10 Reasons Why Steroid Users Are *J-E-A-L-O-U-S* Of Natural Bodybuilders What's the point of being natural, asked Harry

| by Truth Seeker |

”What is the point of being natural? What is the point of being natural? What is the point of being natural,” said  HarryTheBicepsFlexKilla while waking up from what appeared to be a soul-crushing nightmare.

For half a minute, Harry kept his eyes on the ceiling covered by the mysterious darkness of the night. He failed to recall the rest of his dream. All he remembered was the intrusive question – ”What is the point of being natural?”

Harry turned to the right, shrank into a ball under the orders of the cold air in the room and closed his eyes in an attempt to mute the desire to know the answer. It didn’t work.

”Damn it. I will sleep when I am dead,” Harry said, got out of bed, launched his computer and typed ”What are the benefits of being natural?” with one or two spelling mistakes while his left eye was still half-open. He clicked on the first link and found this:

1.The Balls of Naturals Do Not Retire Prematurely

The universe is a shrewd and cold-blooded businessman. If you want to live under the cloak of steroids, you must pay a price, for it is impossible to do anything without a consequence. Every action has a reaction. Balance is acquired at all costs.

In the case of steroid injections, the cost is the testosterone produced by your body. The male organs and the roids are competing for a single spot. One has to die for the other to live. The drugs always win.

When steroids are introduced to your system, the organism halts the synthesis of testosterone because you are obviously importing from abroad. Ultimately, roids plunder your balls of their precious juice. Recovery of your personal factory is definitely possible, but it requires extreme effort and passing through a dark tunnel of pain.

Lack of testosterone results in a depression of the highest order. It’s not a joke, for you are broken inside. Hormones are the regulators, and yours are malfunctioning. Even with a proper post cycle therapy [PCT], it’s still difficult and many quit because the muscle gains are steadily disappearing during the slow and painful recovery.

How long does it take to bounce back? From weeks to months to forever. If the abuse has been strong, there’s permanent damage and complete recuperation never takes place. For better or worse, many users are stuck with TRT [testosterone replacement therapy] until the end of time.

Meanwhile, naturals don’t have to worry about that because their balls should work as advertised for a long time.

2. Natty Training = Cheaper

Professional muscle construction is a luxurious activity. You need a steady source of income to buy all the toys required for ascension.

Here’s a typical bodybuilding day: Wake up. Inject. Eat. Hit the gym. Flex. Home. Eat. Nap. Photoshoot. Inject. Eat. Movie. Penetrate a hot fitness bunny. Eat. Inject. Upload your workout on YouTube. Check your Instagram notifications. Sleep. Wake up in the middle of the night. Eat. Inject Synthol [optional]. Sleep.

Who can afford to live like that? Unless you have a sugar mama or come from money, you cannot dive straight into the classic bodybuilding lifestyle. It’s too expensive. Besides, many young sultans of muscle do not make a large profit, especially at the beginning of their careers. Therefore, high-level roid bodybuilding is an expensive sport saved for the bourgeoisie and its servants.

At the same time, natural bodybuilding is one of the cheapest activities a man could do. All you need is yourself and a gym membership. Resisting the temptation to pin and buy pointless supplements will save you a lot of coins that could later be invested wisely into something other than muscles.

3. Naturals Experience Almost Permanent Gains

The sleepless hours of the night are exhausting when you are a steroid user covered in tren-sweat. But the real source of sorrow and exhaustion is rarely vicious insomnia controlling your psyche. It’s the fear that one day every single gram of muscle could evaporate into the nothingness. One wrong step and everything – the muscle, the girls, the respect, the power, the money – could be gone and replaced with hospital bills.

Roid users just can’t catch a break. Going off is not an option either, for all gains quickly die once the import of hormones stops. Without massive amounts of drugs in the system, there is nothing to maintain the former muscle mass. Magic and desire work best when coupled with testosterone, I suppose.

