Why Male Self Improvement Is a Scam That Fixes Nothing the brutal reality of male existence

| by Truth Seeker |

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In this post, I will expose the dark side and the undeniable long-term futility of a phenomenon known as male self-improvement.

By the end, you will know that most of it is nothing more than a pyramid scheme extracting money from men who are already desperate.

It’s gonna be a hard post for the dreamers to read.

What is self-improvement?

Self-improvement is the act of “leveling up”. Your character acquires and develops skills that make him better.

Better in what you may ask. This world is focused on the material. Consequently, in 99.9% of the cases, self-improvement is promising to:

  1. Make you more money.
  2. Make you more attractive.
  3. Make you smarter.
  4. Make you stronger physically and emotionally.

The first two are fundamental.

The world may pretend otherwise, but it’s all hypocrisy. In this day and age, looks and money are the measurements of success and consequently self-improvement.

Admitting the Obvious

Before exposing the main downfall of male self-improvement, it’s first necessary to admit the obvious fact that self-improvement can make your life better.

If you take a 300lbs basement-dwelling human swine who urinates in jars and spends most of his time watching anime and screams at his mom to bring his burgers faster and transform him into a fit man with a decent career, a house and a nice car, his quality of life will skyrocket and so will his chances with the ladies.

However, the closer you get to average, the less self-improvement makes a difference.

The Pyramid Scheme of Male Self-improvement


The hierarchy of the current society is as follows:

1. Top-tier men (males who are either born into extremely rich families and/or have tremendous talent and achievements in ventures greatly appreciated by society e.g., sports, music…etc.)

2. Women

3. House Pets (usually cats & dogs)

4. Average men

5. Below-average men

This structure is determined by the leverage that the group has in our society.

The higher one is on the scale, the less he has to work. Also, the higher segments enjoy greater protection and respect.

For example, a sports superstar works a lot less than an underwater welder but gets paid 10x more without risking his life every day.

The most dangerous jobs on this planet that often result in death or near-death experiences are always reserved for average and below-average men.

In a war, top-tier men immigrate to a neutral country (e.g., Switzerland) and so do the majority of women and children. The remaining men are expected to stay and fight until death.

The low-leverage position of average men is the primary source of male depression and sadness. Existing in a world that is always willing to sacrifice you while giving you the least amount of appreciation is heart-slicing.

When you add the fact that average men are also the most criticized group in this world, you acquire a recipe for complete obliteration of male self-respect, self-love, and desire to live.

Of course, society will deny this. People will never tell you openly how they feel about you. However, their attitude and actions will reveal everything you need to know.

Top-tier men see you as a slave.

Top-tier women don’t even see you because you’re a ghost to them.

Average women see you as a loser who isn’t worthy of their precious attention even though they have nothing on you other than being the opposite gender.

The government seals the deal with weird anti-male laws and non-stop exploitation.

What is the solution to all of this?

Enter the world of self-improvement.

via: pixabay.com

The main targets of self-improvement are average men and those below. Top-tier men and women don’t have to self-improve, or at least not to the same degree. They’re already good enough.

Hence why virtually every self-improvement method promises or at least implies that it will transform you from an average man into a top-tier unit. 

Male self-improvement has two main goals:

Goal 1: Build the body of a Greek deity (becoming more attractive)

Goal 2: Maximize your bank account and status

That’s why every self-improvement regime contains weight lifting and money-making schemes (e.g., drop shipping, selling stuff online, crypto…etc.).

Self-improvement rarely if ever focuses on the spiritual side of life. It’s all about material gains because those make all the difference in a material/capitalist world.

Since most men are incredibly tired of living life on hard more, we quickly get hooked and start breaking our backs squatting, deadlifting all while trying to build “passive income businesses”.

You are supposed to lift hard all the time, sleep less, read 50 books a week, work constantly, never complain, maintain a positive mindset, be a warrior…etc.

The Catch

As already mentioned, self-improvement works. If you lift hard, you will get stronger and somewhat bigger (to get really big you have to inject).

If you work hard, you will probably increase your income (there are no guarantees, but it’s 100% possible.)

So, what is the catch then?

The level of improvement is limited and more often than not, you can’t become a top-tier man by following a politically correct book.

You won’t become Arnold by following his routine, nor will you become Steve Jobs by reading his biography.


