What It Takes to Reach Your Natural Potential as a Lifter written by a guy who tried it all

| by Truth Seeker |

In the age of Facebook and Instagram motivation, it is not politically correct to talk about limitations. The people who say “This is impossible.” are presented as losers and bitter haters who just want to bring everyone down in the misery pit.  This has resulted in the formation of a “positive” crowd living in the clouds. We have transformed into delusional dreamers creating alternate realities where everything is possible. The truth, however, is that there are limitations wherever you look.

Since I have no problem with being the guy who brings the bad news, I am going to present you what it takes to reach your genetic potential as a lifter/bodybuilder/guy who lifts or whatever title you have chosen for yourself in the world of muscle and iron.


Genetic Limitations

I’ve said it many times and will say it again. Most of what we are, we owe to genetics one way or another. Your physical qualities and even character are genetically pre-determined. From the color of your hair to your hometown, everything is genetic and marks your life forever. Nobody asks you what you want. You receive what the calculations of this life machine have prepared for you. Some of the stats are good, others not so much. We are at the mercy of our genetics. If you don’t believe me, just look at things that have happened to you in the past. Look at the things you like and don’t like. Everything is a result of elements that you don’t control. No result is ever just a coincidence or a choice.

Even though genetics is everywhere, its role becomes most apparent when we talk about physical characteristics and limitations. Every aspect of your given physical traits is genetic. Muscle gains do not make an exception in the slightest. There is a natural limit regardless of the way you train and eat.

Maximizing Your Genetics

For a long time, people have been trying to figure out whether the world we live is 100% predetermined. Are we really making conscious decisions affecting our destiny or simply playing the roles of scripts running on a big computer? A good argument can be made that all of this is true. Everything in this world seems trapped in a set of rules that always lead to specific consequences.

The ironic part is that we have to behave like nothing in this world is predetermined in order to move forward. This is the only way to avoid stagnation and reach places where you have never been before. Of course, it’s possible that even those actions are predetermined, but what options do we have? We have to play the game as if we control it. That’s the only way to maximize our genetics.

Going all out. You can’t know unless you try.

The first part of the plan is hard training. You cannot skip this step. To reach the higher limits of your potential, you have to go all out for a while. During this period, you are essentially earning your gains. You can’t receive something for nothing. You have to do the work first and then ask for your salary. Otherwise, you are simply playing the role of a victim or a spoiled kid.

Since in this case we are trying to produce a result in the real world (not the human world where mommy and daddy can help you), you just have to do it. If you don’t, nothing will happen. Not even money can change this.

This period usually lasts up to 3 years. During this time, you have to do two things – lift and never give up. You have to do a routine that’s challenging and follows a progression scheme. The goal is to progress by getting stronger at basic exercises covering the entire body. The most important thing is to remain consistent and do the work.

The good news is that during this period you have a few powerful allies on your side – motivation, energy, and naivety. Those three elements will make your journey easier. You will be like a temp in the corporate world – stupid and underpaid but filled with desire for big things.

Your nutrition will also have to undergo a metamorphosis. The candies have to be replaced with better food choices. You cannot expect your body composition to improve when your most frequent meals are pizza, beer, cake and pop tarts. That can work for the YouTube muscle celebrities who never train without steroids in their system, but as a natural, you cannot eat garbage all the time and complain that you look terrible.

However, if you are fat, just changing your food choices will not do it. You will also have to be in a caloric deficit until you drop the extra fat.

Also, don’t kid yourself that you will just “recomp” a.k.a. lose fat and gain massive amounts of muscle simultaneously. That only happens in the steroid world.

Conversely, if you are a skinny dude, you will have to increase your food intake or at least replace the candy bars with protein rich foods. I am not talking about bulking up with tons of KFC chicken or anything like that. That will simply make you fat or skinny-fat. I am sorry, but I don’t believe in the fairy tales about ectomorphs who lose weight unless they eat 5 000 calories a day. Just eat a little more so that the body can recover. You can’t complain that you are not growing when all you eat is one waffle a day and a bowl of berries.