The good news is that naturals don’t have this problem, at least not to the same degree. Natural or not, everything that we own could be lost in a click, which essentially means that we never really own anything material in this life. Nevertheless, your natty gains are here to stay for a long time. Even if you stop training for an extended period, the extra natty muscle that you have acquired will remain strong because it’s not built on sinking sand.

4. Naturals are never tortured by the thought: ”Am I injecting what I think I am injecting?”

Like a thunder in the desert, the ring of the doorbell captivated the wandering mind of Johnny completely. ”My testosterone propionate has arrived,” said Johnny, and his body immediately launched the adrenaline reactor at full capacity. Every step, every motion, every thought gained heaviness as if Johnny was dragging a cannonball attached to his joints. He opened the door, didn’t say hello but nodded instead and signed with a shaking hand controlled by uncertainty and fear.

Seconds later, the package was on the table. Johnny cut it open with an old knife and began examining the bottles as if they were pieces of Mars and Venus.

”There’s nothing to it, but to do it. Yeah, buddy,” said Johnny and prepared to inject the goods into his virgin flesh stranger to the needle. Just when he was about to infuse the hormones a horrible thought attacked his consciousness again – ”Is the product really the product? Am I injecting what I think I am injecting,” asked the demon of doubt navigating the logic of Johnny.

Johnny put the needle down, went to his computer, typed ”testosterone propionate” in Google and went straight to images. He wanted to compare his bottle and the substance in it to mainstream photos. He had to be certain that he was injecting what he had planned to inject. The images sort of confirmed his expectations. ”Let’s proceed,” said Johnny, took a new needle, extracted the prescribed amount of test and slowly started moving his hand towards his right glute. From the outside, it looked like he was holding red-hot iron rather than a needle. Moments later, the juice was already in Johnny, but the demon of doubt was still in the building – ”Did I inject what I think I injected…”

5. Naturals Don’t Have To Lie All The Time

The main reason to lie about your steroid use is to protect yourself from the outside world. You are using illegal substances and probably buying them from shady places too. Therefore, it makes sense to limit the spread of this knowledge to a minimum. More people in the loop equal more opportunities for trouble.

Moreover, if you come out and tell the truth, you would be limiting your future. You can’t sign a contract with a supplement company when the whole world knows about your affiliation with the needle. Hiding the truth from everyone naturally becomes the preferred choice.

Meanwhile, naturals don’t have to lie because there is nothing to hide. This makes life somewhat easier and gives you a cleaner conscience.

6. Naturals Don’t Have To Squeeze Their Nipples To Check For Gynecomastia

Steroid users are aware that at any given moment a side effect from the drugs could manifest. They are scared, for each day brings uncertainty and new pain. ”Not again,” says the roid user while looking at his acne with eyes revealing a tormented soul underneath.

One time I was watching a YouTube video of a popular bodybuilder and noticed that the guy was constantly touching his nipples. I guess they were extra sensitive as a result of steroid cycling. This shows the exhausting life of pinners constantly worrying about deformities caused by the drugs. Every nipple sensation feels like an electric shock going through the body. ”I can feel my nipple harden,” said Mr. Roids, and for a second his mind blocked everything around. It was just him and his sensitive nipple.

Does this sound fun to you? The steroid free life is already scary and uncertain anyway. No need to add more painful variables to it.

7. Natties Are Less Prone to Mood Swings and Have More Stable Sexual Prowess

One of the most painful times for roids users is the period in-between cycles. During that gap, pinners lose muscle mass, and their sexual ability decays because testosterone production is a thing of the past. This experience hurts and results in grief and failure to satisfy those who expect to receive satisfaction from you. Believe it or not, some steroid users have lost their wives due to a post cycle lack of libido. It was real love, I guess.

Naturals do not have similar problems because their hormones are relatively stable all the time. You are always who you are.

