Top 9 Natural Bodybuilders That Make Prime Frank Zane Look like a Malnourished Cadet Modern Muscle Fiber

| by Truth Seeker |

Exhausted after a fiber-dissolving leg workout, Harry closed his eyes and allowed his head to tilt slightly to the left under gravity’s orders. He was 3 seconds away from a state of deep sleep when the barbarian speakers in the movie theater started blasting gangsta trap turning the oxygen in the room into an acidic menace finding its way into the mind of every spectator. Darkness took over the hall, and the projector at the back started transmitting the magic light that the people in the room had paid for.

The title of the movie, +++Modern Muscle Fiber+++, appeared on the screen letter by letter in a classic typewriter fashion. It was soon followed by the subtitle:

++Top 9 Natural Bodybuilders That Make Prime Frank Zane Look like a Malnourished Cadet++

The screen turned black again for a second to grab the attention of the crowd. Thereafter, a man dressed in an expensive suit failing to hide his stocky figure began talking with a magnetic voice synthesized in a Hollywood lab:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the New World of Muscle. What you are about to learn will change your perspective on muscle construction forever. When you leave, your life will be different, very different.

By the end of this film, you will know that everything is possible in the world of natural bodybuilding. I mean everything. The only obstacle stopping you from achieving your goals is you and your lack of work ethic. If you want to have 20-inch arms, you can have them. If you want to make a million dollars, you can make your wish a reality. If you want to win Mr. Olympia naturally, you can have that too. The key to victory is visualization, prayers, hard training, proper nutrition and before all dedication powered by a profound desire to lift the trophy over your head and crush the souls of the critics dragging you down.

Don’t believe me? Here are nine natural bodybuilders that make prime Frank Zane look like a malnourished cadet who doesn’t even lift.

Then the following slogan took over the screen:

Protein powder makes you big. Take yours now!

Seconds later, the narrator began talking again.

Number 9: The Hodge Twins


The Hodge Twins earned their place in YouTube’s Hall of Fame a long time ago thanks to their extraterrestrial sense of humor and fuck-me-now physiques. Today, they are big, rich, famous and before all happy. Their videos have inspired trillions of muscle hungry teens to lift and say the phrase ”do whatever the fuck you wanna do”.

On top of everything, their transformation from average to beast was accomplished without the use of anabolic steroids. They are as natural as it gets because we all know that YouTube tests the owners of popular fitness channels for steroids.

Yes, in many photos the Hodge Twins have clear gynecomastia, but let’s not forget that you can get it any time estrogen starts celebrating inside of you. Therefore, explaining the Hodge Twins’ bitch tits with the emotions induced by their otherworldly online success makes total sense.

At 6’2”@ 210lbs/188cm@95kg, the twins kinda dwarf Mr. Frank Zane, for they are taller and have a pretty decent amount of muscle mass for their frames.

Then the following slogan took over the screen:

Protein powder makes you big. Take yours now!

Seconds later, the narrator began talking again.

Number 8: Ultra-natural Bodybuilder Jeff Willet


Jeff Willet is another sultan of natural muscle. One look at his pictures reveals a granite look that even some bodybuilders on hardcore drugs cannot replicate. Yet I bet you my balls that even in his prime he was 100% natural.

At 5’7”@198lbs/170cm@90kg, Willet classifies as the Voltron of Natural Muscle and dwarfs Frank Zane who competed at 5’9”@185lbs/1.75cm@84kg.

And before the haters have opened their mouths with the usual – ”How is it possible for someone to get so big naturally when in the past a man needed steroids to compete next to Arnold Schwarzenegger?”, let me tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, my friends.

The reason for Willet’s alienesque appearance, ladies and gentlemen, is unreal work ethic, cutting edge diet plans, lottery winning genetics and will strong enough to protect the Earth from alien invasions.

