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Mainstream bodybuilding movies may present many things, but the truth isn’t one of them. You are not going to learn the secrets of the beauty contest by watching a DVD with Joe Weider’s training principles. The only thing that you will find there are muscle behemoths trying to reproduce a script written by a marking team. It’s like watching a mainstream documentary – everything is presented as healthy and beautiful, regardless of the fact that behind the curtains the world of the famous is stranger than fiction. Why would the muscle industry make an exception?


The bodybuilding desire of your child is developed and expressed earlier than you may think. If your toddler is addicted to superhero movies, you can be certain that a muscle career is a highly possible choice in the future. Of course, a combination of a muscle worshiper and a geek is also a possibility.

Joking aside, fear is one of the main reasons why children want to build big muscles. The world is scarier when you are scrawny. Ultimately, big muscles an attractive shield to hide behind. This is especially true for children growing up without a father figure. Many bodybuilders fall into this category.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of the popular bodybuilders and muscle men, in general, are quite timid growing up. Bodybuilders are rarely popular in school. For them, the real action begins once they are old enough to train in a gym.


This is the most delusional state of a regular bodybuilding life. At this point, the teen considers the bodybuilding magazines gospel. This is one of the worst times to give your children money because they will spend it all on powder that’s supposed to be eggs and milk.

After the first year, the gains slow down. The beginner bodybuilder tries different routines, but they don’t work, at least not as advertised. Sooner or later, the bodybuilder realizes that all big guys eat carrots. Note: Carrots is a code word for steroids.

The first cycle of the noob is usually limited to testosterone produced by underpaid workers in a Chinese basement. After 12 weeks, the new muscles are already a reality. Unfortunately, the gains are accompanied by a lot of water weight making the bodybuilder look soft and puffy. This is the time when the noob learns that carrots alone won’t do the trick and adds union (body fat cutting drugs) to the mix.

After a few years of consistent cycling, the young bodybuilder has a solid base and is a regular member of many steroid forums. His physique is pretty decent, but not even close to the one of a pro bodybuilder.

At this stage, some girls start to show interest, and bed gymnastics manifest in the world of the muscle apprentice.

Winning Your Pro Card

After years of sacrifice under the form of drug addiction, lies, delusions, hair loss, testicular atrophy, GH head growth and other unpleasant side effects, you may finally become one of the humans building muscle for a living. Once you have your pro card, you are allowed to join the big boys’ club. The good news is that you are already prepared for this world. The only difference is that now you have to take even more drugs.

At this stage of your bodybuilding career, you are one of the muscle behemoths lifting fake plates for the cover and promoting protein powder to kids trying to create a muscle shield against the world just like you.

Looking For That Supplement Contract

After a decade of lifting, eating heavily and of course pinning them glutes hard, the dreams of some muscle lovers finally start to come true. If your body can handle the beating for so long, you are probably born to be a bodybuilder after all. However, where will the cash come from?

In times of struggle, bodybuilders do all kinds of things to make ends meet. A dedicated bodybuilder needs a steady income because the drugs cost a lot, and mommy cannot be a sponsor forever.

One of the many activities that bodybuilders rely on is G4P (Gay For Pay). Unfortunately, for the aspiring gigolos among you, male prostitutes are not requested by hot women for the most part. The majority of people resorting to similar services are men in need of a lover from the same sex.

A softer version of G4P would be webcam shows. Many bodybuilders make good money by stripping in front of a web camera. However, the audience is still formed primarily by homosexuals. Do you really think that a beautiful woman would pay money to watch a muscular dude lick his biceps?

If you overcome the adversity, win some bodybuilding shows and create a large following, one day you may sign an endorsement deal with a supplement company. This is a dream come true for every bodybuilder since the money could be quite good, and maybe, just maybe, you may be looking at the end of your career as BigDaddy { a popular nickname used by webcam models}.

Another source of income would be photo shoots for fitness magazines. The checks may reach extraterrestrial numbers depending on your reputation in the industry. Of course, all of this will require connections a.k.a. bending over for the right people.

Sadly, winning shows is not really on the list as a serious source of income. Only the first few competitors win good money, and when you account for the expenses (e.g., drugs, food, hotels, tanning…etc.), you will realize that the net profit is not high.

An Ordinary Day Of A Pro Bodybuilder

The day of a professional bodybuilder begins with solid flexing in the bathroom. Most bodybuilders love the early hours of the day because in the morning the body is water depleted and appears leaner. This is a good time to check yourself in the mirror. 