8. Naturals Have More Freedom

Drugs make you dependent. When you introduce roids to your life, you become an addict more or less. You are adding another element to your life that comes with its own variety of problems and demands. You cannot expect results from the drugs unless you are their slave. Cycles don’t work when you don’t respect the needle.

Your life will have to adjust itself to account for the fact that you are injecting yourself as well as taking a bunch of supporting drugs like estrogen blockers. Little by little, the muscle elixirs will start to eat your freedom, which is already suppressed by other factors anyway.

Simply put, once you enter the drug lifestyle, your life is no longer the same. You have a new master that wants his cut like a dirty cop grinning at the corner of the street.

9. Naturals Don’t Have To Force-feed Themselves

Naturals don’t have to ”bulk up” because force-feeding a muscle into growth is impossible. No amount of food can stimulate protein synthesis past the levels programmed in your DNA. Amino acids are just bricks. More bricks do not equal a bigger house when the architect hasn’t planned it.

Therefore, consuming a vast amount of nutrients when you are natural is a waste because your body cannot utilize the extra for the purposes you want. This doesn’t hold true for roid users, however. Since steroids promote greater protein synthesis, more food could result in more growth.

10. Naturals Look Younger

Steroids age your face by 5-10 years if you are under 35. Many men who are in their twenties and abuse steroids look like 30 somethings. Strong androgens make you look older when you are a young man by giving your skin a ”leathery” look. This effect is reinforced by the negative effect of steroids on your hair. After all, a man looks only as old as his hairline.

P.S. Potential: How Big Can You Get Naturally Is out.

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  1. Jay

    You know, I have been reading your stuff since before this site with the old blog, you changed my life man, you’re like the redpill for lifting! I hope you realize the impact you’re making on everyone.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for being with me for so long. I am happy to you like the articles. 🙂 Good luck.

    2. alphonse

      the redpill of lifting good one!

  2. Robert

    The man above Jay is right! I love reading your stuff even the old stuff. Keep it up bro 😉

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Robert. 🙂

  3. Harry ramone

    Yeah man me too 🙂 im here since the „ iron gangsta „ times .. !

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thanks for the support, Harry.

  4. oz

    Re. #10, if they age your face and cause hair loss, then how do fitness models and Hollywood action stars take them?

    1. Me

      – they use it for short amount of time during movies
      – hair transplant
      – bottox/fat injections in face to make them “plump” and younger looking

      Thats what they do…

      1. oz

        @ Me. Wow! To combat the side effects of steroids, models and action stars have hair transplant surgery and fat injections into the face. Wow!

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      1. They have good genetics. Not everybody experiences those side effects, at least not right away. Look at the bodybuilders from the 70s, they all looked good.

      But some will experience those side effects unfortunately.

      2. Actors take smaller doses. Most are simply on testosterone.

    3. Fatman

      Steroids do not “cause” male pattern baldness. Rather, if you have a predisposition to baldness, steroids will speed hair loss up (but it’s not really a downside, since you’ll lose the hair anyway).

      Small to moderate doses of steroids shouldn’t cause extreme facial aging. Heavy users are pretty ugly (for the most part) to begin with, so, like with baldness, they don’t have anything to lose.

      1. oz

        Thanks Fatman.

        So they don’t *cause* hairloss, and at the moderate levels models/actors use, will not cause significant facial ageing. That makes sense.

        For all this talk about muscular physiques, to women, it’s still facial attractiveness that count the most. (In fact, in my country, women have some very unflattering names for men with nice physiques but not so nice faces.) I didn’t think a model or Hollywood heart throb could damage their looks, for a muscular physique.

  5. Riki Pianola

    Bro, do you maintain any other blogs apart from this?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      No, but I am thinking about starting one. Just don’t know what the main topic would be.

      1. me

        You could start a philosphical blog. You seemened to be a thinker.

  6. Dan

    Alpha Destiny looks 10 years older than he really is

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      He does look older to me too.