If you listen to Willet’s advice, you will get extremely close to his state of existence. Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to wake up early and lift until your blood is replaced by lactic acid and every fiber in your body is writing a resignation letter? Are you willing to weigh each molecule that enters your body? Are you willing to do that? If the answer is no, you will never reach the deepest realms of natural bodybuilding.

Then the following slogan took over the screen:

Protein powder makes you big. Take yours now!

Seconds later, the narrator began talking again.

Number 7: Natural Bodybuilder Ade Rai


Ade Rai from Indonesia is one of the most legendary lifetime natural bodybuilders on the planet. And the best part is that he is 100% full-blown natty brah – a rarity in the world of bodybuilding where rampant abuse of anabolic steroids and other muscle elixirs is the norm.

One look at Rai’s physique, especially his arms, shows you the power of natural bodybuilding. If you can build arms like his naturally with food, air, and protein powder, why would you ever consider injecting dangerous substances in your precious body – the temple of your soul? It makes no sense. One could only wonder how big his arms would be if he actually decides to take steroids. I guess we will never know but 30 inches seem like a reasonable estimation.

At 6’@198lbs/1.83cm@90kg, Ade Rai carries stats that could easily put him on stage next to bodybuilders from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding. Ironically, most professional bodybuilders from that era took drugs to build their bodies. But, ladies and gentlemen, trust me when I say that he is as natural as they make them. Why would a man take drugs today anyway? After all, modern nutrition offers us incredible luxuries such as whey protein absorbed faster than a lightning bolt. Today is the best time to be alive, my friends! Be grateful for all the muscle boosting knowledge and supplements with zero side effects!

Then the following slogan took over the screen:

Protein powder makes you big. Take yours now!

Seconds later, the narrator began talking again.

Number 6: CT Fletcher


CT Fletcher is a man living life with intensity and magnificence that most people would never experience even under LSD and cocaine. In the past, CT sat bench press records that usually require steroids, but not when you are him – a bulking soldier living on the bench and for the bench.

He was lifting bending bars while you were nothing but a probable side effect of daddy’s urge. Later, he transformed into a YouTube bodybuilder with some of the best arms on the planet. As expected, CT achieved this goal one thousand percent naturally too. He even passed a drug test on his own terms. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, you have no choice but to believe that he is 100% natural. After all, it is 100% impossible to manipulate drug tests.

The secret? Well, I already told you – work. There is no one on this planet that can match CT Fletcher’s intensity. CT developed his arms by curling barbells and dumbbells instead of breathing. So before you say that it’s impossible to build 22-inch arms naturally, first try his workout…I hope you get out alive.

Moreover, CT was too poor to buy drugs in the first place. Legend has it that he relied on McDonald’s food to bulk up and break records. One could only wonder how much money McDonald’s owes to CT Fletcher for advertising big macs.

Then the following slogan took over the screen:

Protein powder makes you big. Take yours now!

Seconds later, the narrator began talking again.

Number 5: Ulisses Junior


Rumor has it that Ulisses Junior is the muscle prophet of our time.

At 5’10”@210lbs/178cm@95kg, he makes even the best of best look like garbage. His muscle quality and extreme leanness create an image that just sets anchor in your head and stands still despite the waves of doubt.

”How is this even possible,” say the haters who still ask mommy for money with an insecure high-pitched voice suggesting perpetual virginity. I have only one thing to say to those guys – work, work, work. Believe it or not, you can construct a physique similar to Ulisses’ if you replace every steroid you think he takes with sets & reps. I kid you not, kids. There’s nothing to it but to do it. Lift.

Then the following slogan took over the screen:

Protein powder makes you big. Take yours now!

Seconds later, the narrator began talking again.

Number 4: Simeon Panda


Mr. Panda has a physique that grabs your soul, extracts it through your ears and replaces it with a desire to own high-end muscle filaments. At 6’1”/185cm@234lbs/106kg, Panda has Arnold approved body stats, making the natty police work overtime. He looks so unreal that 9 out of 10 people who see him walking on the street take photos with their phones while he is looking away.

