online? You’re impressed too easily. I’m impressed with his father who built the fortune.

    5. Greg O'Gallagher

      How dare you? HOW DARE YOU!?!?
      Greg O’Gallagher is a Greek god. No, he is /the/ Greek god, because he killed the rest of them, like Kratos, but he killed him too. He is the hero of humanity and the last hope we have to survive in this barren, desolate land of everyone else.
      Now, say it with me. O’Gallagher. O’Gallagher! O’Gallagher!! O’Gallagher!!!
      In conclusion, shame on you, peasant.

    6. benny

      I can’t agree more , look not we all very handsome but something in his face shows already not geniune, the way he talks is so irritating and not relatable. I doubt anyone on youtube natural because they want to make money.

    7. SCP-3812

      mate that dude looks like keanu reeves sometimes, there is no way in hell he is a 1/5

  2. George

    If you want to see a real natural guy training in a real natural environment, just click “George Castlerock” on youtube.

  3. john

    oh you mean the 20 minute workout done in under 15 minutes “George Castlerock”?

    a 14 minute workout is a 14 minute workout, not a 20 minute workout

  4. Donald

    “I remember when ”my” cat used to bite the hell out of me, only to love me a 1 minute later” – A girl ones literally threw dishes at me and 1 Minute later she was blowing my cock.

    Humans are apes. Our mind is just a tool. It doesn’t make us superior to everything on the planet (‘the power of now’ fights against that kind of assumptions). Everybody who claims to be ‘evolved’ and not an animal anymore, is in fact the biggest animal of all.

    Furthermore, ‘The Power of Now’ is not about living only in the now, it’s about turning off your mind when you don’t need it.

    1. Pawel

      That’s true, living in the now increase your focus, gives you better connection with your body. So things like Mindfulness, metidation and various techniques that helps you being present are a very handful tools.

    2. Truth Speaker

      Calling BS on the dishes and one minute later getting blown.

  5. James

    Loved this analysis. It’s rare to hear anyone speak the truth in the fitness industry. These bloated claims and empty promises are dangled in front of unsuspecting youth.

    1. Jonathan

      Are u a fucking retard? Jesus

      1. Chin

        He’s not. But you wish you’re Greg’s personal cocksucker.

  6. shmoo

    The Power of Now has to do with mindfulness. If you think practicing mindfulness is bullshit or pointless, you don’t know much about it. So many know-it-alls on the internet today.

    1. Truth Seeker

      Fuck that new age bullshit. I am not a fucking dog to live only in the present.

      1. mitchell mcbrayer

        The fact is that you do only live in the present. You can think about the future or past all you want, but that doesn’t change it. It also doesn’t mean that you never think about the future or the past, only that you are able to still your thoughts and practice mindfulness when it is appropriate. There are many situations where your full presence is very beneficial.

      2. hehehehehee

        lol for a smart guy you’re pretty dumb.

      3. Chris

        The whole point of the power of now is to not let the past/possible future control your actions.

        Good examples are:

        Don’t be afraid to talk to a girl because a year ago you got rejected
        Don’t be afraid to invest money in a business just because there’s a chance you’ll fail
        etc etc

        The Power of Now doesn’t tell you to ignore the past or future, just realize that there is also a present which is more important.

      4. Thomas Hobbes

        When do you think about the past or future? Well, I do it in the now. We are only capable of the now. What makes us humans much more sophisticated and evolved from other life forms, the “animals” as you call them, is that most of us are able to realize this. You are one of those that haven’t yet come to realize it.

        In regard to Kinobody, how can you dispute the hundreds of users of the program who have posted transformations and real-life examples of their success with the program? Let me guess, Greg is rich so he must have paid to have people lie?

  7. Dominick

    This guy trains for looks and he assumes it. Fine! One thing that ticks me off is the pretense to be all-natural super-strong with that type of physique. It’s good for sales, but is it realistic? Granted, this guy can lift and he’s excellent at bodyweight stuff. Does that mean he could compete in a strength sport and go toe to toe against the best natural lifters? Too many guys want to have it all.

    You’re much more likely to succeed focusing on one main goal. The strongest guys I know are my fellow competitors in strongman. Most of them don’t give a S*** about how their abs look; they’re not out of shape either; they are sure strong as hell! If that guy showed up in a strongman meet, he’d get his ass royally kicked! You know, deadlifting a car or pulling a truck requires a VERY strong (usually thickly muscled, not thin) core.

    This makes me think of something John Davis wrote in 1947 about aesthetics vs. strength (he was the very best lifter of this era, when weightlifters competed in 3 lifts):
    “Now, it is my contention that one can not present a “Mr. America” appearance and perform record-breaking lifts. To be explicit, a lifter can not have the slim waist of Steve Reeves, the sharply defined muscularity of Yas Kuzuhara, and yet make presses of as much as 100 pounds or more in excess of bodyweight. I don’t disapprove of the above mentioned physiques. Kuzuhara possesses the finest physique of any small man I have ever seen. But these types of physique are good only for the purpose for which they are developed – for display.” (

    You can start to train and get OK strong, OK fit and OK good-looking and that’s all very fine and healthy, but at one point, if you want more, you’re not going to look like a Greek god while kicking everybody’s ass in strongman or powerlifting (we’re talking un-enhanced lifting here). In 99.99% of cases, you have to pick which one you prefer. Very strong? Very fit? Extremely good looking?