  7. Zman

    Of all, for the time being, your best entry. Not only the improved writting skills nor the evolution of thoughts , but finally a lightning bolt of hope in the storm. Maybe, there is a scape for the natty, doomed by his own dreams. Time to awaken. Time to live free.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Nothing is ever only negative. Thanks for the comment.

  8. James

    Keep on with the articles brother, honestly amazing work!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the kind words, James. There will be more 🙂

  9. McF7y

    And the hits just keep on coming. So glad that you are writing more regularly. Always looking forward to future content from you Truth Seeker.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Azmir. There is more coming soon.

      1. McF7y

        Looking forward to it Truth Seeker.

  10. David

    I like what you said in another article – some will take steroids to become the new Arnold, others will take them to become just another overcompensating gym rat.

    I would say that if you are not planning to make money from your muscles/physique, you are probably better off as a natural in the long run, especially if you are young. When you get older, you can take some roids as they have great benefits too.

    Those are my 2 cents. Take it or leave it, brothers.

  11. Dhawal

    So fuckin true man. I used to pin roids.. Its definitely not worth it.

  12. pedro

    You clearily have a gift to type these things as if they happened to you, with so much detail, specially the google images thing to check the product. That was exelent.

  13. pedro

    You clearily have a gift to type these mini stories almost like they happened to you, like the google images” thing to check/compare the product as a result of unexpected doubt, all that detail is never overlooked. You always know how to make a story more fun/interesting.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Pedro. I appreciate it.

  14. Rob

    Your content is a real eye opener. I have hurt my back (doing poor form squats) and was really worried that I’ll lose muscle size and strength because I’m on a 2 week break. But seeing that muscles don’t fade away unless they are artificial gives me a lot of peace to just take my time to heal up.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes, you can’t lose mass that easily.

    2. swabbie

      When I hurt my back I had about 3 month break – I didn’t lose much of the muscle at all, apart from strength/endurance gains
      All that time I was on pretty standard “mama’s kitchen” diet with some junk here and there, and I didn’t count my macros or calories at all – highly doubt that I ate more than 90g of daily protein at 83-4kg weight (so much for almighty protein hahah)

      1. Brett

        Hey man, its interesting you should say that. I doing eat much more than 80 g – 100 g of protein a day but have made both strength gains and muscle gains over the past few years. I am 6’1 about 88kg not six pack ripped but relatively lean. Food for though.

    3. alphonse

      yes thats true, the idea that you will lose strenght and muscle very fast (two weeks) aint nothing but bro science. I can still remember all l those fatsos and roid users telling me that if I did not train 5 days a week and eat my ratios Id become a weakling. Well i had a break of almost 7 months (only did workout from time to times, almost none) I restarted a month ago, did I become weaker? yes of course, but I could still do a human flag and 7 assisted one arm pushups. Not even close to what I thought I would become.

  15. Vasi

    I have learned a great deal from your posts. Thank you for your articles and books.

  16. Iron Joker

    Good article!

    Another point I would like to add:
    Steroid users sooner or later discover that juicing dont get one laid. It’s a scam.
    Men nowadays don’t understend 2 things:
    Muscle is not as high in the hierarchy of improving their looks for the opposite sex. Male looks are: face>height and frame>muscle.
    The amount of mucle to max the benefits that your physique add to your apearence is not nearly as high as men think.
    17 inch arms dont get you laid more than 15 inch arms. About bf%: just not being fat is already most of the game, uncovering your abs at 10-12% gives all the benefits as leaness goes.
    Gym autists keep rambling nonsense like: at 170lb you “don’t stand in the crowd” or “dont look like you lift in clothes”. But they don’t understand that just because you’re drawning attention and every body is looking at you (and maybe not even that they acomplish, people are mindind their own business) attractive women will let you actually insert your penis on them.