Scientists are still trying to figure out what his chest, arms, and back are made of. According to some speculators, his body synthesizes protein differently. I am not a scientist by any means, but that does not prevent me from seeing that this is complete nonsense made up by the cheap tabloids.

Mr. Panda’s body synthesizes protein the same way every other human organism does. What separates him from the losers flexing their pathetic 13-inch arms after abusing the CAPS Lock on the keyboard to spread online threats is, wait for it – hard work, nutrition timed to the second and exceptional training schedule. That’s right. Engrave that on your mental notepad and stop complaining that you can’t build a body like Mr. Panda. The only thing stopping you is your lack of will and dedication.

Then the following slogan took over the screen:

Protein powder makes you big. Take yours now!

Seconds later, the narrator began talking again.

Number 3: Kali Muscle

Everybody loves an underdog story, and Kali Muscle delivers precisely that. He was just another man serving time, but muscle construction became his compass and showed him the right direction to success and total domination.

In prison, he lifted water buckets, cellmates and dirty laundry because where he was locked up weights were rarer than gold. On top of that, his food was limited to top ramen and tuna full of mercury. This didn’t stop Kali Muscle from muscle-maxing. He quickly mutated into one of the biggest motherfuckers on the block. He was so big that steroids and growth hormone seemed like a pointless investment in his case. Why win the lottery when you are already a billionaire? Besides, an investigation of Blue Pill Magazine concluded that import of steroids in prison is 100% impossible and has never happened in the history of the world. Consequently, there could be only one explanation for Kali Muscle’s ascension – mad work, mad African genetics, mad visualization ability, mad dedication.

At 5’9”/175cm@250lbs/114kg, Kali Muscle makes Frank Zane look like a malnourished cadet who doesn’t even lift. And all of that was achieved 100% naturally, which is why today Kali Muscle is one of the most popular bodybuilders on the planet and makes more money in a month than the average person earns in 5 years of wage-slaving. If you want to be like him, be like him, but don’t hate him for his greatness.

Then the following slogan took over the screen:

Protein powder makes you big. Take yours now!

Seconds later, the narrator began talking again.

Number 2: Michael Lockett


A glance at Michael Lockett’s musculature reveals that he is not your regular bodybuilder. His peculiar muscle fibers look like caterpillars of steel trying to rip through the skin. Lockett’s muscles are about 2 times thicker than average and make even Mr. Olympia contenders envious. There is no doubt that Lockett’s mysterious physique is way more impressive than Zane’s classic ectomorph build. The explanation? Zeus genetics and hard work.

Legend has it that Lockett has been blessed with myostatin deficiency, which means that there is no barrier stopping his muscle cells from hypertrophying further and further. And while you probably don’t have the same condition, you can still get really close to his development thanks to the recent advancements in training and nutrition.

Then the following slogan took over the screen:

Protein powder makes you big. Take yours now!

Seconds later, the narrator began talking again.

Number 1: Mike O’Hearn

There are two undeniable facts in this life. The first one is that you are going to die someday. The second one is that Mike O’Hearn is the greatest natural bodybuilder who has ever visited this planet. O’Hearn’s longtime dominance is undisputed and no one comes even close to his level of mastery. He is the last samurai.

If Mike O’Hearn’s dedication is converted into electricity, it will be enough to maintain the world’s needs for months if not years.

The secret? ”Steroids,” screams the lazy loser who doesn’t even weigh his meals.

No, idiots! Anabolics are not the secret. It’s something far less sophisticated. Have you heard of consistency and dedication?

If you want to be like Mike and acquire his size 100% naturally, you have to do what he does. You have to wake up at 3 am and work while the rest of the humanoids are sleeping. You have to add plates to the barbell while your rivals are adding drugs to their stacks. You have to eat healthy while the also-rans are ingesting burger after burger. You have to read philosophy books while the weak are Instagram and Youtube binging. If you follow through with the plan, you will earn your right to own big muscles like O’Hearn’s.