    1. Latrell

      But when did he ever claim he was “all-natural super-strong”? He openly admits that he doesn’t even squat. Pretty sure he has little to no interest in going toe to toe with the next strongman.

      1. Dominick

        You’re right. There’s one very sound thing in O’Gallagher’s phylosophy: you need to build a good base of strength to build size. It’s especially true long term. He advocates progressive overload and lifting three times a week, which is a great way to go about it. He also advocates full-body sessions, which brings many benefits (greater frequency, better conditioning, etc.).

    2. gene

      Get a life … and a Peeeenis – butt face!

    3. Shadow Pinner

      Fair point but there are people who were/are jacked and strong, Johnnie Otis Jackson and Ronnie Coleman are just two examples.
      The strongmen events are are great to watch though, have you seen the world strongest viking 2019 on youtube filmed by Dennis Kohlruss?
      Well worth a watch!

  8. Donald

    “Doesn’t change the fact that he was 185 lbs as stated in his own interview on” –
    the word “stated” is the problem. I guess he just lied about his weight. Or did they put him on a scale? When I was 130 Pounds, I always said that I weight 10 Lbs more. Self-obsessed people are often chronic liers. And we know, that the camera easily adds 10 lbs. Just compare his body to his head, he is not very big at all, it’s optical illusion.

  9. You Suck

    Whoever runs this site is the biggest idiot I have ever heard of.

  10. Johnny

    So many people fighting up in this thread. Maybe the test is kicking in. 😉

  11. Paul

    I started training at the age of 32 last year to feel better in myself and used Greg and Mike Chang and various others as inspiration and motivation.
    I’m 6′ tall of a small ish bone structure but was overweight and fat at 190lbs inside a year with my own made up circuits and weight training plus jogging up to 6 miles a day 4-6 times a week and cutting allot of rubbish out I’m down to 165lbs and am more defined and much happier I’d love to get close to Greg just take boxers their low BF % gives the illusion of bigger muscles and to me is quite appealing I personally now am training to gain some size but not interested in strength or numbers I know I have to keep pushing and keep challenging myself but it’s all about appearance for me and I think that’s what Greg is doing
    Now strong men are in a league of their own I could never be one and I am in awe of their raw strength and power but that look isn’t my desire either I think we should step back and accept each of us trains for different goals and reason and has different opinions on what’s good or great.
    I think he looks big and could easily be around 168-180 mostly he’s displaying himself after a workout so looks fuller from the pump even if he’s methods aren’t perfect or seen as the norm if what he does is motivate people and of course make money for himself then good luck
    He has said he normally daily is I a calorie deficit so kinda in some kinda fat loss mode but how you maintain muscle other than taking say lglutamine and bcaa and protein I’m yet to find out.
    I just think he looks great and if I could walk on a beach looking that great is prob have a big ego too lmfao

  12. Seamus

    This pretty much seals the deal for me Greg won’t take a Carbon Isotope test because he posits a series of elaborate excuses for not doing so – dodgy or what.
    The Youtuber “durianrider” has outed him game set and match.
    The cult like status surrounding GOG is very indicative of one of the main ills of the modern age – the inability to disconnect emotion from reason. Nothwithstanding the v good info in GOG’s programmes; a lot of his unquestioning followers seem like Russel Brand sheep drinking cool aid.

    1. gene

      Dudet, are you hating brah?

      Why don’t you ask Greg for his entire NUT SACK … Maybe it will lead to you forsaking your hands, and BUSTING SOME MAD NUTS in 10’s and not all over your hands!

      By the way, you look like an 89 year old apes hairy booty parts.

  13. Jimbob

    With regard to greg obviously i cant say whether he’s a shadow pinner or if he’s hitting any sort of PED’s but that guy durianrider is a knob! He oviously has it in for kinobody because he says stupid shit like “he’s not even that strong”…. And ” he’s not even that big ” and then says silly shit like “he’s obviously not full natty brah”…. So according to durianrider greg is weak, small but using… Wtf?! He definitely needs to get a life

  14. Jonathan

    So many jealous people lol, what a terrible world.

  15. George

    @ Jimbob – durian rider is actually quoting replies from fans when he says he’s not that big/strong. He is trying to help these fanboys realise that not everyone who takes gear is massive. Fact is – kinobody is a millionaire and yet claims he can’t find a way to do a carbon isotope ratio test. He’s a liar and a fake and his refusal to prove he’s not on the juice is a strong indication that he is definitely on the juice. Look at his response when he announces he won’t do it. He is clearly spooked by the prospect and he is panicking. Fake natty for sure.

