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How I Reached a 41kg/90lbs Weighted Chin-up skinny brahs series

| April 21, 2016 by Truth Seeker |

Many people think that I am a skinny loser who never trains and spends most of his time torturing voodoo dolls representing unnatural bodybuilders and juicing fitness models. Sorry, but that’s not entirely true. I may be skinny, but I still lift. Also, I don’t own any dolls…yet. My most recent accomplishment is a 41kg/90lbs […]

How To Do Pull-ups and Chin-ups With Proper Form

| October 2, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

This is the most detailed pull-up tutorial that I can produce at the moment. It covers all technical elements that I consider crucial for the correct execution of this popular movement. I have also included a few programming tips for beginners and intermediate pull-up apprentices. My goal was to write a tutorial that jumps out […]

Everything You Need To Know About Lat Training

| August 31, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

The lats represent a muscle group that rarely gets as much media time as the chest, biceps, triceps and abs. This is pretty ironic because those bad boys are the biggest muscle in the upper body and look awesome. Most of the time, the lats are hidden unless you are naked, which thankfully is not […]

Can Deadlifts Be Replaced By Back Hyperextensions?

| by Truth Seeker |

“Will I be punished for eternity if I don’t deadlift?” is one of the many questions that a permabulker asks himself at least 150 times a day. It’s been said that people who don’t deadlift miss their chance to transform from fragile boys into muscular cavemen. This is nothing but a grand illusion which has been […]

Are Pull-ups a Complete Upper Back Exercise?

| July 7, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

I did my first chin-up at 15. My gym teacher, better known as Conan the Barbarian, was a crazy bitch with wild clotted hair that made all boys chin and dip that day. One could only wonder what had happened to her the night before. I got one chin-up repetition with the help of every […]

Back Thickness and Back Width Explained

| May 21, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

WHAT IS BACK THICKNESS? Back thickness is essentially a synonym for back density. The main muscles that need to be developed to acquire a thicker back are the trapezius and the spinal erectors. Those are the muscle groups which create the dense back look. The trapezius is a big and very rigid muscle that runs from […]

Why The Deadlift Is an Overrated Lift The deadlift takes more than it gives back.

| March 25, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

The deadlift has been enjoying more popularity than ever thanks to the rise of the so-called “YouTube powerlifting” – a phenomenon that has greatly contributed to the “do you even squat and deadlift” mentality. Since many beginners look up to the YouTube fitness celebrities, they start to believe that deadlifting is the key to the physiques presented by […]

Pavel’s Fighter Pull-up Program Optimized For Naturals

| December 19, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

My first run of Pavel Tsatsouline’s Fighter Pull-up Program resulted in overtraining. This is hardly a surprise since the routine calls for 25 days of high volume. If you are not familiar with the actual program, it looks a little something like this: The 5RM Fighter Pull-up Program Day 1     5, 4, 3, 2, […]