There are many reasons, but the most undeniable one is the fact that the available positions for winners are highly limited.

This is a very important concept to understand but is often ignored completely because it is not politically correct.

Imagine that life is a game of chess, and your objective is to become a top tier man (get a nice body + lots of cash).

As the game progresses, the amount of valuable moves ahead of a player greatly diminishes.

A really good player will checkmate an average rival in his head way before the loser is aware of his loss.

The good player is capable of calculating every possible move and creating an unbreakable winning path.

However, sometimes a player will see his own demise when facing a powerful opponent.

So, what?

The point is that each and every one of us has a pre-determined number of moves ahead.

As you get older, those opportunities change. Usually, they diminish, but sometimes they may increase. Somebody could be a loser in his teen years but get back on track in his twenties…etc.

The moves that a man can make are pre-determined by internal and external factors.

The internals are your genes, race, physical characteristics, intelligence…etc.

The external would be your environment, country, place of birth, year of birth…etc.

For example, if Mark Z. was born in 1910, he more than likely won’t be a billionaire. (You get the idea.)

The brutal and cold reality is that the combination of moves available in front of most men rarely if ever can lead to the fate of a top-tier man regardless of one’s effort.

But even if one does not agree with the above, it’s impossible to argue with the next fact which is this:

The number of available positions for top-tier men are HIGHLY limited by default. Once the market is saturated, it automatically starts to reject applications until a spot is opened.

How does it happen? 

Every single position that leads to massive wealth is a position of high leverage (sports superstars, highly skilled musicians, stock brokers with inside information, entrepreneurs with brains and luck…etc.)

You can NEVER make lots of money from a position of poor leverage (e.g., assembling tables in a factory).

The high leverage positions are hard to reach not only because they’re limited (a company cannot have 1000s of CEOs) but due to unfair competition too.

The men who have already obtained or inherited those positions will guard them with all they have and will help only people of their choice get to the same level.

This happens in both capitalist and socialist societies. In a capitalist society, those in possession of the capital decide the changes and do everything in their power to keep the capital to themselves.

In a socialist society, the control happens via the party which controls the laws and the funds of the state. Only people willing to serve the party can rise to the top.

Effort Is Of Limited Effect

The promoters of hardcore self-improvement benefit greatly from saying that effort is the only differentiation between those who succeed and those who don’t.

That’s a lie.

Effort is always required, but it’s not always the deciding factor.

One can transform from a semi-loser to average via sheer effort, but it’s often impossible to move from average to top tier via effort alone if the foundation isn’t there.

Or in other words, you can become of average brains if you study harder, but you will never be Tesla unless you have the genes for it.

The reason why the promoters tell you or silently imply that effort is key is to hide the futility of their own systems.

If you don’t succeed, it’s because you didn’t do enough work, not because their blueprint is generic nonsense.

And guess, what? Work can never be enough. You can always do more.

Even if you wake up at 5 a.m., take a cold shower, eat a liver, swallow a brain pill, work for 14 hours, then go to the gym and “kill it”, you can always do more.

By placing the emphasis on effort, the promoters protect themselves and the shortcoming of their blueprint.

Vague, Generic Advice

The value of advice is determined by its level of specificity. The more vague and generic something is, the less value it has. The more specific it is, the harder it is to find it, but the more value it has.

Unsurprisingly, male-self improvement advice is always vague, non-specific, and never guarantees results.


To make money, one is often told to start a YouTube channel/blog/Ebay store…etc.

This is the online equivalent of telling someone to “just start a successful restaurant, bro.”

It’s obvious why such talk is completely worthless and ridiculous.

On the other hand, if someone has a very specific and effective way to make a successful eBay store, for example, they will never share their method with you because they will be creating competition. You will immediately copy/paste their schema, and the market will get saturated or even die.

There’s a reason why companies ALWAYS hide valuable information from the competition.

That being said, the truth is that most promoters of male-self improvement simply do not know how to make their business ventures a reality. Most of them are making money by telling you how to make money.

If they actually start a legit business that isn’t based on feelings and wishes, they would fail just as often as everybody else.

I’ve seen it happen. In the past, a popular male blogger started a YT channel following the advice that he was giving other people. After years, his channel reached 5k subscribers which is nothing from the perspective of making money.

Male Self-improvement Serves Feminism and the Elite

Here’s a painful question.

