Are Natural Bodybuilders Cowards Who Just Don’t Get It? Bad Boys Vs. Good Boys

| by Truth Seeker |

A large population of this world is made of phony saints. Those are the guys who see a popular celebrity sleeping with five different women and label him as a shallow man-whore.

They are right but some are also liars.

Very often people who condemn others do it to justify their own gloomy existence. The fake saints judge and play the virtue card not because they are better in their hearts, but because criticizing others is needed to justify your decisions.

Deep down inside the fake saints think that they are better than the manwhore because they are faithful and have a nice family. In reality, they are just trying to rationalize their choice. Deep down inside many of them are simply too lazy, afraid and unmotivated to achieve the same thing as the man whore, who may indeed be a total idiot trust fund degenerate, but is still doing things that others are afraid of.

A good example would, of course, be Zyzz.

Zyzz was on the right track but got lost on the train. His life inspired many but was also a little too shallow, reckless and irresponsible. Many would rightfully criticize him. I’ve done it in the past too. However, I have to admit that Zyzz did one thing right – he tried to live.

As I said before – Zyzz and his followers are a product of our environment. Calling them virtuous or role models is funny because they lacked two important qualities – true will -power and real identity.

Zyzz transformed into Zyzz because the society required him to do so in order to jump off the page. He changed everything about him to become an alleged God among men. He injected Tren in his body a few too many times, took drugs, fucked all kinds of shallow rave whore and showed disrespect towards himself which resulted in a premature death. No one is denying that.

But there is also another product of our environment – the modern humanoid.

Can you recall a movie in which the same day repeats forever? I’ve seen at least two. The main character relives the exact same day over and over again to the point where he remembers the timing of everything. He goes to the store and knows who will be there. He goes to work and knows how his coworkers will be dressed. He knows everything – even the rhythm of other people’s breathing. Those movies have a deeper meaning. They symbolize the pointless repetition in the life of the modern humanoid. Every day is the same as the one before. Every year is just a repetition of the previous one. Nothing changes. Nothing improves. Nothing is remembered. Complete stagnation, mental exhaustion and burnout are reigning supreme.

And yet many of us condemn those who try to break the cycle. We do it because those people sound off beat. They change the rhythm pattern and create a confusion in an orchestra used to playing the same song over and over again. Naturally, we focus on the negative sides of the person in question to explain why he or she sucks deeply and should basically shut the fuck up and die. The brain needs this explanation because without it depression and jealousy will install themselves in our hearts very quickly.

The question is, are naturals doing the same thing? Are we just a bunch of cowards who don’t have the balls to shrink their balls by taking steroids for the sake of building a slayer’s physique? Are we just a bunch of sterile cowards protecting their little miserable salaries instead of becoming drug lords like the almighty Scarface? Are we protecting some sort of communist regime where novelty is condemned?

You can’t answer that with a yes or no. Before all, fear is something natural. It protects you from whatever is in front of you. If we are afraid of something, it means that there’s danger on the other side. We are scared of the monster waiting for us there.

What are naturals afraid of? The obvious answer is health issues. Steroids, especially taken in large doses, have many negative consequences. They age your face, shrink your sex organs, eat your hair and hit your liver and kidneys. Of course, there are many bodybuilders who survive and live long functional lives. Will this happen to you too? I don’t know. For every pro bodybuilder, there are 10 amateurs who have taken the same drugs and suffered life-threatening consequences.

Another side effect would be the financial expenses and the time needed to learn how to be an alchemist of the highest order. People think that training is complicated. There’s nothing complicated about training. You can learn everything in a year or less if you have a good teacher. Any idiot can go to the gym and do stupid exercises. The hardest part about modern bodybuilding is taking drugs without dying too fast. That’s why bodybuilders have a horde of scientists with them. They will tell you that those guys are trainers, PR experts and nutritionists, but many of them are actually drug suppliers and allies in the chemical warfare called bodybuilding. You think bodybuilders are paying USD 5 000 for a stupid meal prep plans like they say? Hahaha. They pay for drug recipes and supplies.

