The True Secret To Productivity (The One Habit That Will Make You Rich…quickly)

| by Truth Seeker |

I am about to reveal the secret to productivity of the rich, powerful and successful. The information below normally costs billions but today it’s free.

So, what is it?

Waking up at 4:30 and starting work at 5 a.m. while the losers are still sleeping?

Staying late and working while the losers are watching the newest reality show?

Installing the latest productivity apps on your phone and doing the Pomodoro Technique?

Buying a faster computer?

Reading the book of the new billionaire CEO?

Of course, it’s none of the above.

The true secret to productivity of the rich, powerful and successful is:

Get other people to work for you.

Regardless of how hard or how much you work, you will never outwork a group of people.

It’s very similar to lifting weights. What is the heaviest deadlift in history? The heaviest deadlift that I remember is Eddie Hall’s 500kg. He nearly passed out after the lift.

Guess, what?

If you go to an e-game tournament and gather 15 nerd gangsters and put them in a position where each of them can contribute to a deadlift (imagine a really long bar), they will lift 500kg real easy.

500kg / 15 = 34kg.

Or in other words, each nerd will have to lift only 34kg. When you account for the fact that many e-nerds actually do Rippetoe’s, you can reduce the number to 10 or maybe even 8 nerds.

What is the point of this?

The point is that a single person can only do so much regardless of their habits.

If you spend 8 hours a day working, while another person is spending 8 hours a day wanking, you will accomplish a lot more than them.

But you will NEVER outwork a group of people who do average or even subpar work.

If you work a “brain job” (e.g., writing, coding…etc.), you can only work effectively for a couple of hours a day.

Find me a popular writer who writes from 8 to 17 or a coder who actually writes lines all day.

You will find some that claim to do that, but in reality, 90% of their time is spent on distractions. That’s true for writers of the past too. They didn’t have Facebook to distract them but would often work a “real job” either out of necessity or because they can’t fill all their time with writing.

Truth be told, I think that being a full-time writer is counter-productive for writing. A part-time job can actually be helpful, but that’s a different story.

If you work a physical job that doesn’t require a lot of creativity. (E.g., Driving a taxi, working at a cash register…etc.), you can work longer because you’re limited by endurance rather than CPU processing. But even in that case, having two people work a 6-hour shift will result in more productivity than having 1 person working for 12 hours straight.

This is how companies and the big names within them get so rich.

It’s all about leverage and extracting the useful fruit of other people’s labor.

Some of the geniuses may wake up at 4 a.m. and do a weird morning routine, but that’s a peripheral habit rather than an engine. Leverage is the real key.

You don’t build a massive company by working hard alone. You do it by making other people work real hard towards YOUR goal.

The highest productivity boost happens when each unit/drone tries to be as productive as possible. 

Look at the economy as a living entity even though it exists only in the human world.

The economy thrives when each unit/drone works the hardest and the longest .

Some may say that the unit/drone also has to spend money/consume non-stop too.

While that’s very helpful, it’s not 100% required. Why?

Because the economy benefits from your savings too. More money in the banks allows them to lend more money to other units/drones and enslave them.

Also, when you die, your family will inherit your money and spend it anyway. If you don’t have a family, the state will take it and pour it into the economy. It doesn’t matter whether your money enters the mainstream today or in 20 years. The economy is eternal and can wait for it as long as needed.

Additional Productivity Boosts

The tricks below max out the productivity of the unit/drone.

1/ Convince the drones that only hard work separates them from their dreams (which you should have constructed for them beforehand). Teach them that anyone can become a millionaire. Teach them that every millionaire is a genius and every poor person is low IQ and lazy.

2/ Motivate them by constantly spinning rich people in mainstream media. Sell books about CEOs and other “heroes”.

3/ Make them feel guilty for not working as hard as they can. Every time they look away from the screen, they should be ashamed.

4/ Reward them. Give more money and other bonuses to those who bring more to you.

There you have it.

The secret to real productivity.

I hope this was helpful.

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  1. Andre

    Even better, inherit it.
    Or have a pretty face/body and let them use it for massive gainzzz

  2. The Critic

    Ok, everybody wants to be rich, right? But the question is: what for?

    It disgusts me that people complain about the dirty things rich people do in order to become rich when they themselves would do the same things if they found themselves in the same situation.

    We all know that it’s in impossible to get rich in this world without manipulating and exploiting other humans. But the same people who criticize such evil practice would do the same things for the same reason. That is: ambition, selfishness, love of money, love of power, the desire to be better than others e to be admired. Not to mention the desire for plenty of sex. So, nothing good coming out of it.

    1. Nathan

      No I wouldn’t do dirty things for money and neither would lots of other people.

      Psychopaths can take shortcuts that aren’t acceptable to someone who will only take honest work.