Exercise selection and programs

You don’t need special exercises, just the basics: bench press, weighted push-ups, weighted dips, squats, front squats, leg press, pull-ups, biceps curls, rows, calf raises, Romanian deadlifts…etc.

Don’t search for a super exercise or a magic program. Find something that seems reasonable to you, follow it for a while and change some variables according to the results. For example, if you don’t like back squats, replace them with front squats and leg presses.

Moreover, don’t focus too much on static gymnastics exercises. Those moves will strengthen the connective tissue of the elbows and shoulders (most gymnastic strength movements are arm and shoulder girdle dependent) but are strength feats rather than mass builders. Static exercises just don’t generate as much muscle. I know that some of you have been brainwashed by the propagators of gymnastic strength training, but trust me – behind the muscular arms of every gymnast, there’s a ton of bent arm dynamic work…and drugs in some cases.

In simple words – weighted pull-ups are a better mass builder than the front lever; weighted dips and push-ups are a better mass builder than the planche. You can do both, of course, but the dynamic exercise is a must.

You have to finish growing first.

Unless your skeleton is fully developed, you can’t be at your genetic potential. For most people, growth stops at 16-18 years of age. I personally stopped growing at 16, but I have seen weed addicts grow taller than me after 20. Your growth spurt will affect the final results.

How long will it take?

Up to 3 years. For some it will be a year, for others, it will be two. 3 years is a safe bet although I have to admit that it may be on the longer side. Usually, by the end of the first 8-10 months of hard progressive training, you will feel the direction of the wind.

Summary of the plan

  1. Finish growing
  2. Train for up to 3 years with basic exercises. Be consistent. Get stronger.
  3. Eat better

They Told Me I Can Keep On Gaining Muscle Forever

A large percentage of the population wrongfully believes that muscle gains are linear and never stop. That’s nonsense logic and shows an inability to understand that life is linear only for short cycles.

Think of it as sharpening a dull knife. At first, every stroke makes it better, but eventually, the knife becomes so sharp that the extra sharpening results in no apparent improvement. This is one of the basic principles of this matrix. Consequently, muscle gains fall under the same law.

The idea that you can become as big as Ronnie Coleman through linear gains is flawed at many levels. One of biggest problems is age. As you grow old, your testosterone drops and joint pain starts. You can’t train the same way forever. All of this affects your ability to build muscle. The old homoerotic guys pretending to be natural on YouTube are on TRT which allows them to make up fairy tales about what it really takes to get big.  In reality, however, they are taking drugs. That’s their secret. It’s not push-ups and towel flies.

What are the main factors that determine my genetic limit?

There are four main factors: overall health, bone structure, muscle belly length and body chemistry. People who have long, but thin bones and low testosterone do not carry a lot of muscle mass naturally.  At the same time, individuals who have thicker bones and higher testosterone carry more muscle. A guy with 8-inch wrists will naturally have more meat on his forearms than a guy with 6-inch wrists. The thicker the bones, the larger the muscle that wraps around.

Also, longer muscle bellies equal more muscle mass. The longer the muscle, the better.

For more information, I highly recommend my previous article.

Why is “genetic limit” a dirty term in the muscle community?

It’s dirty because of the delusional mindset that reigns supreme on forums and in gyms. People just don’t know that 90% of the muscle guys are on steroids. I was the same way when I started training. I thought that you can build huge muscles naturally if you just train hard. I was convinced that heavy powerlifting work can get me there

I knew that the people in the Olympia are probably taking something, but I tricked myself into believing that I can get naturally regardless. All I had to do was squat, eat and shut up.

I gained a ton of weight – over 40 pounds. People who knew me started to give me weird looks. Some even thought that I had gotten bigger. One of my old skateboarding friends told me that my upper body is massive. Hahaha. The mirror said otherwise. I had gotten as fat as a balloon filled with lard.