Who benefits more from self-improvement? We or they?

By keeping men in constant self-improvement mode targeted at building a better body and making more money, the system is essentially creating a factory for shinier human products in the catalog.

You read that correctly. Each man is seen as a product. Self-improvement increases the valuable metrics of this product in a capitalist society. Consequently, the system gains the following:

  • Harder working men
  • Men who think that everything is their fault and can be fixed with effort (just lol)
  • More physically attractive men
  • Occupied men (when you’re spinning the wheel, you have no time to think outside of the box)
  • Conforming men (by agreeing to play the game, you’re validating the system you exist in)
  • Continuity (since self-improvement is a non-measurable endless path, it can continue forever)

What do women gain?

Self-improving increases the base requirements for men to get a girlfriend. This can easily be illustrated by comparing the modern to the old criteria.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but more than likely your father and grandfather never went to the gym to get a girlfriend. They probably never worried about their max squat, bench and deadlift. More than likely they weren’t rich either and probably didn’t even have a car when they met their spouses.

Today, the situation is different. 80% of the male population is lifting weights or doing another kind of resistance training. If you don’t have at least some traits of weightlifting efforts on you, you will be ridiculed by the self-improvement community.

And if in the past, it was enough to have the body of a swimmer to classify as a training specimen, today the requirements are much greater. So great, that most people can’t even match them without injecting. Hence the existence of the Tren/Zyzz physique.

However, when you compare what women used to offer to what they’re offering now, things become scary.

One of my grandfathers was a peasant who married my grandmother at 19. He had absolutely nothing to his name. Eventually, he became an electrician and a welder, but he never had big money nor an Arnold physique.

What did my grandmother offer him? Virginity, 2 children, and eternal loyalty.

Today, a man with my grandfather’s stats would never secure even a date with a 19-year-old woman who would stay by him until her last breath.  (Such women are rare, to begin with).

Modern women don’t offer nearly as much as their grandmothers but demand five times more.

They may be more educated on paper (very often the majors are pointless), but when it comes to the things that matter the most (children and loyalty) they’re nowhere to be seen.

Instead, the modern woman is settling down when she is much older 30+) and comes with an enormous amount of entitlement, trust issues, relationship baggage, and five books of requirements.

Guess, what?

Self-improvement DOES NOT fix this because it acts like inflation.

The mechanism is as follows:

  1. A generation of men has trouble securing women.
  2. After trial and error, men reach the conclusion that having a nice body + making lots of money helps with women.
  3. The vast majority of men start working out and do their best to earn more money.
  4. Some men succeed and secure girlfriends. Most don’t.
  5. After a while, however, what used to be high-level becomes average.
  6. Men “up the dose “and get on hard compounds to build a “fuck-me-now-physique”.


BECAUSE self-improvement treats SYMPTOMS rather than causes. 

“Women/The world don’t like me as a I am. So, I will just offer them more“.

This is the principle behind self-improvement.

Of course, you will do better if you look like Mike O-Tren and have the annual income of a YouTube superstar.

The problem with that method, however, is that it’s LITERALLY physically impossible for the vast majority of men to get there due to personal (genetic) limitations and the lack of available positions.

Treating The Cause

Here’s a fundamental principle:

If only a handful of men benefit from a solution, then this is not a solution.

Those words sound almost dangerous in the modern world but are indeed true.

What happens if you apply the “self-improvement” blueprint across the entire spectrum?

What happens if everyone has a nice body and money? Obviously, that can never happen, but if it did happen theoretically, those levels will become the new average and men will once again need to re-adapt.

For that reason, mainstream MALE self-improvement will FOREVER fail to solve the underlying male problems out there.

Ultimately, male self-improvement is the equivalent of running on a treadmill.

The only way to BREAK the loop is a return to the moral standards before the so-called sexual revolution. 

Only a shift in the human virtue focus will make a difference.

This is the only way to end the degeneracy and rebuild society.

The most obvious way to achieve this is through religion.

What does the bible say?

According to the bible, the hierarchy is as follows: GOD > man > woman > children

This structure builds incredibly strong families that are harder to be destroyed by the elite. Hence why the elite DOES NOT want you to follow this blueprint.

Instead, we have this:

Men of Power > Women  > Average Men

This leads to an imbalance that will forever create weak family ties and sick, filthy societies.

