Can the Gym Turn Incels into “Chads” and Save Us from the Pits of Hell?

| by Truth Seeker |

The term “incel” stands for involuntarily celibate. Some say that it describes a very small minority of men who spend most of their awake hours producing misogynistic content and playing video games while rotting in a dirty garage and heaving poisonous sighs, but that’s not actually true.

The reality is that most average men have been involuntarily celibate at some point in their lives. The most popular online searches prove that.

Today, that condition is strongly reinforced by three major factors – extreme female hypergamy, shallow moral standards and the digital infrastructure. Those elements work in perfect harmony to achieve a very unhealthy social habitat fueling unjustified misandry and supporting a dysfunctional societal organism.

Female Hypergamy. I can copy/paste the dictionary definition of hypergamy, but I’d rather give you an example. A friend of my sister got married at 23 to a 28-year-old architect. I knew the woman personally as we’d worked together for a brief period. After a few years of marriage, the man’s salary got cut in half due to the lack of projects. Even with the reduction, he was still making at least 20% above the average wage.

Around that time, his wife decided that “things weren’t going to work out”. In her words, the dude had gotten “inert”.  In less than a year, she divorced him and jumped into a relationship with one of their friends. She left her husband destroyed without showing signs of remorse.

I’ve witnessed the execution of similar patterns two more times. In one of the cases, the woman was from an older generation and abandoned the father of her two children for a richer man. Of course, she got custody of the kids.

Shallow moral standards. The modern rules of relationships are as follows – everything goes. People ghost each other and lie all the time. It’s rare to meet someone upfront and honest. More often than not, those who try to be truthful and authentic suffer more than the emotional scoundrels.

The digital infrastructure.  Dating apps and social media allow women of all rungs to communicate with male aristocrats. A shoe seller at the mall can know hop on Tinder and talk to football stars secretly. In the past, similar conquests required a lot more “analog” networking. The easy and convenient connection to men of high stratums makes regular guys boring and unappealing.

When you add the classic male willingness to indulge in sexual adventures with any woman that isn’t fat, you have a recipe for never-ending degenerate behavior destroying the possibility of true bonding between a man and a woman.

In simpler terms, the high-status men get advantage of the situation and sleep with many women. Once a woman has experienced passionate moments with Superman, she doesn’t want to go back to an ordinary brah.

All of the above results in the following problem – average men have a hard time satisfying the “love” quotas. To earn a fighting chance, we turn to self-improvement in an attempt to increase our attractiveness which is the number one ranking factor.

Lifting weights [bodybuilding] is one of the most common advices given to guys struggling to get attention from women. Virtually every mainstream outlet focused on self-improvement paints the gym as the ultimate upgrade workshop.

But can this blueprint really work? Can lifting turn typical bros into desirable men?

To determine the effectivity of this method, we first have to define the factors that influence a woman’s choice when picking a man. In most cases, the decision is based on three major properties:

  • Level of physical attractiveness
  • Resources or $$$ for short
  • Social adequacy

What can the gym do to improve those?


Can lifting weights and dieting make you more attractive? Absolutely. Muscle mass and body fat levels have a tremendous impact on how a person looks. Many fat men transform into models once they lose the enormous amount of lard covering their bones.

The jaw is a classic example. When you bulk up, your face gets puffy, and the size of your chin increases. When you cut, the fat and the water go away and leave you with a more defined jaw – a characteristic that women admire as revealed by the horny comments posted underneath pictures of men showcasing such a feature.

But if your jaw is not square and protruding to begin with, no amount of lifting or dieting will trigger a reaction of admiration.

The same applies to height – a metric that women deem incredibly important.

Women do not like short men and are completely ruthless in that preference. Females want to be shorter than their partner even when wearing heels which is why women online quickly ask you how tall you are. They would rather be with a high altitude brah who doesn’t lift than a short man built like a tank.

The same applies to facial attractiveness. While Brad Pitt is undoubtedly more good-looking in a lean state, most women would want him even as a fat brah.

Conclusion: The gym can make you more handsome, but it has no impact on many traits playing a crucial role in the final evaluation. (e.g., facial symmetry, height…etc.)


Bodybuilding does not make you rich unless you are a fitness professional. Many men from the industry have made fortunes by selling supplements, training programs, equipment and other muscle related products. However, most lifters do not enjoy any financial rewards.

The fitness niche is one of the most competitive in the entire universe. Making a name for yourself is very difficult and requires a lot of work supplemented by a great dose of luck. Therefore, the likelihood of becoming incredibly wealthy thanks to bodybuilding is fairly slim.


I know men who are not very attractive but enjoy successful love lives thanks to their social circles. The catch is that most of them met their partners right before the explosion of online dating.

Unfortunately, the gym is an inferior place for socializing. Barbell houses have an incredibly high concentration of asocial specimens. Everybody is ultra-focused on themselves. People rarely talk to each other and when they do, the dialogue is brief and often condescending. Everybody is following a “superior” routine while listening to low IQ music and daydreaming.