      1. The Critic

        I understand. What happens is that many people believe it’s possible to get rich with pure honest working and ethic.

        But unfortunately, in practice, it’s impossible to get rich without some degree of manipulation, exploitation, without fooling, tricking, deceiving people. Does someone really believe it’s possible to get rich without any degree of lying ou manipulation? Tell me how.

        Marketing, for example, is a lie. We gotta lie a lot just in order to have a girlfriend, how much more so in order to get rich.

        1. Simple Simon

          “Does someone really believe it’s possible to get rich without any degree of lying o[r] manipulation? Tell me how.”

          – Invent something useful
          – Buy shares that skyrocket in value
          – Start a business that booms
          – Become rock/movie/sports star

          1. Truth Seeker Post author

            Money is never 100% honest regardless of how you make it.

            Simple example: You’re a great dentist with lots of happy clients. Some of those people are 100% criminals who have illegal money (or else they wouldn’t be able to afford your services). You take their money without knowing or caring what they do for a living.

      2. Dr.J

        Being rich involves some forms of manipulation,deceit .
        Just look at the elites.

    2. Steve

      Just because poor people get exploited frequently by rich people, it doesn’t mean that you have to exploit others to get rich. You can absolutely get rich without screwing people over and in a way that benefits those who work for you.
      However, unless you are a charity, then to stay rich, you must be able to say “no” to people which can lead them to feel hurt, offended or screwed over even when this is not the case.
      Business is a dog-eat-dog world and people will take your money from you if you let them. For its own survival, a company must act as a selfish entity and even cross lines to manage risks; Prisoners Dilemma within Game Theory comes to mind. Unfortunately, this is the game, it is a level playing field, but a very dirty and imperfect one.
      Interestingly, most acts of unethical behaviour are committed not by the “unethical”, but by the “otherwise ethical” who are in a difficult personal situation. There is quite a body of research on this.
      I guess the best way is just try and be honest and fair, but not weak.

  3. Steve

    The challenge here is that someone who owns a company and is in a position to be hiring has already developed the skills required to get into that position so hiring people isn’t the skill, it is the decision being taken by someone exercising multiple skills. These skills need to be learned.
    Managing staff effectively is hard because you are dealing with people, but it can be done well where everyone wins though, and the business owner can become wealthy whilst the employees get a good deal too. Virtuous circles are quite common.
    It also helps if the product/idea is scalable, otherwise it will be labour intensive and not sustainable as productivity beyond a point starts to fall with each additional unit of labour and competition will be faced from places with access to cheaper labour.
    Beyond this, honesty around whether careers or dead-end jobs are being offered so expectations can be managed.

    A couple of my own:
    1) Understand the positions being offered, why someone would do it, what’s in it for them, what’s in it for you.
    2) Be clear on what is expected and what is offered. Manage expectations.
    3) Deliver everything you promised.
    4) Expect them to hold up their side of the deal. Zero tolerance for messing around.
    5) Be fair and transparent.

  4. Giovani

    Throughout my life, ive talked to thousands of people. And the sad thing is that ive realized that doing so was completely pointless 99.99% of the time. Nobody’s able to really understand each other. Nobody’s able to really care. And all human interactions is nothing but acting and pretense. So ive decided I’ll keep my mouth shut. Truth Seeker, write an article about the uselessness of human beings. What are they use for?

  5. Juan

    I know of 2 business cases 1 single person.

    Turnover 1.5 – 2 million per year.

    They are from Spain, an average country.

    I like your articles, but they always show how frustrated you are in life: money, women, muscle development, etc.

    There are many options out there beyond your limited view of life.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      What is the point of your comment? You know 1 person from Spain (which is far from an average country) that became a millionaire?

      And what exactly does this prove?

      I bet you didn’t read the post nor understand it.

      1. Popescu René

        I think, Juan want to say that 90% your articles are red pills/black pills. Perhaps he wants you to make some… more happy articles.

        I love your site, but I must admit, I become sad or frustrated on life when I read them, because we live into shifty world.

      2. Juan Sanchez Garcia

        You live in Bulgaria. I can admit that Spain is a little better country. But it is far from being top (germany, norway, canada, usa, etc).

        The point is that here it is not rewarded to be entrepreneur, nor to have business. The mentality is to be a state employee.

        Even so I know many cases that earn well above the average (I earn above the average) and then people who became millionaires with one-man businesses.

        According to your thesis, negative point of view that is impossible or destined to 0.000000001% and it is not true. That is what I meant.

        The leverage you talk about is true to a point. It gets more complicated when the work is more technical or complex.

        I like your blog and you generate great points of view. I just wanted to say that sometimes, you are too extreme based on your state of mind and try to over generalize.


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