As you can see, that fear of drugs is protecting you from a lot. It’s the voice you hear before making a jump. That voice could be a killer or a guardian.

Another important question is what kind of success is waiting for us if we cross the line? What are we going to take from the monster? I don’t know from first-hand experience because I’ve never crossed the line myself, but from the outside, it seems that some people are doing more than fine. Arnold was a governor whereas the modern generation represented by guys like Simeon Panda fucks prime women while making big bucks and carrying a physique that the natties have not seen in their dreams. The catch is that you may try to do the same and end up in a hospital bed instead.

Understanding The Mind Of The Fake Natty

The brain has a way of rationalizing everything. There is an inbuilt mechanism that tries to protect our feelings. It’s like a system that shuts down the engine once it gets too hot. Naturals have it, but so do fake natties.

Fake natties feel guilt that they are fake at least at one point in their lives. However, they always find a way to explain why they do it.

The first reason is obvious– money.

Most of what we do in this world revolves around money. The majority of the problems that we face are linked to money directly or indirectly. It’s all about money, money, money.

Fake natties want that cash too. If they don’t look competitive, they won’t be able to sign contracts with stupid gym cloth companies and powder producers. They need the fake natty look to make it rain.

Here’s a difficult question? Would you become a fake natty if someone promises to pay you 100k a year for promoting his brand and signing autographs at expos for homoerotic fans analyzing your body? Most would because we know the other options – working in warehouses or office plantations. Who is more virtuous – the fake natty pinning his rear and stealing the hard-earned dollars of brain dead teens or the corporate loser answering phones for a giant company that’s also owned by crooks?

The motivation of the fake natties does not end here. The next prize is called 3D muscle mass.

In a sense, the fake natties are superhumans made in a lab. They like their appearance even though sometimes the price is a little too high.

Finally, we arrive at the two crucial elements – fame and recognition. I believe those are of utmost importance. I am not saying that money and muscle do not count. They do, but nothing is as sweet as being a motherfucking hero in this day and age when social media rule the entire universe.

Nothing produces as much dopamine as posting pictures on Instagram and knowing that millions of fans across the world will give you love. Nothing. That’s the highest pleasure of them all. It makes you feel like God. Money is great, but once you satisfy your basic needs, more money does not equal more pleasure or happiness. Big muscles are also fine – but are they worth much when there’s no one around to admire them?

We want the admiration like a broken heart wants real love. Being no one on social media is the biggest fear of the youth today. I kid you not, kid.

Muscle heroes can give up sponsors, contracts and awards but they will never give up their social media accounts because people’s attention, admiration, love and support are priceless.

One of the biggest human fears is being alone. As the wise men say: if you find contentment in loneliness, you are either a freak or a God. Most of us loners are not Gods. Not even close. Thus, we classify as freaks. Who would want that? No one. The good news is that you can never be lonely when there are millions of people watching every move you make on social media. It’s really hard to feel alone when you can communicate with your fans. That’s why I rank the fame produced by fake muscles as the main motivation to play the game.

The World Requires You To Bend But Doesn’t Tell You

Kids are taught to have high moral standards. That’s what the fairy tales about knights and wizards are meant to accomplish. They have to show us evil and good. The end result is a predominant belief that we should always try to be good and protect our virtues. Cheating is not an option…unless you win.

Cheaters in our society are condemned until they become winners.

If a super average athlete is caught with dope and disqualified from the Olympics or whatever, he or she is immediately labeled as a massive cheater by the media. Somewhat ironically, you can’t be a champion and clean at the same time, especially today.

The world has created an environment where a specific sin is bad and yet the only way to win in that environment is to be a sinner. How hypocritical is that?

When you are raised with fairy tales this is hard to understand. I know that feel, bro. When I was young, I saw the world as black and white. Back in the day, you were either my friend or my enemy.

