The Biggest Bodybuilding Mistakes Beginners Make

| by Truth Seeker |

1.Falling for marketing tricks

Marketing exists because it works. There’s a reason why all prices continue to end at .99. Don’t expect this to change soon.

The bodybuilding world uses many different ways to manipulate a customer into buying something too. The most common one are promises of amazing gains with relatively little work. There’s no such thing as big results, small efforts. If a program promises to make you a ninja and a successful stock trader, it’s a scam. Stay away from shady squeeze pages selling you the secret to six-pack abs and an endless amount of wealth.

2.Spending money on supplements

The entire muscle industry depends on the supplement market. There’s a reason why every retired professional (e.g., Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman) starts a supplement line. That’s one of the best ways for muscle legends to monetize their names and former muscles.

However, the fact that a box of protein powder is signed by a retired IFBB pro does not mean that the content is worth more than a tic-tac. A good way to approach the supplement game is to ask yourself this – “If I feel and look the same way with or without my supplements, why am I taking them?”

3.Not trusting your mother.

When your mother told you that you were getting fat on that dirty bulk, she was telling the truth. You should listen to her more often. Sometimes, it’s harder to see your own mistakes because you can’t observe yourself from the side – something that your mother loves doing because “she wants only the best for you.”

4.Imitating the guys from Hollywood.

When most kids start working out, they imitate what they’ve seen in the brainwashing movies. Mimicking your superhero is wrong because all movies are fake, and when you follow a hollow and empty plan, you will acquire hollow and empty results. Say no to Hollywood propaganda.

5.Training for others. 

Forget what others are thinking about you and train because it feels right to you. Forget about impressing the bimbos around you. Those who love you should do so for who you are and not for what you have. Easier said than done, but it’s important to understand that concept before attempting a suicide because you have small arms.

6.Making training more complicated than it actually is

Training is not a very difficult activity to understand. You lift things with proper form and put them down. You do that often, and the body adapts. Sometimes, it’s better to just lift instead of constantly thinking and over-analyzing which way is the best way. There’s no such thing as the best way.

7.Reading bodybuilding magazines for educational purposes

Bodybuilding magazines in paper form suck. They are full of advertisement and naked men in thongs, sorry posing trunks. The articles are usually written by ghost-writers who spend a lot of time and effort making the bodybuilding meat heads sound less mentally challenged. If you are reading the popular magazines in the hope to find the truth about bodybuilding, you are doing it wrong.

8.Trusting people

Don’t trust anybody and always put to a test what people say. Most experts have an agenda.To some degree, there’s nothing wrong with this because some form of personal protection is needed to survive in this cold world. However, if you remain vigilant, you will save yourself a lot of frustration and financial losses.

9.Subscribing to a doctrine

Different gurus want you to do different things. Never follow anybody blindly or fully. Nothing in this world is as perfect as the human imagination could make it.

10.Doing stupid exercises

Don’t do stupid exercises. Focus on proven movements and leave the gimmicks to the desperate housewives obsessing over their Facebook status. Focus on solid lifts – the human body operates only one way.

11. Thinking that you can get as big as the pros naturally

I am sorry, but the natural potential is lower. The size presented by the mainstream muscle media is unachievable when you are natural.

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