The big guys that you see in the muscle community are either fat, on steroids or both. That has created a very unrealistic expectation of the natural limits. When someone tries to question their logic, the horde of phonies and their brainwashed fans gathers and attacks. The guy who criticizes the industry is destroyed by mockery and hateful remarks. The mainstream muscle media stimulates similar behavior because it produces suckers buying powders and magic amino acids. Some forum members even get paid to spread similar information and write bogus reviews of supplements. The deception is deeper than most people think, and guys who talk about genetic limits are not loved in the community. The dream has to be kept alive for as long as possible.

The truth is that the genetic limit is very real. Getting more muscular is not a skill. You can’t brute force this process.

What about strength? Will my gains stop too?

Strength gains will also hit a ceiling after a few years of training. At one point, your investment will become questionable because you won’t be getting any extra in return. Sometimes you will have to train for 10 months just to add 2lbs to a lift. This is how life works. There comes a time when the bucket is full, and you can’t add more water to it.

Luckily, strength gains continue for a little longer than muscular gains. The reason is that true strength comes from the joint – not the muscle. Believe it or not, hypertrophy is not always the preferred adaptation method. First, its expensive and demands more energy. Secondly, the body does not have the hormones to support it for a long period of time. That’s why there’s another solution – adaptation of the connective tissues and the CNS (central nervous system).

The connective tissue adapts to training like muscles do although the process is slower. The tendons and ligaments have poor blood supply and cannot recover as quickly as muscle fibers.

Many people talk about training a muscle every 48 hours to stimulate more growth. That may work for the muscular system, but the joints and CNS need more time.

There are many skinny guys capable of amazing strength feats. This is the result of strong joints and a powerful CNS. That’s the secret behind “wiry strength”.

The CNS is the computer allowing you to do things. In order for your muscles to generate power, they have to receive a signal. The ability to generate strong signals is limited. That’s why you can’t deadlift heavy very often. Regardless of how powerful your CNS is, it’s also at the mercy of your physical capabilities.

I can say without a doubt that after 3-4 years of progressive training, you will be extremely close to your strength potential. I would go as far saying that 70-80% of those gains will be made in the initial 1-2 years of training. The next 10-20% will take up to 2 more years.

To get there, you will have to follow a very intelligent programming and remain as consistent as a well-tuned watched.

I can’t reach the stats that the online calculators are giving me.

That’s normal. According to most calculators, I should have 18-inch arms, 27-inch legs and a 19-inch neck in a shredded condition. All calculators are flawed. They use formulas based on fake naturals and don’t take into account things like your natural body chemistry. All they care about is height and bone thickness. While those are important, there are other factors that matter too. I advise you to stay away from calculators. The machines do not know how big you can get.

Benefits of knowing your limitations

Back in the day, I worked with a girl that was young and ambitious. She lived in a small town close to the big city and had to travel for 90 minutes to get to the office. This obstacle did not stop her from arriving on time and working harder than the rest. At one point, she even rented a small room really close to the office in order to cut her commute short and work late hours. Staying in the office up until 2 a.m. was not uncommon. The logical question here is why? The answer is stupidity and unrealistic assessment of the situation.

She thought she had real future in the firm. Hahaha. I knew this was not the case because I had been in the company for a long time and was well aware of the policy in her department. The boss was hiring college students and simply exploiting them for a few years. Then the poor souls were either replaced or forced to leave due to the accumulated fatigue and frustration. I am not a fortune teller, but I knew what was going to happen – she was going to burn out and eventually quit. It happened. 18 months later she left after another soul-crushing project. All of her extra efforts went down the drain because she failed to see the limitations in front of her. Had she known that there is no future in the company, she wouldn’t have worked so hard.

The same principle is observed in the world of natural bodybuilding. Poor, brainwashed, overly motivated naturals start training like their lives depend on it. Nothing is missed. Every meal has to come into the system at the right time. Going to bed without taking a slowly processed dose of protein is not an option. Training without using the latest growth stimulating workout cannot happen. This results in a tiresome process that takes a lot more than it gives back. What’s the point of working until 2 in the morning when you are not getting paid for it? Can’t it wait until tomorrow?

Knowing your limitations prevents illusions from taking over. You are going to save time, money and energy that can be invested in other activities.