    1. Truth Seeker

      I understand. But can’t those tests be faked too? At least for the camera?

      1. Truth Speaker

        The only way he can prove he’s natty is to take the CIR test but on DurianRider’s channel under DR’s rules.

  16. Truth Speaker

    You gave this guy 2.5 out of 5 and he turned out to be a fake natty!

    Even Natty or Not’s standards are too damn high for true lifelong naturals.

  17. Someone who's annoyed

    You guys have no proof he isn’t for real, I lost over 10 pounds taking his advice, so shut the holy fuck up already. Half of you should be kicked in the face

  18. george

    to “someone who’s annoyed”. You lost 10 pounds. Did you get his body mass?

  19. gregfulloftren

    BWAHAHAhahaha so many retards here its amazing.
    this guy (greg) obviously pinn hard tren and clen i mean LOOK at his shoulders anyone who have gained muscle naturally such as myself can see at a 100 miles this guy is SO FAKE

  20. Infinite

    My honest observation,

    Yes his persona might be distracting cuz he does only use himself as a prime example and comes off as a narcissist, but all those things aside I feel that some things weren’t rightfully given enough weight in this particular review. Now before I say anything no I don’t work with the guy and I don’t own his program and this site is usually spot on with all the lies with all these 200lbs 6% and onion skin tight “natties”. If no one believes in genetic limits just google myostatin gene.

    Anyhow I think the main thing I was referring to was dehydration, using his highest body weight is irrelevant because the dude was 12% no where near comp ready, and just look at his measurements, I don’t know about you guys but that doesn’t look like a 44 inch chest to me. Roid based competitors have astronomical stats because they step on stage at like 200+ lbs dehydrated, that’s literally physically insane. Greg had to get to 169 lbs to get to a supposed 6% body fat but the guy isn’t even dehydrated which would bring him down closer to 159 or 160. That coupled with his less that stellar measurements places him at natty level for me hands down. The day he says he steps on stage at 180 dehydrated? Game over right there. In the mean time take stats a little lightly guys people in this industry tend to really be into themselves and that means they’ll fluff their measurements or underestimate body fat which is seen everywhere.

    Plus he’s not even a bodybuilding I mean the guy coulda worked for beach body or something. No hate though aside from all he seems like a smart guy, just thought I point out some valid things instead of writing everything off as “he’s on gear” , though honestly 98% of people with sponsor are on gear.

  21. MG

    He just posted some info about his testosterone , claiming to be natural. I am not qualified to judge if its true or not, but it is pretty transparent to post this information:

    It maybe a good time to update this post?

  22. nah

    He’s also posted DEXA results (7%) and weight (172 lbs), so he’s well below 25 FFMI.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I don’t follow him that closely.

  23. Infinite

    The guy is natural, neither his lifts nor measurements shout gear, and yes people don’t have to surpass genetic limit on the stuff but rather stay at the top limit of genetic potential, but studies using test showed how subjects increased strength on the leg press without working out and living a sedentary life style. If he was on gear he would have a hard time hiding the ease in which he lifts his weight.

  24. BOB

    The guy who wrote this post is a fucking hater. Nothing you say in this articles makes sense. The guy is trying to help people. He is trying to do good what the fuck does it matter if he lives in a mansion and making money doing something that he loves. Trust me hater! don’t be a pussy if you want to be successful you have find your own way. Stop hating on people who are successful who cares if he is a natural or not. Intermittent fasting works period do you research live you life, stop hating and grow a pair of balls for once jeeeez

  25. luka

    I think he’s natty, Durianrider is a jealous troll.

  26. Martin

    I need to share this with you because you are really wrong.
    I am going to comnent your guide for natural bodybuilders.
    I used to play hockey since kindergarten. I quit playing when I was about 13yrs old. I first hit the gym when I was like 17yrs. After 8 months of training I had 5% body fat, 192 pounds. I am 178 cm, 5 10 like Greg. All natural, no single suplement in my diet. Now when I am 33 years old, I have 189 pounds and 13% of body fat. Thetefore I need to mention I am on and off with workouts for the last 10 yrs. I used to party like an animal for the decade, no healthy food, s lot of buzz.. At one point I had 240 pounds and 26% of body fat. That happend because I was eating way to much and no exercise at all. I was like a pig. But my message is, yes, you can have 185 pounds at 5 10 being 100% natural.
    Thanks for an opportunity to share this with you guys.
    Wish you all best

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      The guide is for 5% body fat.

    2. sam

      a lot of people claim to be %5 when they never even got close to %15 lol

  27. Martin

    Hi truth seeker,

    If you read carefully, I mentioned that I used to have 192 pounds and 5% fat, when I was 17yrs old. As I said, no single suplement.

    1. I'm Batman

      Do you even lift? When i was 15yo i was already 215lbs at 3%bf after just 3 months of pushups.

  28. Mark Brown

    haha he’s definitely not natty. He, Mike Matthews and Jeff from Athlean x are trying they best to pass but we know the truth

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