The world requires you to bend in order to win but doesn’t tell you that. That’s the catch. You have to find it on your own. Unaware natties like my former self are surprised when they face those lies for the first time. You live your whole life like a naive idiot thinking that all it takes to be the best is hard work, but eventually, you learn that this is not the case at all.

Are natties cowards and fake saints?

It depends on the situation. I’ve definitely been one. But there is something in me stronger than that fear. It’s the feeling of knowing that you are doing the right thing for you. I think that’s what differentiates a regular confident natty from a fake saint. The fake saint tries to completely destroy the effort of the fake natty whereas the content natty understands the bigger picture.

I’ve said it before – fake natties work hard. They have to deal with many problems – insomnia, bitch tits, dealers, the police…etc. However, they don’t have to work hard in the gym, because the drugs make it all possible. That’s a fact. Another fact is the pain caused by the drug lifestyle. As a fake natty, you are paying for it, and therefore, your success is earned.

Still, the fake natties deserve to be exposed because they are misleading the crowd and taking advantage of the unaware. No one likes to be scammed and has the right to know.

To me, it seems that the only way to be a real natty and not a fake saint is to stand behind your choice with your heart instead of your ego.

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  1. Samuel

    Very interesting, I always see it as do you understand the ramifications of your choices in life. Thus if you do are you ready to accept the out come. As a natural body builder I do get tempted however in my heart I feel it is not worth it for me. So I guess to each there own. I agree with what you meant by zyzz express yourself 100 percent, though as long as it doesn’t jeopardise anyone it’s fine.

  2. Marty

    That`s even better than “Red Pill”. Every choice you had has + and -. World is gray my friends. Thank you for that.

  3. rottenapple

    It’s very difficult to stick out from crowd – and you will also back people from you and become lonely
    It’s hard I know, I have been there and I still am – but knowing the truth is somewhat rewarding and makes you keep going
    And it’s always funny to watch and listen delusional crowd

  4. L

    Being a lifetime natural is like having a correct philosophy'(objectivisme). I’m proud of it. I don’t care if you use steroids but don’t lie and cheat your way in. That is like socialism a grey area and not choosing a side. Evil as hell and fucks up the whole world as we live in today. Moral standards with right principles, it starts at school.

  5. Harvey

    I remember stumbling across this website a year ago as a brainwashed teen, scrolled through to the comments and all I saw was ‘wow this dude is a miserable and bitter little c*nt’. I too took pride in dismissing your articles as bollocks, but the more I read, the more the proverbial penny dropped.

    A year later I’m still kinda depressed and angry at how fucked up and fake everything is. But knowledge is power! I’m convinced that understanding how life really works will help us prosper in the long term.

    Keep the great articles coming!

  6. George

    lol epic piece! u should be a self help book writer and i guarentee u can be best seller

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes. You teach best what you have to learn yourself.

  7. Alex

    Truth Seeker whenever i read ur articles i wish they never end btw great article tnx.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support!

  8. alvaro

    i wish you did articles like this more often, regarding life beyond gym-training-andthestuff, helps teens and twenty something as me to learn about the issues society does not tell you about. knowleage is power. and great conclusion, fake natties shouk be respected as human beings al long as they they don’t try to fool naive people into buying their stuff, once they reach that stage, they are totally despicable.

  9. David

    I think this has to be one of the best articles you have written sir. It just sucks how manipulated people have become in regards to the fitness industry. The hardest part of being a natural is trying to convince others about the lies of the fitness industry because they don’t want to believe you because you’ll burst their “happy & gullible bubble”.

    1. Marty

      Why try to convince others? It`s waste of time. Everyone has right to belive in something. Max what you have to do is tell them your interpretation of reality, sow seed of doubts. Others buy it or not.

  10. Yen

    Thank you so much for writing this. Hater’s Synthesis is fantastic btw and I will be getting Training focus as soon as I have time to read it. I hope you will never stop producing content!

  11. Mike

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  12. Brett

    Great article as always. Comparing your articles to t-nations articles are like comparing the sun to artificial light.