What if I told you that you can look the same and be just as strong without playing the role of a bio-robot eating around the clock and spending an hour in the gym every day?

Of course, the gurus don’t want you to know that because each one of them is selling you something. Their methods are supposed to be the best. That thinking keeps you in Wonderland. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to know what can be accomplished instead of mindlessly banging my head against the wall, hoping that one day the muscle safe will open for me.

Think about the sustainability of this model. For how long can you continue to be a bodybuilding slave? At one point, you will have to give up because your priorities will change. What will happen then? Will you be able to take it? Luckily, you can keep your natty gains without too much drama.

Another hidden benefit of knowing your limitations is that your faith is tested. When the limits are reached, we either quit or keep on trying while lying to ourselves that something different will happen one day. In both cases, we are on the losing side. The winners will be people whose love for lifting evolves. A new meaning has to be found.

P.S. If you want to learn more about the human potential for growth, check out the book Potential: How Big Can You Get Naturally as well as the rest of the articles on the site.

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  1. Natty Lover

    Great article, nattyornot!!! Love it harsh and direct.

    I want to share my experience here.

    I’ve been brainwashed by the gym industry marketing just like you. I was told that one should avoid isolation exercises like a plague because they’re not effective, and focus mainly on compound exercises (because there’s evidence supporting it) to build my body naturally. For my chest/triceps and back/bis I did calisthenics-style crazy variations of push ups, bench press, dumbbell presses, even weighted pull ups, body weight rows and my body apparently adapted to it for two entire years with minimal results; with some nice gains in the chest and back, but the arms/shoulders continued to lag behind, which created the upper body/stick arms imbalanced look. It was only recently that I decided to give the isolation exercises a chance, my arms grew in size surprisingly from all of that hard tricep extensions (this one wasn’t mentioned in your article), curls and delts isolation variations.

    To be honest, I was shocked. I did painful heavy, still within my safe limit, compound exercises expecting the gains to be well distributed all over. I’ve been lied to. Maybe, it’s always true that everyone reacts differently to the type of exercises they are doing, with different priorities and goals in mind.

    My other question is, what is your opinion on the potential abuse of gene doping and gene therapy for the sole purpose of hypertrophy beyond the genetic limit?

    Again, thanks for writing this article. You are awesome.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for sharing your story. When you do compound exercises, the strongest body parts and muscle bellies take over. That’s why there are strong benchers with underdeveloped lateral triceps heads for example. I don’t know much about gene doping to be honest. I don’t think it will be a thing for the mortals anytime soon. Maybe the elite…

    2. player1

      personally I don’t think you wouldn’t get to where you are if you didn’t work on your main compound movements for those two years, I’ve seen people at my gym that have done isolated bro split still and look the same after 5 years, I’ve seen people that only did isolated motions and than once they add dead lifting their back exploded. Before Arnold got into body building he was a power lifter, why do you think all major bodybuilders say you should do 5×5 for the first 6 months to a year.

    3. Rei

      I must confirm that strength gains have no limit for those who put in work and in a strict regimen and a proper coach who wants ur success ,not ur money.even if u are a +800 squatter,in a year u can easily gain 20-30 lb in ur squat at least.also that recovery part is bullshit.Squatting 5-6x a week +80% for volume at least works as long as u stretch enough,sleep enough,eat enough.it is exhausting and sometimes u are burned out mentally but who gives a fck,”unless its an injury,what u feel is a lie”.there is no excuse to hit everyday +80% ,no matter how burned up u are.u are just a pathetic loser who will never accomplish anything.(I’m a powerlifter trained by a successful oly coach in international stage)

      1. dark5

        Lmao. Hmm, to take Max Aita’s anecdote vs you, some random dude on the internet…? Yeah, I’m gonna go with Max and say all you’re talking about is BS.

        Just incase you didn’t know, Max did true Bulgarian programming (on drugs, of course) and after adding 100 lbs to his squat in 6 months, only added another 50 lbs the next 6-8 months and then only added a most 30 lbs the next few years and finally only added at most 15 lbs after a decade of training. All on drugs, to inhumanly speed up recovery, of course.