Below is a photo of Mike dwarfing the legendary YouTube sensation Rich Piana. Mike is a 100% full-blown polygraphed approved natty of the highest order. Rich was a self-admitted drug, PMMA, GH, IGF-1 user. Ask your soul. Who looks better? The guy with the ugly tattoos or the guy with the muscles made in heaven? Enough said.


Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to remember the following:

Never give up on your muscle dream! Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible just because he/she can’t do it. Never let hate and mediocrity flood your heart. Never give up. Keep pushing. Keep hustling. Make a change in this world. GOD DAMN IT!

Then the narrator stopped talking and the old slogan appeared again:

Protein powder makes you big. Take yours NOW!

Harry slouched in his chair under the internal pressure triggered by the movie. His eyes, seemingly focused on an object in another realm, abdicated their blinking duties completely, and his face assumed a dramatic grimace. The emotional whirlpool within him made the walk to the exit a painful experience. Harry didn’t want to leave the movie theater even though watching others win while he was failing made him feel like an error in the code. As soon as he left the movie hall, intrusive thoughts, just as harsh as the sunlight stabbing his eyes acclimated to the darkness of the movie room, attacked him. Harry simply wanted to know more. He wanted to be a part of the winning group. He wanted to make a difference. He wanted to be the best he can be.

”I guess I just have to try harder,” Harry said to himself, took out his phone and tweeted:

”Winners NEVER quit. Quitters NEVER win. Heading to the supp store. #aminoacidesFTW”

Then, the devil looked at the camera and said: ”Delusions. My favorite weapon.”

P.S. Potential is finally out.

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  1. Klitschko

    Great article. Never stop writing brother.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I won’t. Thank you for the support, Klitschko.

    2. Ed

      9 bodybuilders who haven’t come close to an Olympia title, make a Hall of fame bodybuilder look like a malnourished cadet?? Really?? Why the lack of respect for Zane?? No offense to these guys accomplishments, but there is no need to take shots at Zane. I feel sorry for the author, and his lack of respect.

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        The point was that modern “naturals” are bigger than him. I feel sorry for you that you don’t have the capacity to get it. There is no disrespect to Zane here, professor.

      2. KYS

        Kill yourself cocksucker. Single-digit-IQ-having ass

        1. LUL

          Wow you are a triggered child.

      3. Ampmleveler

        Same. Zane still holds up well amongst these 9 guys especially given the differenceof generations. And half of them, it’s questionable if they are even naturally built up.

        1. Robin Dane wilson

          Wow…some of you dint get it…This article is dripping with sarcasm and satire jesus..Great read man

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  2. Me

    You mentioned in the previous article’s comment that reading is important to improve ones writing. What are some books you read and enjoyed? Its hard to find good books nowadays with all the garbage published.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      If we are talking strictly about writing skills, reading fiction seems to be the most helpful. I am not the greatest, but I have improved over the years, and reading fictions seems to help the most as far as pure writing skills are concerned. Choose whatever genre you prefer. There are no perfect books.

      The latest book that I read and liked was Ask The Dust by John Fante. I am not sure you will like it, though.

      Thank you for the support and good luck. 🙂

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I need more information, but I personally wouldn’t hold my breath.

    2. BigBonedFella

      He seems like he loves TRT too, brah.

  3. Jack

    Delusion may be the Devil’s favorite weapon, but it looks like humor is your best weapon!

  4. RebelWithoutACause

    Nice article bro. I read your book too. It’s pretty good. My favorite part was the history of steroids and the final chapters.

    You should write a second book talking just about the history of steroids or maybe a very detailed post (10k words or so) on the same topic.

  5. SteveG

    Fuck yeah. You are really back with great articles and a new book. You weren’t on an island all that time I guess. Good to have you back, homie.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Now that you mentioned it, I have never been on a real island actually. 🙂 One day…

  6. BigBonedFella

    The sad part is that some kids won’t even get the irony 🙂

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      You are right but don’t underestimate the audience.

