100 Unforgettable Red Pills Every Man Should Know

| by Truth Seeker |

1. You don’t learn the truth. You find the truth within yourself. Or should I say you grow up to the truth that has always been in your DNA…

2. After a while, you don’t need natty or not reviews. You instantaneously know whether someone is injecting or not.

3. Nobody joins a gym for the health benefits. The primary goal is to build muscle and impress other men and women. If lifting didn’t provide improved aesthetics, the gym mafia would not even exist due to the lack of demand.

4. Training legs as a male could be a huge waste of time as big tree trunk legs make you look like a centaur and take away CNS juice that can be used to build body parts that “talk louder”. Those would be the arms, chest, and back.

5. Direct shoulder training is a waste of time apart from lateral raises. But even they are not necessary. Training the chest and back will build your shoulders up.

6. The women that you see training in yoga leggings or whatever those outfits are called do it for the attention boost. If there were female-only gyms, the women of that type would skip them.

7. Posterior chain training is mostly bullshit for a male. Strong hips help in sports, but the over-focus on glutes and hamstrings is just new-age insanity.

8. Training heavy as in less than five reps powerlifting style is the easiest way to get injured and gives the smallest ROI.

9. P90X type of programs produce more aesthetics than 5×5.

10. Too many carbs from garbage sources are the reason for modern obesity, diabetes, and a ton of other diseases.

11. Boosting your testosterone naturally is a waste of time for muscle gains.

12. Sex isn’t overrated, but the sex that most men have is not only overrated but overpriced too. In other words, most men aren’t having sex with women that they truly like/love and engage in the activity due to “hormonal pressure” and/or fear of remaining a virgin or sexless for prolonged periods.

If you masturbate before going on a date, and you still want to go, only then you can have “real sex”. If your desire disappears, any sexual activity with the said woman falls within the aforementioned categories.

13. 90% of men don’t like fat women. The rest 10% consists of 9% liars and 1% mega liars.

14. Your male friends will give up on you if that’s necessary to please a woman. You would do the same.

15. On a date, both parties know whether they’d like a second date within 60 seconds of meeting.

16. If they like you, you can do no wrong. If they don’t like you, you can do no right.

17. Spamming the DM folder of women on social media will get you more dates and more interesting women than traditional online dating. It’s also free.

18. No matter how many rejections you face, you never become truly immune to them. It always hurts. It’s always unpleasant and it always increases the heaviness of your heart.

19. Many women, even older ones, would rather stay single, drink wine, and caress a cat while watching a low-IQ Netflix show than go on a date with someone who doesn’t tick all their boxes and wouldn’t feel an ounce of guilt for doing so.

20. In 90% of the cases, women secure their next prospect while still being in a relationship. The real breakup happens months before the official ceremony.

21. Most men who play the role of “red pill professors” behave like spineless creatures in private and often put up with a lot more abuse than they say in their online videos.

22. Men fall in love faster, easier, and on a deeper level because we have a harder time securing prospects. Hence our preferences are tuned down biologically. If we had the same high criteria as women, 90% of humanity would be single.

23.  If you are a millennial or a Gen Z smartphone zombie, chances are your father never taught you anything, and you were raised by TV shows and lies on the Internet.

24. You don’t use social media. Social media use you.

25. People lie on the Internet all the time – sometimes even more than in real life.

26. Minimalism is mostly a new-age scam meant to make people sound smart on a podcast.

27. Ultimately, nowadays, women decide who will reproduce and who won’t. They hold the key. Therefore, they carry greater responsibility for the plummeting birth rates in European countries than men.

28. Philosophy sounds great on paper but often lacks practicality. To paraphrase Tyson, everyone is a philosopher until life hits them. And when the hit comes, all the stoic quotes and whatnot disappear.

29. Revenge is a waste of time in 99% of the cases as life will do that job for you anyway. That 1% though…

30. AI is another overhyped tech scam that contributes little to your life, but it’s pushed on you because it somehow benefits investors and shareholders. AI is artificial but lacks the intelligence part. It mostly spins other people’s content. Also, it won’t take your job cause it can’t.

31. Your life won’t change much if you never use your smartphone ever again.

32. If you have uploaded something on social media, it stays there forever even if you delete it. Ditto for your account.

33. After a breakup a man isn’t said because the woman was all that special. The primary roots of the sadness are the pain of betrayal  + the thought that you have to go through the dating meatgrinder once again.