    1. swabbie

      Amen to that
      As I used to say – when you hitting on girls, surely you won’t show your naked upper body or abs in a caffe or club haha
      If you are smart looking (good set of clothes, neat hair, face and hands), and not overly fat or a midget girls won’t give a shit of diffrence between you and someone who lift

  17. Christian

    Bonjour Truth Je sais que vous parlez le français,le livre pourrai-t-il sortir en français. Bonne journée.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Non, le livre est en anglais.

    2. alphonse

      tu le peux traduire, alors plus de gens sauront sur le lifting red-pill.

      1. alphonse

        ok maybe not because of copyright rights

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          I can’t justify translating it because I don’t know how many French speaking people would be interested.

  18. Necromancer

    Just fucking lol @ this masterpiece, brother.

  19. Alexled

    Been readint this page from day 1.
    great article on the postitive aspects of being a natty lifter!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Alexled.

  20. Iron Joker

    Two topics that i like to suggest for future articles:
    1-The annoying trend of people wanting to name an exercise after them (usually some type of row): pendlay rows, yates rows, kroc rows, meadows rows…
    2-Your thoughts on intergrating other types of exercise: running, martial arts, climbing, soccer in ones exercise regimen.

  21. Commentor

    I enjoy reading your articles, Truth Seeker. However you seem to know a lot about AAS. Is this all from research or have you ever taken them and then regretted it?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I have never used. If I do, I will probably share my experiences on the site. I have no plans to inject in the near future, though.

  22. Tulu

    This was a really good article. It’s easy for natties to beat themselves up over the thought of how much better life must be for those with the connections/money/guts to start pinning, but looking at it from the inside it’s obvious that staying natural as long as possible if not forever is the better choice.

    The best physique you can build naturally is already more than muscular enough for what the average female is looking for if online polls are to be believed (and why wouldn’t they be, it’s not like they let just anyone post stuff to the internet).

    It’s easy to go overboard with drugs when the question of “how will I progress past this latest plateau?” can always be answered with “just do more steroids, stupid.” instead of forcing you to hit the books to actually learn something about diet and training.

    And just from my own anecdotal experience, I’ve never known a serious juicer who was a healthy, stable person, mentally speaking. I couldn’t tell you if the drugs made them that way, or if they were attracted to the drugs because they were kind of a mess in the first place, but it’s probably a little bit of both.
    Normal, well adjusted people don’t start fucking with their hormone profile for instagram followers and plastic trophies. That’s an absolutely retarded price to pay for something that almost surely won’t make you 1/100th as rich and famous as you dream it might.

    I imagine it also heavily fucks with your sense of identity to know that the most readily apparent and defining feature that people associate with you isn’t even an expression of your actual self, but rather just the result of buckets of external substances you’ve taken and are now forever dependent on, forcing your body into something it was never meant to be.

    And the worst part of being on steroids is knowing they’ll either kill you, or whether you’ll quit in time and lose this artificial identity you’ve spent so long developing.

    When you pray at the alter of the Enhanced Aesthetics Gods, you either die a monster, or live long enough to see yourself become natty.

  23. Baki

    Great article, makes me feel good and happy where I am and glad to stay natural as a young man. 5’10 185 at 17% BF, I’m trying to lean out to 12-14% BF at 175 and I will be happy with that. Visible abs with perfect lighting is all I need lol. Plus many ladies say that I look good, so you don’t need to go for the gear anyways. I feel very strong 225 bench (long arms) 425 DL and 315 Squat. Working on my endurance now. I’m going to show this site to my friends so they stop living a fairytail, if they choose to stay in the fairy-tail world it’s their choice.

  24. McGregor

    That’s why cycling on and off sucks bro. You should always be on a cruise all the time. PCT is stupid and i would not recommend it. No one wants to lose their ability to have sex lol. I feel like a porn star on gear. And no naturals don’t look younger. It’s all genetics bro. Look at jeff seid and tell me if the guy looks old lmao. If you cruise on test you will keep all of your gains.

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