  7. ColdKiller

    Blah, blah, blah

    You know what, Truth Faggit. I am getting tired of you. Many guys can get huge naturally. Apparently you just ain’t one of them. Thus…the jelliness…

    U just mad jelly….and your genetics probably suck hugee balls…..

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      You are correct, sir.

  8. Donne the Conquerer

    Good article, great premise, but the Hodge twins looking better than Zane in his prime? Hardly. Ullises blowing away Serge Nubret at his best? Great build but no cigar. Simeon comparable to Arnold in his prime? Maybe “stat” wise, but not on a bodybuilding stage, Arnold wins every time.

    FYI: Also, Zane in his prime sold more Weider mags when he was on the cover than when Arnold was on the cover. That’s how good and popular he was; he was a legend in his day.

    Again the message is good but there is no need for exaggeration given to hyperbole. Those guys all look good but aesthetics and stats are two different things.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I understand. The point was to illustrate how big some “naturals” are. Thank you for the support, Donne.

    2. Glove

      Yes! Zane, Schwarzenegger, Nubret were superstars at their times. I think it was much harder to look like them in the 70ties as for the Youtube boys today with their well equiped chemical portfolio. Nevertheless the have a common aim: get famous, make money. In the 70ties they depend on the Weider brothers. Today mechanisms seem to have changed.
      But their are big differences: the 70ties stars were competitive bbler. They were top. Best in the world. The youtube boys are not. Lockett and O´Hearn looks good even compared to competitive bbler. The other ones: nice physiques but no chance to come under the Top 10. You see the Youtuber always alone on the photos. Why? Because their good look wouldn´t shine compared to others. Why do all these boys claim to be natural? Because nobody would note them. Next picture please. They have good bodies but nothing outstanding.
      I´am really would be interested to see these guys next to Zane or Nubret. Whether these boy-next-door-guys would be as good or even better than the yesterday stars.
      Frank Zane even was in the 70ties slim compared to Mentzer or Oliva. But show me one bbler from today who has better lines. To be 3 times Mr. Olympia you have to have something. He looked better than other guys with 15 kgs more.
      He´s a legend. Of cause with a little help of his Weider-friends.
      But who will remember these youtubers?

      1. FarztRookie

        Hey, I am a bit late to the party, but someone in the comment sectionentioned, that some won’t get the irony. I am a little bit confused right now here. Where was the irony? Natural training is possible? Work hard is what you get there? Were these ironic statements? I really don’t understand what he meant. I really want to know, please help me out here. And by the way the article was pretty funny at some points.

        1. JJJ

          What he meant was, all these “naturals” are actually juiced up.

  9. David

    Hello, natty. I was a very delusional a year ago. I was watching YouTube all the time. I was addicted but didn’t realize it until my mother and sister pointed it to me. They called me out on watching “muscular guys lifting barbells” all the time. I actually installed one of those plugins for chrome that calculate how much time you spend on a website. Needless to say that my time on YouTube was about 50% and I used to spend about 8-12 hours a day in front of the PC studying and pretending to study (business school).

    I am very familiar with all the guys you are talking about and actually know many more that you probably haven’t even heard of. Haha. I was so naive that I actually bought a 50 dollar training program and a meal plan from a local fitness model. The whole thing was like a 3-4 page pdf. Felt like a total idiot. Eventually I dragged myself out of this misery. And I could say that your site played a huge role in, albeit my will deserves the most credit. haha

    Thanks, natty. Hope to see you in the future.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for sharing your experience, David. Good luck now that you know more of the truth.

  10. RockyBalboa

    Your new stuff is so much better than the old posts. Keep going. Keep hustling. ;0

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you, Rocky.

  11. eli

    this is an amazing article.
    thanks for sharing man!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you, Eli.

  12. Momo

    “Like a malnourished cadet”…the title of that article made me lol so hard. You are insane in the
    membrane, bro.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Momo.

  13. Benny

    I think you are exaggerating slightly about the HodgeTwins and maybe even Lockett. Zane was not as big as Arnold but was pretty big nonetheless.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      They have a big frame. Thank you for the support, Benny.