        So yeah, what you say is 100% BS.

        1. Mike Oxmall

          So the dude just either has subpar genetics or just lacks consistency. Natural lifters can continue to add weight to their lifts for decades, it has more to do with CNS adaptation than muscle mass so losing testosterone as you age doesn’t affect strength the same way it does hypertrophy.

  2. David

    Hey Mr. Nattyornot,
    What are your thoughts about using chains and bands for compound movements? I know Alex from Alpha Destiny emphasizes to use those for strength training. Just wanted to know.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      If you want, use them. They are not a must.

      1. vali

        I think alpha test-in-me is full of jit and it using something to help with his gains

        1. therealshady

          lmao “alpha-test-in-me”! hillarious comment vali

    2. Andre

      so you are a fat permabulker

  3. sooloom koduloom

    This article must be the most honest discussion about
    truth in bodybilding i have ever read. I can add that some people have so bad genetics that even steroids give them almost no gain and then there are natural guys that exercise for years without any progress and the common problem is they avoid any hard work and pain in exercise by training comfortably with low weights. In my gym some guys admit steroid use, one guy got 50% more powerful in 2 months, 12kg body weight gained, great reading pleasently surprised, sad my english is bad, thank you and respect from “clean” minority.

  4. J

    I like it the way you are doing it now: You dont post every 3 days like you used to, but once you do – its masterpiece. Please never stop writing.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes, I am trying to do better posts than before. Thank you for the support.

  5. Alex

    Hi Truth Seeker i have two small questions :
    1 – can i do two same type exercises (like ohp and bench) in one session or is it better do them separately ?
    2 – is one workout set enough ?
    tnx for great articles

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes, but since both are pushing exercises, the second one will suffer a little.

      Yes, one working set could be enough.

  6. sooloom koduloom

    There is one aspect to this theme that bothers me, i have seen twice in my long life men that have absolutely superb physics, really near pro bodibilders and these men were as far from sport you can imagine, they even did not expose their looks. Regular working men and one was a regular bear lover. For me this tells that nature can sometimes create mirracles, just like you cant become Albert Einstein by will and hard study. How about natural bodybilder MIKE O’HEARN doesnt he look superb for clear player, any explonation and how you can see in dirt poor country documentaries men in jail that have amazing bodies, are they also on roids where there is almost lack of food? Any ideas?

  7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    When are you going to post an article over muscleforlife.com, legionathletics.com, with his so called “revolutionised product line”?

  8. Simon

    I would say, set some challenging yet realistic goals regarding strength & fitness. Achieve them. Be happy.

    Such as:
    -12% body fat
    -Lean mass increase of 15-20 lbs / 7 to 9 kg
    – double bodyweight deadlift
    – 1.7 bw squat
    -1.5 bw bench press

    Or something slightly higher if you have lucky genes in a certain department. And that’s it.

  9. Zach

    Love this. You have a talent for writing and I’ve learned a ton from reading your blog. There was a period in my earlier lifting career where I was pushing myself and it just resulted in injury from poor form. Now I lift casually and have made very slow but sort of steady gains, even though I’m not as I also switched to the front squat thanks to your previous post and it’s a real bitch but I’m slowly getting better and it’s saved my lower back. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  10. Hams

    Truth seeker what is your opinion on the cause of lower testosterone level man now compared to the past? Is it stress or food?

  11. Brett

    Nice article. You once wrote an article about Tom Hardy and said that a natural could achieve his trap development naturally if he pulled heavy weights and had the genetics. I can shrug 70 kg for a good few reps with good form and my genetics are reasonable, how much heavier would I have to go get good trap development naturaly? Can a natural bodybuilder have strong looking traps?

    1. Charlie Francis

      If they have good genetics for muscular development in that area.

      Large traps can be a sign of steroid usage as it is a location of androgen receptors extremely responsive to the male sex hormone.

