Hello, Dear Readers of has a new mini-book:

Arms Maximization

(Building the Largest Arms That You Can, Naturally) 

This mini-book is dedicated to maximizing biceps and triceps size naturally. It contains a specialization schema that will boost your arm growth maximally.

It worked for me.

And if it works for me, it should work on virtually any brah struggling to boost his arm size.

Excerpt (the intro)

— Why You Need Bigger Arms —

Here are some hard-hitting gangsta truths that you already know but need to hear again:

  • If you don’t have a big upper body as a male, you will never look like you lift.
  • Big quads, glutes, and hamstrings are nice, but ultimately no one cares how your legs look as long as they are not comically small. And if you train them even just once a week and eat sufficiently, they can’t be that small.
  • Hate it or love it, the arms, and before all the b-i-c-e-p-s, are the king of upper body muscles when it comes to impression. You can have the biggest chest on the planet, but if it connects to sticks no one cares.
  • If your arms aren’t growing from compound lifts, you are a torso lifter and need to focus on them directly. Chin-ups for biceps and bench presses for triceps is a concept that works only if you have good arm genetics.
  • The rest of the musculature will have to take a back seat.

So, why do you need bigger arms? 

Bigger arms have the following advantages:

  • You look like you lift and appear more competent. If you are a personal trainer with 12.8-inch arms, no one cares about your PhD in protein synthesis.
  • You gain an instant “alpha” status among lifters of your rank. Let’s face it. You can’t impress a roided fella who has 19-inch arms with your 15-inch guns. But you can certainly look impressive in the eyes of the public and other naturals.
  • Bigger arm muscles stabilize the elbow joint and greatly reduce the chance of injury in daily activities (e.g., hammering a nail, slapping a fella who makes a move for your wallet..etc.).
  • Bigger and stronger arm muscles will improve every single upper body lift that you will ever do.

Don’t lie, brother!

We already know that you want big arms.

We already know that you want others to look at you and know that you lift.

So, there is no need to lie. It’s pointless.

You don’t want to do low bar squats and other Starting Strength/5×5 voodoo.

You want the A-R-M-S.

So, be real with you and go get them.

Thank You

I would like to thank all the people who have supported my work over the years. I wouldn’t have gone as far without you. I know that 100%.

The negative and positive comments have been a major motivation to keep writing and generating content. I am thankful for the opportunity to produce a product that has its supporters.

Format: PDF
Words: 10000
Delivery: Instant download.

USD 8.25



As my “Thank You” for taking me up on my offer I am going to send you a free copy of my program:

The 30-Day Cure For a Hunched Back 

[Stand Tall & Slay]

Excerpt (the intro)

It doesn’t matter how strong or big you are when your posture resembles a broken banana.

This was me for a long, long time. I could deadlift 2.5 times my bodyweight for a few reps and perform chin-ups with 35kg for 5 reps, and yet I still had the spinal alignment of a tree branch outside of the gym.

So bad, that my mother would look at me with deep disappointment.

That hurt…

Note: The 30-Day Cure To a Hunched Back is not available anywhere else.

USD 8.25



As a double “Thank You” for taking me up on my offer I am going to send you a free copy of my fiction book: TREN: The Tale of Riki Violino

TREN: The Tale of Riki Violino is a novel that focuses on the world of muscle. The main characters are Riki Violino, a veteran bodybuilder disgusted with the industry and Jimi, a young muscle constructor who wants to ascend as high as possible.

The two men develop a friendship and enter many difficult situations together. But then…

The story takes place in modern settings and includes many segments of the “hypertrophy business”.

As always, I have injected the book with numerous philosophical aspects.

Let’s Go, Brother!

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ARMS Maximization

+ The 30-Day Cure For a Hunched Back

+ TREN: The Tale of Riki Violino

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USD 8.25


Thank you for your unconditional support!

If you have any questions, use the comment section below or e-mail me.


  1. César Salazar

    Hi Truth Seeker!
    I already finished your new mini book and I want to thankful for your work
    I have some questions.
    I have several dumbbells and a pullups and dips tower.
    How I could add it at the “Broke Kid Plan”?
    Could I do dips instead deficit push ups? or maybe chin ups instead DB rows?
    Thaks again!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      You can definitely do dips instead of the deficit push-ups. (You can also alternate. One workout dips, the next deficit push-ups).