  14. OldKneesBrotherrr

    Your numbers seem spot on. I am 39 years old powerlifter. Been training for like 10 years or more on and off. (275lbs bench, 390 squat, 570 deadlift). Took me forever to get to those numbers at 180lbs and fairly fat. I don’t have a big gut, but it’s safe to say that my abs are well protected.

    Over the years I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen juicers myself. I even have one cycle behind my back but quit after that so I still consider myself natty. Many of my buddies are/were juicing while looking slightly better than Jason Blaha. Some looked even worse than him..ahah.

    Word. The point is – I have an easy time beliving in what you are saying on this site because I have the experience. I’ve lived. I’ve lifted. I know.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support and the insightful comment. I hope your knees get better.

  15. BigJelly

    Man…. Frank Zane used to be my favorite. I still like him but just got tired of the whole muscle thing.

    I used to do pullovers and what not just like they show you in the magazines. I used to believe that the sky is the limit and didn’t doubt the system even for a second. No more, bother. No more.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, BigJelly.

      1. alan2102

        Beyond support, you have to wonder how many poor naive schmucks there are out there like BigJelly — who “didn’t doubt the system even for a second”!

        1. Nate Thomas

          Is this a fucking joke, please no one believe any of this.

  16. McF7y

    Hi Truth Seeker, do you think Henry Cavill (current actor playing Superman) is a natural? He looks pretty big and lean. But not overly big/lean. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am not familiar with that guy’s stats, so I can’t give you a detailed answer. Keep in mind that TRT is very popular in Hollywood.

      1. McF7y

        Hi Truth Seeker. Thank you for the reply.

        Anyway, meant to say this earlier…I’m so glad you are back with your brand of honesty and sarcasm.

        Keep it up bro!

  17. WeCanMakeIt

    Hello, Truth Seeker. I am very happy that you are back with new content. I missed nattyornot for a long time. I thought you gave up on it to be honest. But you are back and that’s great. Haha. I found myself in many of the posts that you make. It’s like I have the same experiences although I am probably much younger. I like some of the old stories that you deleted I think. Good to have you back. This was a fun article by the way.

  18. Alim

    Awesome post as always man. So glad you post Ade rai( who claimed to be natty but he is totally rubbish). As for your article, it’s getting hard for me to translate into Indonesian Language(I found English only at school). anyway, keep it up, and stay natty to death.

  19. Danilo

    Man, not only you know very well the subject you’re writing about, but you’ve great writing skills, pure talent! This Harry’ saga is amazing!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thanks for the support, Danilo.

  20. Samir

    Like the others above me said – Frank Zane may be smaller than some of the listed mofos but his body is more aesthetically pleasing. He will wipe the floor with many of them. Not to mention charisma and old school style.

  21. LS

    As someone who’s been training for over 30 years I’m thankful that I finally gave up reading anything about weight training probably about 15 to 17 years ago. It’s not an exaggeration to say that there is virtually nothing worth reading when it comes to weight training, at least in terms of reading training information that gives realistic expectations in terms of size and strength. Everything out there is basically pure garbage.

    If you’ve ever seen a woman, either a pornstar, or a stripper who has some of those ridiculous breast implants that look like two bowling balls that were simply surgically inserted under her skin, that’s what all of these bodybuilders look like to me. They look so artificial and so fake that I almost laugh at them when I see them. To me all of these steroid created physiques look like the equivalent of bad special effects. It almost looks like CGI. I don’t understand how anyone who has more than two active brain cells in their head could even remotely entertain the possibility that any of these guys are natural.