Of course, there are people who reject religion for many reasons. In that case, one can replace religion with the so-called Natural Law (read more) which also elevates human behavior to another level when followed.

The above shift is not negotiable. Without it, nothing will ever change.

You getting bigger biceps doesn’t fix the inherent imbalance nor does earning more money. It only induces a temporary boost in the interest towards you. Nothing More.

Just Become a King, Bro

The Engine of Male Self-Improvement Are Delusional Men At The Bottom Of the Pyramid

Here’s how the male self-improvement machine works:

1. Modern society is 100% gynocentric. Men are hated and always criticized. As a result, many men suffer deep alienation and lack of intimacy. Naturally, they start looking for a solution.

2. <Insert Guru Name Here> becomes a virtual father figure for the suffering men. He is simultaneously the father, big brother and alpha friend that most men have never had. He speaks about male problems and puts feminists at their place on social media. He sounds and looks alpha (big muscles, tattoos, deep voice, beard…etc.)

He is saying what everybody has been thinking for a long time. Naturally, all men start to like him.

3. <Insert Guru Name Here> proposes a solution. In 99.9% of the cases, the solution is to become a stoic motherfucker who lifts weights, participates in combat sports and makes tons of money on the Internet via some obscure methods.

The guru sells a generic course of some sort or a subscription to some online educational library.

The people buying it are mostly dreamers who expect a miracle.

4. The <Insert Guru Name Here> gets richer, but the anti-male climate doesn’t really change.

How do I know that? Because those gurus have existed since 2010 or even earlier. We’re almost 2023 and nothing has changed.

5. Eventually, the <Insert Guru Name Here> retires either voluntarily or because the market gets tired of him. A new guru replaces the old one.

The new guru is saying the same stuff, but his new persona is enough to keep the dreamers occupied.

Convincing Yourself That You Want What They Want

It’s depressingly funny to read how alleged alpha males explain what women want.

Here’s the deal.

If a man becomes what the system and women want him to be, then how can you say that he is the winner and they’re the losers?

You’re literally playing their game while thinking that you’re playing them.

As the classic quote goes:

“You think you’re a player, but you’re playing HER game.”

By mutating into a person that they want you to be, you’re essentially admitting defeat.

And never forget that no matter how much you improve, it will never be enough because that type of relationship is based on superficial desires.

But many self-improvers don’t get that. They just want to “win”.

The Prognosis Isn’t Good

For better or worse, there isn’t any indication that the inertia will shift.

Yes, there are many people that are starting to talk about male issues. Even some women do it.

But the painful reality is that they’re all doing it to gain fame, money and appear virtuous.

When the mics and cameras aren’t working, they couldn’t care less. They continue to live as before.

But that’s to be expected. You can’t expect someone else to do your job.

If men want to be respected again, we have to earn it.

Until the average man earns back the respect that he’s lost and puts an end to the shameless degeneracy that takes place everywhere around us, nothing will fundamentally change.

Sure. Some of you are going to become kings and enjoy a more interesting life. But that percentage of people is small.

The above is a fundamental principle. It’s not subject to change. This isn’t the case because I or anybody else wanted to be. It just is.

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  1. Lee

    Great article! The truth hurts so most don’t want to hear it. The best way to win for men is to not play their game. This means going MGTOW and doing hookers for sex.

    As a man playing his own game wealth is not needed so you can save time and energy by not working yourself into the ground.

  2. Grant

    Any chance of finding nationalist Christian wife?

  3. Aoi

    Interesting article. As for the quote “God>Man>Woman>Children”
    I heard that from an old man on youtube that calls himself, Jesse lee Peterson, he is a christian, who preaches that you should forgive your parents, and overcome your anger and emotions to become free.

  4. Ahmed Salem

    Truthseeker, if its possible can you make an article on reaching your cardio natty limit and whether someone should specialise in one exercise or do I have to do several cardio exercises to reach my cardio natty limit.

  5. Professor Plum

    I agree with everything in here to be fair. Again, really a consequence of modern society that is effectively reverting to the ‘hunter gatherer’ winner-takes-all model of the distant past, due to the rapid recent breakdown in organised structures of society, etc. The age of normal ‘one man with one woman for life’ family structures consequently is coming (maybe has come) to an end. Now we live in a world of polygamy, women acting like hookers and screwing around when they feel like it from teens onwards, sperm banks for babies, etc. Basically we are stuffed as a species going forward. In all this chaos, men are being conned into thinking they can somehow beat the totally corrupted system through self-improvement.