The first one (betrayal) is super strong at first, but it’s also the first to subside. The other hit comes later but stays for a lot longer and is the ultimate source of pain in this case.

Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio will be super sad if some of his models leave him? He is spinning them on purpose.

But average men aren’t him. His face + money + fame allow him to do that. And if Mr. Average had the same options, he wouldn’t cry over Ms. Average.

34. Rich people rationalize their success with hard work and insane acumen. In reality, they were just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Hard work doesn’t make you rich. Leverage and timing do.

35. If you are not having sex with your girlfriend, someone else is.

36. Social constructs are often illogical. If you ask people for a cigarette or a lighter on the street, they will give you one. If you ask them for a bite from their sandwich they would think you’ve maxed out the autism scale.

37. Both “capitalism” and “socialism” are different ways of stealing others’ labor and making people love their servitude. One just happened to work longer cause it produces better toys.

38. If an affair is 100% guaranteed to remain a secret, and the person of adoration is super hot, 90% of people would cheat. 5% would almost cheat. And the final 5% would regret not cheating.

39. Technology has isolated people like nothing else. People live closed lives in cubicles and use screens as their primary source of dopamine creation and communication. We spend more time watching fakers a.k.a. actors in fake stories than connecting with others in real life.

40. If you are left on seen, they did it on purpose and you know it. If you were their boss, a celebrity, or just a higher priority in general, they wouldn’t have done it.

41. People know what they are doing but pretend they don’t when it suits their narrative. The only exceptions are people with mental illnesses clouding their judgment.

42. People who say they love their job are mostly liars. If you offer them 100 million with the condition to quit whatever they are doing FOREVER, they’d take the offer. So, the more accurate statement is not they love their job but that they hate it less than the remaining alternatives.

43. The people who make it their mission to tell you how virtuous they are are always the biggest fakers.

44. Conformation (a.k.a. being a normie) is the root of most evil as ultimately no evil regime can sustain itself without the support of normies.

45. If the average person is allowed to steal something without repercussions, they’d do it.

46. A long life is among the ultimate punishments even though people pretend to want it. You are literally serving a greater sentence on this prison planet.

47. Past a certain age, people aren’t afraid of death…but of the pain that comes with it.

48. History books contain the biggest lies.

49. Ultimately, everything comes down to power/force/violence. If tomorrow your country, no matter how small it is, obtains the ability to control the nukes of other states, everyone will bow to it.

50. The biggest criminal organization in your state is your state.

51. 90% of businesses even in capitalist countries will go bankrupt without the support of the state and the non-stop printing of money. If you let the free market be free, you will be amazed how many unexpected bankruptcies will occur.

52. It’s better to be single forever than a cuckold. Honor > Everything.

53. If steroids had no side effects, every man would inject.

54. Your body fat is higher than you think.

55. BitCoin, NFTs, and AI are pyramid schemes.

56. Living solely in the now is against human nature, and no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to just forget the past and never think of the future. Of course, excessive time traveling is bad, but complete avoidance is just not on the menu and never was. I guess the new-age cope sellers forgot to mention that.

57. No one wants you to get richer. If someone is teaching you how to get rich, their actual plan is to get rich off of you. If someone has found a way to make money, they do their best to hide it. They’d never share it on social media and promote the post. Just lol.

58. Your childhood heroes are worse human beings than you think.

59. You can’t change people. They are who they are. And that applies even to your kids. Of course, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help each other, but eventually, there’s a wall you can’t penetrate. It’s just DNA-based. Knowing when to stop requires true wisdom and unfortunately, wisdom comes from pain.

60. People love listening and watching lies. That’s what 90% of the entertainment industry is – carefully crafted lies. And we love that. What we don’t love is realizing we’ve been lied to. Kinda twisted but true nonetheless. WWF wrestling is a good cheap example. People love pretending that it’s real even though everybody knows it’s fake and scripted.

61. People obsess over details that often never mattered and were simply used as a mask to hide something larger. For instance, let’s say that you’re on a date, and you don’t pay the entire bill. Meaning, you let the woman pay for herself. Later, she ghosts you and you rationalize that it was because you didn’t pay for her.

It’s not that. She just didn’t like/appreciate you.

62. Don’t go to seminars that promise easy money. Never do it.

63. Tech companies always camouflage their goals behind a “we want to help people” front. They don’t want to help you. They just want more and more money from you. And often that means making you dependent on them and invading your privacy so that they can use the data and sell it to advertisers.