  13. moe

    Loneliness sucks, that’s true, but men are the ones that feel alone. Men are more individualistic creatures. btw, I am really fascinated by your worldview; your worldview is realistic. Anyways, try posting more often, because I love reading the stuff you have to say.

  14. Craig

    I think you’re getting a bit carried away with this article. If some people take drugs it’s because they are insecure not because they are not afraid. Some people get big through hard work some don’t. Just find things you can do or enjoy.

  15. Zher0

    People are free to take whatever they want. Just the fake nattys (drug fed) should not lie about it and make the noobs think they can get bigNmuscular taking creatine and other shits!!

  16. TruthSpeaker

    Best article yet.

    But you know you’re just a fake saint.

    Because there is NO logical reason to not do it.

    If you want to live life you need to play the game. What you’re trying to do is not play at all. You’re just the kid who sits at the corner all by himself, you’re not winning either.

  17. arsalan

    I have a request for you truth seeker. Can you by any chance make an article about sucess in business? because I’m taking that route in life and I feel there may be some thorns along the road.

  18. Gregory

    Hey, while I believe almost everything you post, I think you suspiciously ignored my question. I’m going to ask you again one more time.

    Whats your opinion on Mike Matthews from the website muscle for life? He weights 196 pounds at 6 foot 2 at roughly 7 or 6 percent bodyfat. He says he can still gain 10 pounds of muscle which would put him at around 206.

    I think he’s a perfect example of what we can achieve naturally.

    1. TruthSpeaker

      Roided. Also probably photoshopped.
      And pumped.

      Good lighting used in every photo.

      You’re a bottom feeder if you believe him

  19. Brett

    Mike mathews could be natural, or he couldnt. But it really doesnt matter either way. All you need to know is that the supplements he sells (protein powder and creatine) wont get you to his size. All you can achive is your personal genetic potential, which is unknown to you until you achieve it. However he is pushing the genetic potential limit for naturals if you use the formulae. However this is just a formulae and doesnt take all factors into account like bone thickness and concentration of muscle cells in body parts which is unique from individual to individual. However just because he doesnt weigh 220 pounds doesnt mean he is natural. There are pinners who only weigh 176 pounds. Weight is almost irrelivant. The give away is that pump look. If the person always looks ‘pumped’ then they are probably juicing. In his photos he doesnt look that impressive. But those are just photos, and people always look smaller in photos than they do in real life, trust me. I hope ive helped you.

  20. Zher0

    Yo truthseeker, when will we be able to put a face to the nick?.. and get updates to new comments?

  21. TONE1

    Mike Matthews is using trenbolone with Masteron. Probably an oral like turnibol or Var as well

    Low dose test prop (keep water retention low) and a bit of hgh for the nice full muscles, to add the photo shopped effect.

    Other than that, he is probably natural!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      But why? He is smaller than Ronnie Coleman…

  22. Matt

    Who gives a fuck. People lie about taking steroids because they are making money. It’s not fake muscle because they used steroids. The muscle and strength is real. If you are worried about health risks don’t take steroids and stop bitching about other people who are more successful, bigger and stronger than you will ever be naturally because they decided they wanted more than they could achieve naturally. Stop trying to convince yoursevles being natural is some noble cause. You all know you will only get as far your genetics will take you. Shit or get off the pot and stop complaining.

  23. MB

    – Quote –
    The fake natties deserve to be exposed because they are misleading the crowd and taking advantage of the unaware.
    – End quote –

    Yes, but how?
    I think you can anly do that by opening the eyes of the brain dead followers of the fake natty’s who believe everything they say.
    But how do you open their eyes?

  24. MB

    – Quote –
    The fake natties deserve to be exposed because they are misleading the crowd and taking advantage of the unaware.
    – End quote –

    Yes, but how?
    I think you can only do that by opening the eyes of the brain dead followers of the fake natty’s who believe everything they say.
    But how do you open their eyes?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      First, you just tell them. Then, they laugh at you. Then, they try. Then, they fail. Then, they understand. Then, they apologize.

  25. Shane Schambach

    No, I wouldn’t. Health is priceless.

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