If you want to socialize through hobbies, the gym is not a good choice; it’s highly advisable to search for other options. Team sports are a good choice as they offer an opportunity to communicate with many people. But even chess [the offline version] will do a better job than lifting weights since it requires another person to play.

Truth be told, it’s hard to find a sport as conductive to isolation as lifting.

If the gym is not a super potent solution, why do experts recommend it so passionately?

There are two major groups of people who do that. The first one is constituted of unenlightened individuals who don’t know any better. I often call them dreamers. Their ignorance and fragile minds keep them locked in a delusion.

The other crew of lifting advocates is on the opposite end of the spectrum. They know very well that gym training cannot combat the epidemic but continue to market lifting as the ultimate solution to mask the problem and avoid the wrath of the affected souls. Those men are similar to the fake natties who tell you to “just lift harder”.

Self-improvement Cannot be a Long-Term Solution

The fact that average men have to self-improve into oblivion to start a relationship with average women proves that we live in a dysfunctional social system expressing clear signs of gender instability.

Many men claim that they self-improve for themselves, and while there’s some truth to that statement, most of us are trying to become hotter products in the eyes of the human world and women in particular.

Would you lift weights if you were alone on a deserted island? Would you take selfies if there was no one to see them? I doubt it.

The self-improvement mania increases the baseline and pushes the envelope to the extreme.

20 years ago, lifting wasn’t as popular. It was a niche sport. Consequently, it took a lot less effort to look like someone who lifts. If a man was fairly lean and capable of 15 pull-ups, 20 dips and a 1.5BW squat, he was doing ok for himself. Today, the competition is fierce. You have brahs loaded with trenbolone playing with the perception of the public.

Ultimately, the more you self-improve, the more they want.

A Social Climate Serving the Wrong Deities

“Inceldom” is not the result of men’s reluctance to self-improve let alone lift weights. It’s the product of an imbalanced social organism.

In a healthy society, the share of incels wouldn’t be nearly as high, although it will always be present. Nowadays, perfectly healthy and capable men who are not even unattractive have fallen victims to unrealistic expectations and unhealthy demands made by spoiled women encouraged by poisonous doctrines.

Only a complete reeducation of the public and a return to a different set of virtues could heal the wound.

No amount of lifting, dieting and money printing on the male part will better the situation. In many regards, a similar plan of action will only make the situation worse because superficial self-improvement stimulates “inflation” that devalues the true currency.

All Pressure Is on Men

Most self-improvement material focuses on men. The entire Internet is flooded with articles teaching you how to pick women and become a true alpha making tons of passive of income in his sleep. This tendency clearly illustrates that men are struggling. The presented solutions monetize the suffering without fixing anything as they are dealing with symptoms rather than the root problem.

In conclusion

Bodybuilding and lifting in general can have a positive impact on a man’s health, looks and mental state. But muscle construction and fat obliteration may still fail to generate female interest because they cannot turn an average person into one of the insanely attractive aristocrats that women of the Tinder age tend to go for.

Nonetheless, resistance training is a useful and healthy hobby as long as you don’t expect miracles out of it.

If you look at the gym as a way to meet new people, you would be better off focusing on another activity that actively encourages communication.

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  1. Andy

    I started working out over 10 years ago, lifting to begin and both cardio and lifting later on. I was always a skinny guy before. I have absolutely seen a big improvement in female attention and still do. Many girls I would have thought way out of my league. It helps that a bump in confidence can come with it. It may not be a miracle worker or fix all flaws, but in my experience it helps immensely.

  2. Brett

    Consider this the next level red pill 😉

    Not all Chads are the same.

    You get lower tier chads and upper tier chads.

    Upper tier chads are tall (6’1+,) very handsome, very wealthy, and have incredible social status in their social circle (doctors, lawyers, lecturers etc). Often not natural.

    Lower tier chads are tall (6’0 +) and handsome. Thats it. Tend to be mostly natties.

    The top tier chads get the best hottest young women (19 – 28). Their scraps go to the lower tier chads.

    Now the scrapts are still hot women, just that they are used, abandoned, and older now (27 – 35).

    The numbers are estimates. But mostly accurate.

    Now all the women who are rejected by the upper tier chads are left for the middle tier men (also consisting of two brackets). (Remember lower tier chads get the scraps not the rejections).

    These women are the average (maybe slightly pretty) women. They nothing special on the outside.

    The middle tier men are made up of upper middle tier men and lower middle tier men.

    Upper middle tier men are average looking, average height (5’7 – 5’11), wealthy, has social status. These men can get the majority of the rejected women of the chads. There are exceptions, and sometimes with insane wealth and social status these men can get the same women as the upper tier chads. However, these women are always looking to trade up and will/do trade in upper middle tier men for upper tier chads.

    The lower middle tier men are the incels. Average or below average looking, short (5’6 of below), not wealthy, no social status.

    Upper tier chads make up roughly 2% of men.
    Lower tier chads make up roughly 18% of men.
    The other 80% are average tier men. I would say over half of the average tier men are upper middle tier men.
    These percentages are just estimates but probably close to the real stats.

