Is Nick Cheadle Natural Or On Steroids?

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It’s time for another classic review. As usual, it’s inspired by a request from a reader. I was asked whether a guy known as Nick Cheadle is natty or not. Let’s see.

What are the stats of Nick Cheadle?

According to the website, Nick Cheadle has the following body stats:

Bodyweight: 209lbs – 95kg
Height: 6’1”– 185.42cm

Body fat: Not mentioned, but it’s well into the single digits. The guy has striations (feathers) and is not over 9% body fat.


Those are some juicy stats. To put things in perspective for you, I will use the legendary IFBB Pro Serge Nubret as an example. He was about 6′ – 183 cm tall and weighed between 200lbs and 217lbs according to different sources.

This means that Nick Cheadle is one inch (2.54cm) taller than Serge Nubret and weighs about as much at similar body fat levels.

How is that possible naturally?

Serge Nubret was known for his amazing bodybuilding genetics. He stood next to Arnold and friends. Besides, we all know that the bodybuilders from the 70s were not saints by any means. Many, including the greats, have admitted to steroid use. Arnold and Sergio Oliva come to mind. This points to the conclusion that Nubret was not natty either.

Does Nick Cheadle have the 3D Photoshop look?

Yes. Cheadle carries a ton of quality muscle mass resulting in the classic Photoshop look that many professional fitness models are known for. The photos reveal that he is incredibly lean and full at the same time. As expected, he also has the 3D feather delts that have become a trademark of pinners.

How is that possible naturally? Most natties that I’ve seen look depleted at similar body fat levels. What’s the secret? Let me tell you – it ain’t protein powder and doughnuts (even if they fit your macros).

What’s Nick Cheadle BMI?

I put the stats of Nick Cheadle in an online BMI (body mass index) calculator and got this:

Nick Cheadle's BMI source;

Nick Cheadle‘s BMI source

Frank Zane BMI

Frank Zane BMI


Serge Nubret BMI


Believe it or not, Cheadle has a BMI a little higher than the those of Frank Zane and Serge Nubret.

However, one could also make the argument that he is a little ”fatter” than them. Still, this is an incredible achievement for a ”natty”.


I don’t think that humans can reach the level of the greats from the 70s naturally.

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  1. James

    Have you seen pics of him not flexing, not pumped, just relaxing – he doesn’t look as ripped (still good shape) but certainly doesn’t look like he’s on steroids. Small traps / shoulder etc. I think the guys is natural…

  2. Bob

    Fucking hate this site you can not pic out nattys for shit and are probably a tiny little bastard just jealous of everyone putting in work for years. I’m going to get to this level easily naturally just stop

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