After the morning examination, it’s time to take steroids and growth hormone. Then, the bodybuilder puts on a tank top and drives to the gym.

As a professional bodybuilder, you don’t want to train too hard. Just focus on the pump and make a machine circuit. Flex those muscles and pump them with blood. Why would you risk an injury by training with free weights? It makes no sense. Save your strength for glute pinning.

After the workout, most professional bodybuilders take more steroids and go for a meal in a fast food chain. Genetically modified and tortured chickens loaded with hormones seem to be great for recovery. Afterward, it’s time to deal with business related issues such as seminars, autograph signings or other bodybuilding events. 

In the evening, many bodybuilders go to the club to seek admiration from the promiscuous personages found in similar places during the late hours of the night.

Contrary to popular belief, bodybuilders can get “it” up. In fact, sometimes the drugs make you super horny and a wild beast in bed. Moreover, many women feel a burning desire to taste the big muscles. In most cases, however, we are talking about short sexual relationships. In the long run, bodybuilders are not considered a good catch because they are very needy. Most women that fall under the category of “fatal bitches” are not really willing to satisfy the needs of their muscular partners. If anything, those women want to be the center of the relationship.

What most bodybuilders really want is a loving wife willing to stay in the kitchen all day to prepare chicken breast after chicken breast so that her muscular teddy bear never goes catabolic.

Join The Crew Of Pathological Liars

To be a proper professional bodybuilder, you have to become a pathological liar too. It may sound a little degrading but don’t worry – you are rubbing elbows with politicians, military men, and celebrities.

When Your Body Just Can’t Handle It Anymore

Everything that has a beginning has an end”.

Sadly, there comes a time when every bodybuilder is forced to hang the thongs on the wall. However, the fact that the competing days are over does not mean that retired bodybuilders give up their huge muscles so easily. Many bodybuilders stay big after retiring. The lucky ones even join the club of granddaddy bodybuilders and enjoy respectable muscle mass in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. Those would be the true genetic freaks. “Juicing till we die!” is their motto.

Not all bodybuilders are so lucky, unfortunately. Many suffer organ failure and lose their gains forever. Saying goodbye to your big muscles is one of the most painful events in the life of a bodybuilder.

What are you going to do when the shield is gone? Who is going to protect you?

Most bodybuilders don’t have an answer to this question. Do you?

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  1. Kiba

    OK, so if bodybuilders did webcam shows for women or prostituted themselves to women then no problem, right?

    I dont like the constant double standard I read in every bodybuilding article regarding sexuality. As a matter of fact, there are a few websites with male bodybuilders offering their services as escorts and protitutes for women who can afford their bulging muscles. I highly doubt I will ever read an article exposing and criticizing male bodybuilders who sell their muscles to women sexually.

  2. lifterx

    When you said “until their 60s, 70s and 80s. Those are considered the true genetic freaks. ‘’Juicing till we die!’’ is their motto.” It instantly reminded me of Arnold, Dave Draper and Bill Pearl and I laughed out loud big time for some reason.

  3. Carl-ikumon

    Denouncing the so-called G4P thing is getting tired and obsessive. You know, there is also the selling of traight sex in the bodybuilding industry so it’s not like it is not happening. It isn’t any holier if the bodybuilder is inserting his penis in a vagina. Sex is sex, period and, having payed sex isn’t the end of the world either.

    Don’t expect such a hypersexual activity to embrace a sexless mentality. As long as it is consented there isn’t anything morally wrong.

    Trye not to be biased and realise both sides exist in bodybuilding.

    1. Craig Davis

      You’re missing the point.
      If bodybuilders were prostituting themselves to beautiful women, then that would be something they would brag about. It would be something they like doing, that you can call an upside to the lifestyle.

      But most bodybuilders (surprisingly) aren’t actually gay, which makes gay sex feel very degrading and humiliating when they have to do it to support their lifestyle (not to mention it’s risky, due to the much higher rates of STDs in the gay community). It is rightfully considered a downside.

      But keep on defending that sweet, sweet buttsex.

      1. Brien

        Bodybuilders do brag about their heterosexual sexual encounters but they do it among themselves. Prostitution will not be exalted because society still looks down on it, but bodybulding is not really opposed to it becuse bdybuilding is all about sex, looking ideally sexy.

        I find your second paragraph degrading and stigmitizing. Heterosexual couples do practise anal sex all the time and heterosexual sex is no free ticket from STDs at all.

        But the problem here is what kind of moral line in being drawn here when heterosexual prostitution which occurs within the bodybuilding sphere is consistently overlooked and not called out.

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