    All woman want upper tier chads first, but will settle for lower tier chads second. If they desperate (30 + and average), they will consider a upper middle tier man.

    1. Shane Mercer

      Maximal respect for the #TruthPill , good brother.
      However, as we are talking about both truth and women , I feel you need to read and mass circulate a hyper censored red pill , with the intellectual impact of a multi megaton warhead . Thank me later .

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes. It’s a “Chad” ladder. And the longer a woman waits, the lower she has to go in the future.

      The dynamics between men and women today are too dehumanized. In the end, both parties are suffering.

      As many of you know, I have suffered my fair share of rejections (100s+). But i know for a fact, that many of the women who’ve rejected me have not gotten happier as a result. They just submit themselves to a never-ending search for the perfect guy…he ain’t coming.

      1. george

        I am an incel, I dont agree with you say , femoid (women) live on tutorial mode, meanwhile , we remain virgins until 30 years old or beyond, they fuck chads continuously and when they are old they get a beta provider to create a family.meanwhile, if we want sex we have to go to a whore , the whores are women after all, therefore, the sex we get from them is absolutely disappointing, because we are not handsome, because they do not lust about us, it is a cold and sad sex. they enjoy lives full of care and privileges, while we are seen as terrorists, we do not suffer equally definitely

      2. Bertrum

        The sad thing is that many women are so addicted to the Hollywood/internet image of the ‘perfect guy’ that they miss the ‘real’ perfect guy who they could meet in their ordinary lives.

        There is a really good evolutionary explanation: we (men and women) really are not designed to live in the globalized world, but in small hunter gatherer communities. If we lived in such communities still, our choices would be limited – she might only have the opportunity to mate with a handful of men her whole life. The result here is that choosing the best mate is reasonable under such circumstances. However, choosing the ‘best mate’ on a dating app when there are 30,000 options in your area is crazy: he is likely to be unavailable. The simple hunter gatherer brain though isn’t ready for this reality. Mental.

    3. Edo

      Life is a box full of bullshit, women are bullshit and love is dogshit.

  3. mattsk1

    My take on it might be a bit different then most. Not saying the gym did not help me meet ladies. What I will say is what gets you ladies is involving oneselfe to a social circle where you interacte with both men and women in communication and activities together. I felt disgusting because of my porn addition and looking at hours a day. I thought no women would ever want to touch me since I was so hidious. Essentially I had I recreated my thoughts imagining my Dad telling me your not good enough to be in a relationship and never will. I was sad, lonely and depressed. I had muscle on my frame but that did not matter. I had a poor view of myself and saw my porn addiction as unforgivable. What did help me was getting out of the house and going to the bar to sing Kareoke. At first I was terrified, but slowly became more comfortable with the invoroment and the people their. I relized people are not going to nessarly interact with me so I knew I had to take to anitiative. I would invite my self to tables of regulars at the bar. I got to know them and they got to know me. I started to feel more comfortable with my own skin and started relizing people did not think I was a disgusting pervert but someone they respected and admired as a person. It took a few years of that before I asked my wife to be for her number. Just saying to meet women, being comfortable in your own skin is crucial and to do that you have to be out were the people are. Not saying the bar is the only place to go. Just were groups of people meet about once a week. Small talk at grocery stores or where ever also can help too.

  4. Matt Hawkins

    If a man can’t score in his own country, maybe try for a foreign mail order bride. Just beware, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Filipino women are now just like American women. Some are good, some will take you for a ride.

  5. Anonymous

    “More often than not, those who try to be truthful and authentic suffer more than the emotional scoundrels.”

    Thanks for saying this.

    Good article. I like the lack of misogyny on a traditionally miosgynist topic.

  6. mattsk1

    The ones who are truthful and authentic as long as they interact with other human beings should get married and stay married as long as they marry one who is the truthful and authentic too. The emotional scoundrel will score alot and possibly marry and then divorce because the spouse cant stand their behaviors. Not all men or women are emotional scountrels. You won’t know unless you get out of your house and communuicate with other human beings face to face wether or not someone is a truthful and authentic person or an emtional scoundrel. You won’t be perfect at your judgement of these two types but you learn from mistakes and you have to try and keep trying to learn to be wise. I was a 30yr old virgin. I was truthfull authentic and i ended up marrying someone who is as well.

  7. Fred

    Also,. lot of the younger women now a days seem to be lesbians.

  8. alphonse

    lol, most of my gf are/were lesbians, dont believe that shit.

  9. alphonse

    So i dont want to sound like an angry incel, (i have big botty bitches), but the problem is simple. Fucking high expectations on the part of women. You cannot even talk about this in a social sciences building without being called sexist. Things are going to turn really ugly with the relationship between the sexes, the problem is so simple, women are human, but we (society) likes to paint them like angels, to the point that if you accuse a woman of wrongdoing you will win the label of sexist. I will buy your books Truth Seeker, always a pleasure to read you. Also, fuck americunts.

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