64. Music is dangerous as it can control your emotional equalizer. Whoever controls your emotions, controls you. Be careful what you listen to and when.

65. Many conspiracy theories are true, but we have to live life pretending they are not unless we want to be ostracized.

66. Martial arts are a waste of time for self-defense but those that involve actual sparing help build mental toughness and male confidence. In a real street fight, however, nothing is guaranteed to produce a good outcome.

67. Sometimes you are better off hiding/storing the truth (not exactly lying). For example, I have flirty chats of my father with another woman. I am talking about unequivocal sentences. I know he’d cheated on my mom in the past. I just do.

But I will never tell my mom. Why?

My parents are not young anymore, and I don’t want to bring that kind of stress to my mom’s life. She had enough. This is one of those instances when things aren’t black and white.

68. There is never a right time to have children. You will never feel ready or financially secure enough. You also can’t predict what will happen in your country. The more you think, the less likely you are to take action. It’s better to have them while you’re young instead of rationalizing that one day everything will feel just right. It’s never right and never will be.

A while back, I talked to a 33y.o. woman. She appeared modest and somewhat less intrusive than other people. But later I learned that she’d had two abortions. Honestly, this is just sad.

Why did she do it? In her words: “I wasn’t ready.” When will she be ready? At 60?

69. She is not busy. She is busy for you.

70. Always go for the kiss.

71. Never stop training. You can reduce the volume, cut frequency, switch the exercises, or deprioritize a muscle group but never stop.

72. If you reduce your carb intake greatly and floss your teeth once a day, your number of cavities will drop substantially. Reducing the frequency (the size doesn’t matter in this case) of the meals will also preserve your teeth.

73. Giving up on happiness makes you happier.

74. Reading one book is more helpful than watching 100 JRE podcasts.

75. The only way to beat Internet addiction is to introduce activities in your life that physically prevent you from being in front of a screen for prolonged periods (e.g., woodworking, playing sports…etc.). Site blockers and the like are a patch and never produce long-lasting results.

76. Many of your friends will derive great pleasure from seeing you go down while they go up.

77. Marriage is great but without the legal implications. With them, it’s a dangerous union that can leave you in unbearable pain. Any sane man would either insert protective clauses into this contract or avoid it altogether.

The women on the “receiving end” of those clauses will say that “it’s not real love”. But they are also the same women who will use the marriage agreement later to destroy you.

I’ve seen the following happen – a man lost his apartment (it was given to his life and kid). The woman invited another (ironically richer) man to live there. Eventually, the original father died alone on the wedding day of his son to which he wasn’t invited.

78. Electric cars are not practical and are mostly a scam. They can never replace the fuel-powered models on a large enough scale. Fuel-powered cars are also a scam but for a different reason. They are kept at a certain level of innovation because the powers that be want it that way. Oil moves the world.

79. Avoid getting in debt unless it’s a life or death situation.

80. If you only use your PC for very simple tasks and/or work primarily within browsers, Linux is a good choice. But if you have to use a lot of software or have “weird hardware”, Windows is the necessary evil and will save you a lot of headaches.

81. Patience and waiting are two different things. If something works, it shows early signs fast. If whatever you’re doing hasn’t produced small but undeniable traces of progress within 6 months, chances are things won’t change in the future.

82. Never make promises you can’t keep. It’s better to stay silent and deliver good results later than to promise everything and deliver nothing.

83. No money is 100% honest. Even if you are offering your product or service with zero scams, the money that your clients use to pay you is probably part of some “scheme” one way or another.

Let’s say that you’re a woodworker making custom snobbish furniture. The people who will be able to afford you will be extracting money via funky tactics. So, how can your money be 100% honest if it comes from dishonest people?

And if you choose to only work for “poor people”, the same will happen because many of them will be low-level employees at companies owned by the “big guys”.

84. You don’t know how something truly feels until it happens to you.

85. College isn’t a scam. Pointless degrees and debt are.

86. Arguing is a waste of time. In the end, people will do what they’ve planned all along with or without your input.

87. Therapy is often a joke. But if I had to visit a therapist, I’d prefer a male one. I think therapists should be gender specific. Otherwise, you will be misunderstood.

88. If you catch your wife cheating, don’t show it immediately. First, calm down. Second, think about the ways she can hurt you before making a move. Only then choose a strategy. The first rule is always the same – protect yourself and don’t be reactive.