    On a positive note, as you suggest (I think) the ‘below average’ man can become the ‘average man’ relatively easily, and may then get a shot at a good life if he gets lucky and finds a decent woman, career opportunities, etc. But, the key ingredient here is luck. I have male friends in my own age group (40+) who did everything right on paper but then just lucked out. What’s the point in having a nice house etc but no one to share it with? I even know of one guy who, on paper, had it all – wife, kids, nice job – but then threw it all away foolishly, and went to jail (losing everything). Honest. Reality is that an average man who gets lucky in life (my guess is about 50% of average men) should really recognise their luck and not throw it away.

    Women – who really are born with a massive slice of luck by just being women in the 21st century – though are also really missing out. Emancipation has been crap for 95% of women. They are not happy, usually ending up as burnt out ‘roasties’ past 30-35 with nothing to live for So much for equal rights: no point having freedom to do what you want if you then don’t know what to do with that freedom. Women, unlike men, are not mentally hard wired to get by on a life of screwing around.

  6. Claudio


    Thats very naive.

    To put God in the first place is to put the spiritual things in the first place.

    Which means that a person will no longer be interested in being successful in the material world.

    The Bible says that the reason the world is focused on the material is because it’s spiritually dead. And who’s spiritually dead is unable to have any genuine interest in the spiritual things. After all, he/she is dead.

    So the Bible says that, in order to solve this problem, God has sent his son Jesus Christ in order to die for our sins so that we can be alive to God. This is the only way a man can get trully interested in the spiritual things of God.

    For by nature we’re all interested in the same things the rich is. We all live for the material. Just ask yourselves how many hours you guys spend thinking and talking about God and in His word and how many hours you guys spend thinking in the things of this world.

    For the spiritual things of God is utterly boring for whom is spiritually dead.

    It’s like speaking a language. A person who only speaks English doesn’t know Chinese.

    In the same way, a person who only speaks and thinks about the things belonging to this world doesn’t know God. He or she is spiritually dead.

    Salvation is completely free. It’s not by works. So nobody can boast. It’s not by keeping the commandments. It’s not by leveling up. It’s the free gift of God that you can receive just by acknowledging you’re a sinner and accepting Jesus Christ as your savior.

  7. Pierre

    What Brother Claudio is truth.My life is focus only in MY FATHER AND JESUS and the truth is that i do not lack of anythinhg i have everthing i need.When you have FATHER AND JESUS in your heart you have all.Not interested in the things of these world.The reality we live in degenerate world that will become wornst and wornst all this is talk in the BIBLE.And i am happy in this world just for the fact that i have my FATHER AND JESUS inside my heart.

  8. mattsk1

    You can improve and grow with not spending lots of cash. You will still spend some money. The most you can improve is your mental health. If you are criticizing yourself harshly, getting anxious or depressed often, get upset quickly, avoiding talking to people in person, not able to admit personal responsibility, and many other attributes. These attributes don’t make you a bad person, but things you need to address and work on to improve how you see yourself and how you are with other people. You don’t have to see a therapist. There is AA, SA, Anger Management groups, Celebrate Recovery and other free options. It takes a lot of work and talking to people, but it helps. I speak from personal experience.

  9. Quimby

    I don’t disagree with most of what you’ve said, although i think it’s a little extreme

    The issue i have is that you don’t seem to acknowledge “above average”

    You mention ‘top tier” men, alphas etc and then you go straight to the average man.

    These “top tier” men you mention are so rare that one may as well treat them as though they don’t exist.

    Do you sincerely believe that a man who is born “average” – by definition, most of us – cannot with some intelligence and hard work become above average – not a multi millionaire, not Arnold, not Steve jobs, not a pro athlete, but certainly in the top 10% of income earners and top 25% of physical attractiveness? And able to meet intelligent, somewhat traditional, feminine women?

    I believe it because i have seen it happen. Quite frequently (I’m 45)

  10. Steve

    Elite-level sportsman and CEO’s are in constant self-improvement mode, which were the very habits that both got them there and will keep them there. There is a significant body of research to support this.