    1. swabbie

      Haha, true thing bro
      When I first see the pictures of Jeff Seid, my first tught was – wtf, this guy look like inflated rubber doll with fake hair haha
      Just l ook guys like Lazar Angelov or Mike O’ Tren pardon Hearn ahaha – even their hair don’t look natural not to mention the body composition
      Basically, almost all fitness portals and channels are full of shit – you can count on fingers of one hand sites that are actaally worth following (besides nattyornot, I only follows Jason Blaha, and Fortess who actually don’t do fitness and don’t post anymore as far as I know)

  22. Crazy

    Natural bodybuilding is dead. People should get it through their stupid skulls once and for all. Nobody is natural. That’s it. Everybody making money from the muscles is on dat der celltech – roids…. They are all filthy liars but there’s nothing you can do. Keep your rage to yourself. That’s it my friend. This is the system. You can scream but it’s going to remain in place. Your efforts are futile.

  23. GeorgeThePunisher

    I like how you write. This is what made me buy that book. Your writing style is your best advertisement.

  24. FromTheMoon

    That’s why I stopped following the mainstream. I used to absorb every form of muscle content online in the past but no more. I naturally (pun intended) grew out of it. Eventually you get tired of people teaching you how to squat…tight back, breathe in…It gets tiresome and boring. Nattyornot is one of the few sites that I visit from time to time because it’s kinda like an alternative. I support you brother. Greetings from the moon.

  25. Rick

    Has anyone ever used the landmine shoulder press? I’m having shoulder issues with regular OHP. I’m currently using a full body program I’ve designed three times a week.
    Flat bench 3x
    Weighted chins 3x
    OHP 2x
    Barbell row 2x
    Romanian deadlift 2x
    Lunges 2x
    Curls 2x
    Tricep ext 2x

    1. Jonathan Matthews

      Love Landmine presses as well as Landmine squats and deadlifts. Google landline variations and start experimenting. It made a difference for me. Still do the “Big Three”, but don’t train them as often as in the past.

  26. Bob

    I get fucking mad when my retarded girlfriend ask me why I don’t look like the guys from the magazines. Fuck man. Don’t you just hate it when people expect you to look a huge shredded cock when you tell that you lift. Get brains people or more importantly get hearts and eyes.

  27. Mike

    Be right back getting my tuna with mercury to break the “natty chains.” lol fucking gold right there.

  28. Steven

    I wish you were here when I started 10 years ago. I guess better late than never, though. Good luck my friend.

  29. Ken

    I hate those liars man. I hate them. But what I hate more is that I was stupid enough to believe the lie. I look in the mirror today and see an idiot, coward, a loser. They tricked me man. They tricked me. And the devil was on it too. I hope that one day I’ll get a chance to redeem myself.

  30. James

    You definitely have a gift for writing and your knowledge of the body building industry makes your articles awesome!

  31. Sawaad

    Truth Seeeekerrr! <3
    Loved this lol, made me laugh.

  32. James Suntres

    Truthseeker, I do have one question for you. In one of your posts back in 2013 or 2014 you implied the Hodge Twins maybe weren’t natty. What brought about your change of heart. And no I’m not a hater. In fact I have tremendous respect for you.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      The pictures speak for themselves.

      1. Jim

        Truthseeker, I am, being Greek-Canadian, a student of Ancient Greece. At Delphi, the Pythia would give oracles not unlike your answer. “The pictures speak for themselves.” Having been one of your faithful readers over the years — and I do hope you keep it up — those pictures tell me things that differ from what the article they’re attached to says.

  33. markusbdc

    I’m getting a faint whiff of sarcasm here brah..

  34. Alex

    Love your articles. I also own a haters synthesis. I’m enjoying every word that you write!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Alex.


    Anybody who believes a single one of these people is natural is as stupid as they are gullible. Total garbage.


    By the way, truth detectors are easily beaten, its called xanax.

