Why Bodybuilders On Steroids Compete In Natural Shows

According to the rules of natural bodybuilding competitors who use anabolic steroids and other muscle enhancing drugs should not be allowed to compete in shows for natural bodybuilders. However, it happens all the time and most of the popular contests for natural bodybuilders are won by athletes on drugs. The main reasons why this is happening are:

1.Ineffective drug testing


Organizing a bodybuilding event costs a lot and sometimes there aren’t enough financial resources for proper and effective drug testing. Quite often the tests through which the supposedly natural bodybuilders have to pass are nothing more than a complete joke and a small obstacle to overcome. For example, it’s not uncommon to allow competitors to be tested by a polygraph as many times as required to pass the fictitious test.

The promoters of the events allow that to happen because more interest in competitions attracts more investors, which of course means there is more money on the table in the end of the day. Obviously, athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs (PED) are much bigger than those who rely solely on “what mama gave them”. That’s why the organizers of the events do not see nothing wrong with pushing forwards the steroid users since they have better physiques and will attract much more potential customers willing to buy bodybuilding supplements and other merchandise. It’s business as usual and this is why all famous natural bodybuilders use anabolic steroids.

2.Desire to win at all costs

The predominant thinking in the modern world can be summarized the following way: Second place is the first loser. Society puts a tremendous emphasis on success, which unfortunately is only measured by the digits on the pay check and other superficial ego driven “values”. This leads to the production of people who are willing to “win” at all costs even if this means cheating. There are a lot of bodybuilders on steroids who see no problem in competing in shows designed for natural athletes. Nobody judges the winners and there is a lot to be won – a possible contract with a supplement company, a pro card, glory, followers, fame…etc. Who would give up all of that for some moral principles? As the good old saying goes: “Nice boys always finish last.”

3.If everybody is using steroids, why shouldn’t I?

Since the title contenders who compete in the so called natural bodybuilding shows are actually on anabolic steroids the rest of the athletes are starting to justify their drug usage as the only way to level out the playing field. You can’t beat an enemy armed with AK-47 if all you have is a bow.

This is how the whole natural bodybuilding movement becomes a vicious cycle where nobody is willing to give up and tell the truth due to fear of losing. Instead, the fake natural bodybuilders protect their backs and are willing to lie until the end.

4.Inability to maintain the bodybuilding lifestyle

Bodybuilders are supposed to live like babies – eat every few hours, sleep as much as possible and keep their stress levels very low. Who can afford to live like that? Pretty much nobody except for the people with tombstones. That’s why many bodybuilders who compete in natural shows are turning to steroids in order to make the pain a little more bearable and the goal more achievable. A body on drugs recovers and grows much faster. This allows the contender to overcome his inability to keep all muscle building factors at optimal levels.

5.Poor genetics and naturally low testosterone levels

Some individuals just don’t have the right genetics for the sport of natural bodybuilding – the very same way not everybody has a pleasing singing voice. Since anabolic steroids are extremely powerful and work on pretty much everybody, including females, the contenders are using them to compensate for their poor gene pool as far as muscular development is concerned.

There are also males with naturally low levels of testosterone – this is one of the situations when a hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) may be prescribed by a doctor due to official medical reasons. However, even if that’s true most people still speculate and use doses much larger than the prescribed amount in order to get even bigger and more muscular.

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