When Bulking Goes Wrong

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A member of bodybuilding.com under the name of FunnyWeasel presented his bulking¬†‘progress’. He went from 185 lbs-83 kg to 273 lbs-124 kg. During the bulk, the bodybuilder/powerlifer relied on “hamburgers, chicken patty sandwiches, taco beef, chicken nuggets, fish filet, chicken breasts, popcorn chicken, cheese pizza, pancakes, french toast, eggs, and low calorie gatorade grape drink”¬†to get this big.¬†

Here’s how FunnyWeasel looked before his bulk:

When Bulking Goes Wrong

source: bodybuilding.com

As you can see, FunnyWeasel started his bulk at about 15-18% body fat. That’s already a little high for a bodybuilder, to begin with.

After following his high-calorie diet for some time, FunnyWeasel achieved the following physique:

When Bulking Goes Wrong

source: bodybuilding.com

Conclusion: Dirty bulking has once again proven to be an ineffective way to gain muscle mass. Most of the gains are body fat. The individual above will need about 10 months to get to 10-12% body fat and even more to reach bodybuilding levels of leanness (this may not be required).

His mid-section will never look the same even after the cut because of the possible loose skin. Not to mention that such shifts in bodyweight are very dangerous to the heart.

In brief, extra calories are incapable of stimulating extraterrestrial growth.

Note: Fat cells never go away. When you lose weight, they shrink and as consequence, you look slimmer, but the fat cells are still there. That’s why many fat people rebound to the same level of fatness after a period of dieting. Just like there’s muscle memory, there’s also fat memory.

Avoiding dirty bulking will save you time, frustration and a lot of money that can be invested in something else. If you think that the extra food will break the natty limits, you are certainly mistaken.

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