89. Getting back with people who’ve done you wrong is very, very dangerous as people don’t really change. In the majority of the cases, something of the same mechanism will take place.

90. Sleep is a gift. Getting yourself tired and having a good night’s sleep is among the greatest pleasures in the universe. It’s also awesome to take “power naps” during the day. Sleep haters are your enemy. Enjoy it while you can because there will be many sleepless nights in this life whether we want them or not.

91. The absolute worst things in life ALWAYS come when you expect them the least.

92. Traveling is highly overrated. There’s a big difference between being a tourist and an explorer. And most travelers are just tourists pretending to be explorers.

93. Walking is among the best ways to relieve back pain.

94. One of the most painful realizations is that the baseline level of unhappiness within you won’t go away despite any accomplishments you might have. So, in the end, the only inherent value of accomplishments remains the experience they give you. The result rarely if ever feels the way you think it would.

This should not be used as an excuse to stay stagnant as that’s another trap that will rot your soul.

95. Women see nice guys as “clean eating” and bad boys as addictive junk food.

96. Porn is indeed bad for you as it feeds the demon of perversion in you. And the bigger the demon becomes, the more food it needs.

97. Gambling (legal or not) is always a scam in all of its forms. Never go inside a casino and never open an online gambling site. You will always lose in the long run. Ditto for the lottery.

98. Don’t give apologies that aren’t deserved. No one will appreciate your niceness.

99. If you think you’re getting scammed, you’re probably getting scammed.

100. Assume that everyone is out there to get you until proven otherwise.

Stay tuned for part 2 (one day…)

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  1. Jose

    Great list of hard but wise truths.

    I find curious how you call out AI here (some pictures of your latest blog posts seem AI generated), but I see your point and I agree with it. Gen AI has its uses, but it is incredibly overhyped, heavy and costly to maintain (which is ironic because for years there was an obsession in IT to avoid that) . Tech companies seem to be pushing for it because they see it as a profitable pyramid scheme (just as crypto). At the end of the day, Gen AI is mostly an amusing but expensive toy, and with the current paradigm it seems unlikely that it will change.

    1. Guille

      This is the Bible…thank you teacher.

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      Good catch. Yes, I used AI for some images. I liked that you can “give it orders”. But also the images are often inaccurate (like the person has 7 fingers) and they lack realism and depth.

      So, I plan to use it only for drawings somehow (I don’t draw.)

      Otherwise, I hate AI. Never used ChatGPT, G’s AI is horrible.

      I just hate how AI is essentially a soulless spinner. It really has no intelligence.

      1. dsadaok

        An early iteration of a one application of the technology is not perfect? Shocking. Must mean that the whole field is a ‘scam’, great deductive reasoning there buddy.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          AI steals other people’s content. And it actually doesn’t have a brain. It’s a software and not very intelligent.

  2. Steven Crook

    45. If the average person is allowed to steal something without repercussions, they’d do it.

    There’s a 20% 60% 20% rule for a lot of things. In this case 20% are going to steal no matter what, 60% might or might not depending on motive, means, opportunity, and 20% just won’t steal.

  3. Bored life

    amazing thanks for sharing your wisdom

  4. Craig S.

    History is always written by the winner.

  5. Victorio

    “ Always go for the kiss” one of your best and truest articles , the type of thing one reads and says “ yea , I knew that but never realized it until now !

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thanks. Any experience to share in that regard?

  6. SamS

    Number 2, so true, I think I have the eye for that now.

    8, never felt I gained much more than trouble going under 6 or so.

    14, after rereading this article I remembered this has happened to me with a “friend” I used to have. He also intentionally didn’t tell me that a girl he knew was interested in me. It wouldn’t have been that bad otherwise, but I was also interested in her. But it’s true, I would’ve probably done the same to my friend if I was given a opporturnity. He has not been my friend for almost 2 decades now.

    24, I could wear a T-shirt with that printed on it.

    28, people can say whatever they want about Mike, this is still an all-time classic. I don’t have too many sayings and / or stories that I remember but this is one of them.

    39, “We spend more time watching fakers a.k.a. actors in fake stories than connecting with others in real life”, sad but true.

    54, 100%.

    58, sadly they often have been assholes to their children and partner(s). Or I might have the wrong heroes too. At least some of them admit the abuse later.