      You can also do pull-ups instead of the DB rows, but there is a downside to this:

      – Pull-ups don’t build the spinal erectors

      But you can alternate pull-ups and DB rows too. (One workout you do the pull-ups, the next the rows). That way you keep your pull-up numbers/strength but also hit the remaining part of the back musculature with rows.

      Thank you for supporting me! If you have more questions, I am here.

  2. Pierre Farine

    Hi Bro,
    What equipment do i need to perform the routines?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      There are gym programs but also routines that can be done only with adjustable dumbbells and/or an ez-curl bar.

  3. Ninoo

    Awesome value for money !!!!

  4. Cavalino

    A very good book with a wealth of advice.
    All aspects of arm training are covered, including progression strategy and beyond.
    The forearms are also covered.
    Truthseeker gets straight to the point as always, and the book’s content is effective, no bs.
    It’s clearly the fruit of experience, with lots of trials and tests, and the culmination of years of training.
    You’ll save a lot of time for all those who want to get results from their natural arm training, whether beginners or advanced.
    You’ll avoid getting lost on the fitness industry’s dead-end roads.
    I urge everyone who takes arm training seriously to get this book.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the review. I hope other people find the book useful too.

  5. ZL

    Bought the book, it’s really detailed and to the point, as your previous work.
    It surprised me that a low frequency advocate such as yourself even mentioned training twice a day as a viable strategy.
    I enjoyed reading your material from earliest to latest for this very reason: your journey was similar to mine and your insights have been a good travel companion.
    I have only one question: would you consider inverted rows enough for the lower back if I were to implement them in any of those routines? I’m a minimalist and a dip a pull up afecionado, since the days of your earliest books.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support and the kind words.

      When you say inverted rows are you referring to Australian pull-ups/reverse push-ups?

      If that’s the case, those aren’t enough for lower back development, although the mid-section definitely works.

      If you want to train at home, you can do deficit DB (or T-bar handle) rows. Those are rows done from a platform to increase the range of motion. The spinal erectors work hard isometrically during that movement.

      There are other options too. You can tell me more about your specific situation, and I will propose other methods as well.

      1. ZL

        I meant Australian pull-ups. I have a hyperextension bench (Roman chair), guess I’ll supplement my program with either that or DB unsupported rows.
        Your work has really influenced my training philosophy, you helped me see through the fog of internet propaganda and marketing.
        I really enjoy reading you, you saved my shoulders girdle (lol) , money and gave me something to ponder over while I chase my pull-ups goals.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          Hyperextensions will be enough for the lower back.

          Thank you for the support.

  6. JER

    Hi, I have just purchased your book and find it interesting and still studying it. However, I am curious as to how much weight you feel a person is needing to gain to increase their arms from 14 inch to 15 inches while still maintaining a reasonable low bodyfat ?

    The main reason I ask this is that we both seem to be roughly the same build with the same height (6’1″ ) and same bone structure (wrist 6.25″ ).

    Also if you have any advice regarding increasing training weights. If I hit a plateau and take a short layoff, I still seem to hit the same plateau (or sometime less) next time around. (In fact my training weights are still far lower than before Covid).

    Thanks for maintaining your website as it seems the only reliable one for the cold hard truth.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support!

      Going from 14″ to 15″ shouldn’t require more than 5kg/11lbs. That’s a number if you train the full body hard. If you focus on the upper body around 3kg/6.5lbs could be enough.

      Don’t think too much about those numbers. Just make sure to eat sufficiently (slightly more than maintenance on training days is the classic lean bulk method).


      A plateau can be caused by some of the following:

      – You are close to your genetic limit for that lift at your current bodyweight.

      – Your CNS is burned out from doing the same exercise forever. You may consider a slight change. For example, switching from flat bench to incline or from low bar to high bar squat.

      – You are not performing a sufficient amount of volume per week to get stronger.

      I don’t know your exact situation, but I think the second scenario might be the case.

      Thank you.

      1. JER

        Many thanks for your advice and quick response.

        Keep up the great work !

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          No problem. I do my best to respond to every question.

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