Bodybuilders Don’t Hire Coaches. They Hire Chemists. Biceps curls are easy. Pinning them glutes is where it's at.

Have you ever wondered why professional bodybuilders hire the so-called prep-coaches? After all those guys have been training for decades and know how to train already. Why would they waste money on coaches? Do you really need somebody to scream in your ears: ‘Just one more rep. Motherfucker!”? The truth is that those so-called coaches have a different purpose. They are not training coaches but rather drug coaches.


Everybody can do biceps curls. Pinning them glutes properly is where the magic is.

Bodybuilding is a relatively straight forward beauty contest. You don’t need more than 6 months to a 1 year to learn the basics. What’s really hard, however, is creating drug cycles and nutritional plans. This is why bodybuilders rely on coaches. All successful bodybuilding coaches are really informed on the drug topic and know what to take and when.

When a bodybuilder expresses satisfaction with the services of a coach, it means that the latter has solid knowledge of the creation of anabolic cocktails.

You can’t expect from young bodybuilders to know everything about drugs. This is why they rely on the expertise of other people who have been in the sport for a longer period of time.

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Quite often the coach not only makes the cycles but also provides the steroids and the growth hormone. Many people want to be ‘coached’ by a certain individual just to get access to the good stuff and not just to learn how to squat. The coaches act as drug dealers and are essentially the middle man.

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Professional bodybuilding is not about training. It’s about drugs.

Professional bodybuilding has less to do with training and much more to do with drugs and implants. As a natural bodybuilder your training schedule is almost irrelevant since what makes all the difference are your genetics and drug intake.

You can follow super fancy training protocols promising sexy muscle, but if you don’t have the genetics and the drugs on your side, it ain’t happening.

Every pro bodybuilder loves talking about how they have the secret to muscle growth. Some say volume, others H.I.T. – whatever the case they all know very well that without the needle in their glutes growth just ain’t happening.

Drugs have always been a large part of bodybuilding since the very beginning. The large jumps in size reported during the history of the sport have been achieved solely through drugs. Don’t believe the propaganda about training and nutritional science. The things that are known today as far as bodybuilding is concerned have been known decades ago. If anything, people back in the day knew how to train and didn’t waste time Tweeting in between their workouts. Today, we have delusional clowns who think somebody cares about how many sets of biceps curls they did on the Hammer strength machines. We’ve said it many times and will continue to say it again – nobody cares. People only see themselves everywhere they look.

Focusing on the small details that don’t really matter.

If you watch any mainstream bodybuilding video, you will see that most of the time the bodybuilder and his coach talk about relatively unimportant things. Who cares whether you do chin-ups or pull-ups? Who cares whether you do 3 or 5 sets? Who cares which is your favorite biceps exercise? Virtually every bodybuilding video consists of a muscle behemoth doing the same exercises over again. Most of the time the focus is on the minuscule details that in the end of the day do not matter one bit.

In order to be politically correct and keep the sponsors the bodybuilders and their coaches always keep their mouth shut while pushing supplements as the key to growth. Most people involved in bodybuilding are pathological liars since this is one of the requirements to be accepted by the industry. There are women that look like men and talk like men and yet they tell you: ‘We are natty, bro! Protein powder only bodybuilders!’.

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  1. AZ

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I am wondering if you are a chemist and/or you know who to contact to “train me” for my next show to try and get my pro card. Someone who has a great deal of knowledge about the “all natty” supps. Thanks for the article. I already pushed it to about 10 of my friends. P.S I am deployed and don’t always have the best service.

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