  37. Bajs Korv

    I didnt get The sarcasm first. I was like “wait, ulisses was on stage with Gyno” and then I figured

  38. markusbdc

    Frank Zane had the kind of symmetrical and unmistakable physique that these idiots could only dream of. You could show a picture of his body with the head removed and anybody with a modicum of knowledge about bodybuilding/fitness would name him in a New York second. There ain’t many guys you can say that about other than perhaps the one and only Ahhnald……

  39. Sal

    I have never commented on a blog or forum in my life, but reading this I am compelled to do so. Maybe not all of them… But just about all of them are not natural or natty as you say…. It is completely ridiculous that you can even write this blog and say that. I am 37 years old and I did two and a half Cycles in my early twenties and I’ve been working out since I’m 13. Frank Zane is a fucking God plain and simple. Nobody on this site deserves to even be mentioned in the same sentence with Frank Zane. They are all in great shape and they look great… But they all or almost all are definitely enhanced physiques. CT and Panda could possibly and I say possibly be natural… But Kali Muscle??!! Give me a break and you talk about his time in prison like you know anything about it. Have you seen pics of Kali since he lost the muscle? Google it. Perfect proof showing the drastic loss of muscle that comes with the territory of stopping steroid use. i’m sorry if I come off rude or like I’m a know it all. I definitely am not, but I have been around the block. These physiques are just about all enhanced and creating this article, post, or whatever you want to call it with it’s premise being a shot against one of the greatest legends in the history of fitness and bodybuilding I think is a total disgrace.

    1. RR

      You speak the truth my friend. This article is a disgrace to Frank Zane, and, of course, another future disapointment of so many foolish natural bodybuilders thinking they can get like that from protein powder. Yeah right! Google bodybuilders from the before era of steroids and see how they were looking compared to the “natty” bodybuilders of today.

  40. Stak

    Almost everyone mentioned are on steroids! You say that in prison is impossible to get steroids, but I never seen Kali Muscle photos from prison. Only heard his lie about how big he was in prison.

  41. markusbdc

    Frank Zane was one of those rare genetic elite. This manifested on several levels but primarily in his god given symmetry and muscle shape as well as his receptor site affinity to some of the most basic steroids used in that era. A little dianabol and deca-maybe some anavar and primobolan and voila! Frank Zane – the one and only…..the rest of us would be like WTF ?? I’m taking 500mg of Test, 300mg of deca, some tren and some winstrol and I still look like a fuckin geek…….damn these genes!!!!

  42. jacek.pulski

    :D:D:D All of them are naturals… I think nobody tested them on illegal substances, so they can claim whatever they want. Cali Muscle went big on ramen and tuna… hahahaha
    ( Everybody on competitive level takes some illegal substances and until some sort of official organization will not check them on random time we can’t be sure that they are natural. Jonny Sins from brazzers could be natural in comparison to these guys, but not Lockett and not O’Hearn.


  43. hashtagdoubt

    Total disrespectful to Zane. Also not buying everyone on the list is a natty.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Every heard of sarcasm?

  44. Batuhan Pınar

    What the FUCK are you talking about!?

    1. Batuhan Pınar

      Oh now i got that 😛

  45. JackBurton

    #3 and #2 (& more or less some of the others too) are monstrosities: there is nothing harmonious about those bunches of muscles.

  46. P

    Mike O’Hearn, Kali Muscle, Michael Locket, CT Fletcher and Simeon Panda are disproven Natties.
    This article implies someone is a natty if they say they are.

  47. Josh

    You must be a complete retard to think mike o hearn is natural, same with kali muscle the guy is out of breath just thinking about things

  48. leo

    Its not all about size, its about definition, symmetry and muscle quality, you cant compare these kids to Frank Zane, they are not conditioned as he was and if he had what these guys have now, he will have looked 100x better than these clowns. Don’t compare a a 2019 chevy camaro to a 1967 chevy camarro, those were built strong and priceless.

  49. Alex

    Not one of the guys you mentioned in this article reached that kind of mass naturally! Kali muscle, really?! LMAO! There’s no way one could get this big without steroids. By the way, he already admitted taking roids!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It’s a sarcastic article. I know that.

  50. Zeus

    You can acknowledge greatness without having to trash those who have accomplished greatness. No need to berate Zane. Poorly written article.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It was a sarcastic article.

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