Why Do IFFB Pro Bodybuilders Deny Steroid Usage

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IFBB professionals rely on banned substances to build extraterrestrial physiques beyond the natty limits. Yet the competitors reject all steroid accusations to stay out of trouble and keep the money printer on.

Since bodybuilding’s international capital is the USA (a country where steroids are strongly prohibited by the law), admitting to steroid usage on TV is the equivalent of stating that you have robbed a store.

Another problem that may occur after a confession is the possible loss of sponsors. Companies producing bodybuilding supplements are the main source of income for many bodybuilders because the competition prizes are actually low when you account for the expenses. If a sponsored athlete openly states that he is on steroids, supplement companies will drop him in an instant, for their products will appear pointless and ineffective, which they are for the most part.

Therefore, for most IFBB professionals there is no profit in honesty. As far as the material world is concerned, there could only be losses if the truth is set free.

The Cruel, Hypocritical Crowd

When Lance Armstrong confessed everything to Oprah, the initial reaction of the unaware general population was to label his accomplishments and titles as undeserved wins. People said that he is a cheater who should return the medals. Of course, this is not correct since his rivals were probably using the same substances.

The fear of losing fame and glory is another stepping stone. People want to be worshiped and know that the minute they confess the ignorant population will crucify them. This also explains why even bodybuilders living in countries such as the United Kingdom where the steroid usage is regulated in a more liberal way still refuse to say the truth. They want to be remembered as the best, not as cheaters.

The modern society puts an enormous emphasis on personal success. ”Second place is the first loser,” they say. People are being programmed to behave like ruthless social animals in the fight for glory, money and whatever else classifies as a socially accepted trophy. This behavior drives a wedge in human relations and becomes the driving force behind the hypocrisy that we see today.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where those who tell the truth are seen as stupid whereas those who lie prosper. Being honest is considered worse than being crazy. The problem has gotten so big that true improvements will not be seen in this lifetime or the next. Everything is a big lie which we fortify with our actions. In a society where everything is politically correct, true values like honesty have no place.

It’s over. Why not tell the kids the truth?

Most IFBB bodybuilders don’t tell the whole story even after hanging up the thong. Retired pros usually start supplements companies designed to feed their families.

The reasons presented above are enough to keep PEDs in the shadows. However, there’s also an important moral question worth discussing – is it fine to lie to your fans who are also your biggest supporters? Is it moral to sell shady products which most of the time don’t work as advertised while injecting steroids? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. After all, we live in a dualistic world. At least, now you know.

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