    Self-improvement works; period, and whilst the Elite-level will always be the domain of the genetically pre-disposed, the everyman can make vast improvements if he or she undertakes that pursuit.

    The problem is that for many, it’s just easier to blame the world than confront the truth. Yes, 99% of “self-improvement gurus” are marketing worthless junk wrapped in the odd truism, but so what??.., all that means is that the “self help” industry is no different to say, the advertising industry which is also loaded with crap, yet no one would argue that business shouldn’t market itself.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Self-improvement works.

      But the point is that an average man shouldn’t have to become non-average or elite to attract an average or below woman which is the case today.

      1. Steve

        I hear you Pal, unfortunately it would seem that this is the game. That said, I think most “average” people would quickly be view is above average if they simply played to strengths they already have, so it is probably a packaging issue.

        1. Seektherapybro

          Bro you’re psychotic, you touched too much grass, some of the things you said are true but majority of it is psychotic, try therapy, this is depressing

          1. Steve

            Specifically what have I said that is psychotic?

  11. take_that

    To all the young men out there. Read this and learn. You want to improve yourself? You want to be desired by women? Let me tell you this, the only thing you need is “money”. The more money you have, the more pussy will be drawn towards you. Do not even bother with your physic or muscle building shit unless you have enough dough to financially trickle a woman’s pussy. This is the undeniable truth that any man should know from a very early age. Do not even fucking believe any claim otherwise. They will try to trick you into their own fucking dream that women are angels and they are all looking for good hearted fellas yada yada. Money is not important my ass. This is absolute bullshit. All women want are “monsters”. And if possible, good looking and rich monsters. Jordan Peterson is fucking right. Let it be known, “women is all about power.” And power in our age is money. Plain and simple. Women want security and prosperity after their young days are over. Of course if you are both in your teens, and you are the mega chad, she will fuck you in the barn or in the back alley behind the dumbster. That won’t last long. Fucking sustain yourselves. Earn, invest and increase your earnings. Build your own fucking business if you can. Pussy will flow. Thank me later.

    1. Simple Simon

      And status. Because women are still judged on tge status of their male partner.

    2. Olivier

      Money matters most for relationships yes but for hooking up in an honest non manipulative way, you have to be very muscular and you also need your own place without roommates, and the nicer it looks, the more it will act in your favour.

      If you hookup with a girl that you attracted with your money, she will try to trap you into marriage, and if that doesn’t work, she will try to get herself pregnant with your sperm without your consent, all so she can get a piece of your income and earnings without having to work for it. So yes, money attracts women but women take your money if you’re not careful. The trick is to manage it well, and keep it away from them, using it only as bait. But ideally, you’d want to be muscular so you can act poor when you just want sex, so women won’t want to trap you.

  12. The Critic

    It disgusts me seeing men complaining about women’s behavior when all they can think about when it comes to women is sex.

    Most men act like animals following their own instincts when it comes to sex. And what’s even worse, they even take pride of it instead of being ashamed of it.

    I personally think it’s perfect that these women behave in the way they do cause these men deserve nothing better than that. And in the same way, these women also don’t deserve anything better than these bunch of sex freak men.

    Men and women in this world deserve each other. Men, please keep self improving yourselves. For what? Living a noble, virtuous life? No. Just to have more sex, and more sex, and more sex, and being very proud of being a man who has plenty of sex.

    In the same way women, please keep living an unworthy, futile, vain life. For this is the kind of woman man deserves. And they are the kind of man woman deserves. And it’s all perfect.

  13. Dan

    One thing I will say is, that reality is more malleable than you think… Meditation and brainpower are the key.
    I’ve met many meatheads who appeared tough in the physical/social realm, but their insults could not do anything to me.
    This article reads like you let the superficial world too far into your head. The world is quite literally under your control, but it requires that you stop being reactive.
    There is truth to “the meek shall inherit the Earth.” Success flocks to you when you stop needing anything to be happy.

  14. Jose

    It’s scary how the “Just become a king, bro” section of the article is such an accurate description of the modus operandi of these kind of grifters (some might be triggered by this, but that is what most of them are regardless of the fact that some of their content might be true or helpful).

    A good example is Hamza, who just decided to “retire” after creating an online cult around him of young and insecure men and making good money out of them (in few words, mission accomplished).

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