    64, this is something I’ve tried to get better at, it’s sneaky how technology (63) starts to affect our feelings and how we deal with them.

    66, if somebody wants confirmation on this, check out anything from Geoff Thompson (real punching etc.). Although he seems to be a lot more friendly guy nowadays.

    68, had my kid too late. Now that I would love to have another, I just don’t have the energy (which has been used into stupid things in life) anymore.

    73, true. There is a big business built around happiness. I used to read a ton of books about happiness. I wasted so much time and energy on this. Wish I knew earlier.

    74, after a long break I’ve been reading a real book lately. And yes, this is very true.

    84, Amen.

    86, also when people are arguing, it often happens exactly when it should be avoided because all the parties arguing are already full of anger or whatever emotion that messes up everything.

    87, I’ve been to woman therapist and to male. I always thought that I wanted and needed a female therapist. Probably because I’ve had a lot of problems with my dad. I also felt that it was easier for me to be and talk with females. But it was the complete opposite.

    90, so true and unfortunately, I understood this too late in my life. But better late than never. I fixed my sleeping habits a few years ago and honestly my sleep gives me a lot now. Even dreams are better than the shows what Netflix etc. effer. Although the bar is quite low.

    93, I was in a foreign country for three weeks last year. I lived in local homes instead of hotels. This alone gave me more than any hotel in my life has given.

    98, this is one of my bad habits. I often don’t even know what I’m apologizing for. I think this has something to do with 86, I just try to avoid arguing.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for your insights, Sam!

      1. Victorio

        I’ll share and odd unexplainable experience re( always go for the kiss). Several years ago , a young lady joined our work place during the COVID year, about 2021, good looking lady. She immediately gravitated toward me through the following weeks to the point others at the work site assumed we were having a relationship.

        She first began by always wanting to be near me in my work space. Within a week or so her conversations were about sexual exploits, she would shake my hand in the morning and hold it for an extended time. At times she would buy ice cream and take her spoon and dip in it the ice cream and then feed me a scoop ( ask me what I thought about that flavor ice cream).

        Within another week she began smacking me in my behind , so I started smacking her in her behind and that turned into me pinching her behind to which she giggled and in turn she began pinching my behind.

        So , I’m thinking wo , this girl wants me , so I asked her out on a date ( she acted like she didn’t hear me ) what gives? A day or so later I tried again and she responds she’s busy this weekend. So being hard headed and confused about this whole matter , a week later I asked her again , and once again she is busy on the weekend, the flirtations by her continued though.

        So about this time I read ( always go for the kiss) I’m like thinking genius , so one day we’re alone , she’s flirting , I lean in and go for the kiss, I get the top her her head . Embarrassing, so , a week later , I’m thinking maybe something went wrong , so we’re alone and I go in again , and I get the side of her cheek this time as she turned away . So that was my answer , I said to heck with this , she’s a nut job. She continued flirting oh and by the way she continued calling me on my off days at night ! I asked her once last time during those night calls ( after the failed kiss attempts) straight out , hey just come over to my apartment , she always had an excuse . So I tried to ignore her after that but she always had the Sri Lu hands touching me and stuff. Good thing soon after that’s and three months after she was hired she was let go ( unrelated to this ) and o felt relieved, to this day I don’t know what her deal was .

        1. Jose

          Haha, what a story Victorio.

          In all seriousness, this is one of things so rare that have to be seen to be believed, but it can happen. Based on what you tell, I feel that your ex-coworker was just a woman that flirts and makes sexual innuendoes as some kind of bizarre game, but isn’t really attracted most of the time. For whatever reason it seems she thought it was “fun” to play with you.

          In any case, Truth’s “kiss test” is a good way IMO to verify if a woman is really romantically/sexually into you (after a proper number of friendly interactions of course) or just fooling around/friendzoning you, and that way you know if she’s worth your time or not.

        2. Truth Seeker Post author

          Yes. Not unheard of (although the physical touch is usually not as extreme).

          I’ve something similar in the office where I worked a long time ago.

          Some women love to abuse their power that way. But you cut it shorter by calling her bluff essentially.

