How To Get a Super THICK Back as a Natural Lifter? A few back training tips that will get you "yoked".

| by Truth Seeker |

Did you see what I did there? You came here because “super” and “THICK” written in capital letters got your attention.

Unfortunately, the title is misleading. You can definitely build a thick back as a natural, but super THICK? I am sorry but no. Why? Because the natural potential of the human body isn’t as high as the magazines say.

So, how do you get a thick back as a natural? There are no secrets. You just have to do deadlifts, weighted pull-ups, rows, shrugs…etc. Add weight when you can, rest when you need to, and you will get there.

Doesn’t seem like much of a secret, does it? I am pretty sure you already knew that, but you probably came down here for some kind of a secret formula that will work. There isn’t one. It all comes down to doing back exercises and progressing. The industry wants you to believe that there is a unique recipe, but there isn’t.

Can you give me an example routine? Sure.

Deadlifts – 1×5
Weighted pull-ups – 2×5 + 2×8 (back-off sets)
Cable shrugs – 3×12-15
One arm dumbbell rows – 2×8-10

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