How Do You Know That They Are Not Using Testosterone? Many "pin" regularly in the shadows.

| by Truth Seeker |

Making a straightforward natty or not diagnosis is not always possible.

There is a specific group of muscle constructors that don’t jump out of the page as easily as men like Kali Muscle. Those individuals are muscular, but not very lean. Usually, they are also pretty strong for the average gym standards – benching 300lbs, barbell rowing 275 lbs, deadlifting 600 lbs…etc.

I call those bodybuilders shadow pinners. They pin their glutes secretly in the shadows while building up their aura of hard working natural brahs.

Those who dare to question the natural status of shadow pinners are quickly labeled as haters.

I have a very specific inquiry for the fanboys – how do you know that your favorite guru is not injecting his glutes with a healthy dose of testosterone on a regular basis while claiming natural? How can you know that?

The answer is: You can’t.

Many people are on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and still claim natural. I am sorry, boys, but you are not natural. TRT protocols boost your testosterone levels to the high end. However, TRT alone cannot produce the extraterrestrial look seen in fitness magazines.

People in the gym will notice, though. If the training facility is relatively small, you could even become a muscle Oracle and a respected “buff dude”.

I have encountered a few shadow pinners in my past. When I fist started training in an actual gym there was a 30 something guy lifting regularly. He had a group of 20 something fanboys following his advice and routines. The guy was about 210lbs @ 6′. He was not very lean – probably 15-18% body fat. Nevertheless, he looked very good. Huge chest, big back, some legs and unfortunately Dennis Wolf calves.

Once l heard him say that he has been TRT for a long time. Yet he could start a YouTube channel tomorrow and easily persuade the low IQ broke kids on the Internet that he is 100% natty.

The next time you meet somebody who is pretty big and yet not magazine material, don’t forget that he may be one of the low key steroid users – a pinner in the shadows.

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