      2. SamS

        Forgot to mention that this is a great article and list, so once again, thank you. Truth, I remember you wrote some time ago that you are old now. To me, you’re not that old (I must think like that because I’m in my forties) but you do know a lot of stuff, like an old person 😊 And I know for a fact that many things you write about, you have a lot of personal experience of (for example strength training and dating). For me It would be interesting to hear how you get to know a new subject, what is the process? Do you just go full 100% nerd about the thing you want to learn about or how do you approach it? It interests me because for me, you know how to simplify things so that they are easier to understand. I would like to know how you get to that point, because nowadays it seems that there’s just an abundance of information around and it’s very difficult to find what needs to be found. This site is a good example in itself, I’m very happy that I found my way here years ago. But I had to go to the wrong places many times.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          I am naturally good at summarizing some philosophical theories. I used to go full nerd on different topics but not currently. It’s like I am stuck at the same level in a way. So, the stuff I talk about is already researched one way or another.

          My process isn’t anything special.

    2. René

      93. Can you bring more details, please? Sounds very interesting

  7. Edward

    27. ”Ultimately, nowadays, women decide who will reproduce and who won’t. They hold the key. Therefore, they carry greater responsibility for the plummeting birth rates in European countries than men. ” NattyorNot
    This is the biggest Red Pill to those experts who cannot figure out what’s going on somehow and blame men for everything! Maybe we should give women more free stuff and money they say………..

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It’s true. You can’t have a kid unless a woman is willing to date you. The woman chooses the man – not the other way around. Also, you can’t keep the kid in case of divorce/split it because the court is always on the female side. So, really. They choose the fathers.

  8. Varega

    37. Capitalism and socialism are both ways of stealing someone’s labour? May I suggest you drop the economics commentary? This is YT comment level garbage.

    AI is a pyramid scheme? Do you even know what a pyramid scheme is?

  9. Dasin

    1. Clearly false assertion. Your DNA does not contain knowledge of relationship dynamics, economic and political structures, history, etc.

    3. Plenty of people join the gym just to do cardio during lunch time, so this is clearly wrong.

    8. They’re training for strength, and the rep range is ideal for strength training.

    16. Clearly false, people dump their partners which they originally ‘like’, all the time due to some perceived bad behavior on their part.

    23. False, Men today are more involved in raising their children than past generations.

    26. Minimalism is to live with the bare minimum. By defintion, it can’t be a scam since it is an ideology that generates no profit. for its proponents.

    28. Philosophy is a means to create your own value. Without philosophy, you’re nothing more than an animal. Stoicism teaches you how to deal with adversity. Read Marcus Aurelius to see how he put it into practice.

    37. Capitalism is a system for free exchange of goods and services, governed by basic laws that ensures fairness. Characterizing it as a way to steal labour, akin to socialism, is such a sad display of ignorance.

    55. AI is a vast field and the cutting edge of technology. I don’t think you know what AI or pyramid schemes are.

    68. There is a right time to have children, its when you’re financially stable.

    78. You heard it here folks, the multinational automative makers are keeping high tech fuel powered cars a secret…because they want to intentionally lose market share to electric vehicles????

    79. Most people need loans to buy a house and pay for their degrees. Asinine take.

    86. Only if you work in a bad organization.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Bro, I respect your opinion, but this feels like taken from the book of blue pills.

  10. MB

    I don’t know if this is something what can be considered as a red pill, but:
    ‘People in the gym (and many outside) cannot handle the sound of silence anymore.’

    The music in the gym is SOOOO LOUD !
    Especially group classes. I did bootcamp, circuit training, tried crossfit, etc…
    But they have one thing in common: loud noise-music.
    It’s together with the high price, the main reason I left the gym. I just don’ get it.

    Ok, music can be motivating, but letting big speakers blast non-stop construction sounding dubstep to your ears at the volume of a launched rocket is not motivation anymore. It’s torture.
    I really don’t get it. You need hearing protection to go to the gym these days.
    Why are they doing this? How can people still workout at ear damaging levels?
    I am talking about volumes so loud, it makes the floor vibrating.

    Does anybody have an explanation for this?
    Maybe something for an article.

  11. peketudo

    2. i need it, i want it and i demand it!
    3125. never get in the middle of a couple’s fight. Let those madafakas kill each other. Ok ok, if you insist, you can call 911 and describe the events if you want it so badly, but keep the distance. Dont be simpman.
    You cant tell if the guy or girl had a sharp object or who is psycopathic. And generally, the girl suddenly change her mind and start to defend her boyfriend.

  12. MB

    32. You can delete an account and it’s content.
    Or do you mean something else?

  13. MB

    31. How do you make phonecalls then?
    Being able to make phonecalls made a big change in peoples life.

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