  12. Shoeb Khan

    Even though I love this website, and I rank it much higher, There are some thoughts/notions/assumptions I would like to discuss…

    1) Definition of Natty: I live in India and in this country, people who even use Creatine, Hell even basic Protein powder are considered fake. So Steroids is outa question. I myself have grown my arm from 12 to 15.2 Inches during the span of September 2011 to March 2014.
    I was not looking like fitness model, and I was on a healthy 10-12% BF yet people were telling me I was getting bigger. I had no abs and a pinch of Love-Handles but it was overshadowed by wide Shoulders and thick Lats. On top of that I never took any supplements, Just milk, Mutton and Heavy-Weight Low Reps, and High reps in same workouts.
    PS. I never looked like a fitness model, or a bodybuilder. I looked muscular with a tight waist.

    2) Rep ranges:
    There is no ideal rep range for building muscles. Your muscles are composed slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers.
    You should do both types of reps in your workout. Warm-up with light-weights, Go heavy on “Money” exercises, do medium-weight high reps finishers.
    PS. Overhead press will be much lower than other lifts, Don’t feel bad, your Delts are much smaller and weaker than Lats and Quads.

    3) Conditioning :
    For Endomorphs like me, Cardio is must, Even though how much you hate it. If eat clean you’ll be fine with moderate cardio. But if you can’t control your tongue you better do High -Intensity Cardio or some kind of Athletics or play some sports. Best form of cardio is good’ol Sprints.

    4) Nutrition : Eat as you like, as your lifestyle suites. 6-Meal crap isn’t practical for regular people. Also starving for fat-loss is useless, You’ll feel weakness throughout the day. So solution??
    Enjoy your life, just don’t overeat like a slob, cut down processed food, Soda, and drink lots water, do cardio as per your body type.

    I’ll say again and I’ll say million times, You won’t look like Lazar Angelov or Simeon Panda. But you’ll be impressive. Heavy weight will give you size and strength, and High-Reps will give shape and roundness. While eating clean and Cardio will give you a smaller and tight waist.

    1. a

      Why don’t you explain to us, scientifically, how “eating clean” has anything to do with waist size.

  13. Dominic Rossetti

    Is latsbrah, or The Golden One natty? Could you make an article about him? I think he’s the natty limit but I’d like an opinion from someone more informed.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I doubt that will amount to anything.

  14. Sam

    Good work, open the eyes of people sir!

  15. Misky

    fuck that. you ever tried trenbolone or peptides?

  16. Truth seer

    The most effective argument I can make in order to make people see the bullshit and lies in the fitness industry, is to cite this study: http://ajpendo.physiology.org/content/281/6/E1172

    The subjects here were put on 600mg testosterone per week and gained an average of 18lbs of pure muscle over 20 weeks, without lifting weights, while losing fat. That is more than 2x the amount you can expect a noob to gain from lifting weights in a year.

    All those discussions you see on the internet about the most effective ways to gain muscle, the most effective programs, are about ~15lbs of potential muscle mass that your body can naturally hold. Bodybuilding as a natty is something you shouldn’t take very seriously as you could gain more from pinning test for a few months (or weeks) than you could if you trained your ass off every day of your entire life.

    1. Davikia

      Spot on. I only train to maintain nowadays (it’s impossible to gain muscle anyways after 3+ years of solid training and eating decently) and for health.
      Jumping on steroids seems tempting, but in order to be ripped and big year round you have to be addicted and spend a lot of money… so meh…
      A natty that has trained for more than 1-2 years, is an adult and eats decently should just worry about training as minimalistically as possible and focus on the diet to stay lean. For me, staying lean is the hardest part, as it takes a lot of discipline and self control. I usually just maintain about 5-6 kg over a condition where I would be lean and about 10 kg from being truly ripped. In order for me to have shredded glutes I would have to be borderline anorexic, so meh.
      People still call me lean anyways and I have abs, I just store fat elsewhere.

    2. realitybites

      Ah, studies. Full of nonsense as always, not passing the reality check in the slightest.

      Most habitual gear users don’t look at all impressive, I’m sure you know some of these yourself. They might be a tad bigger than their natty selves used to be a few years prior, but we’re talking stacking over a gram of gear and training and eating properly most of that time. Knowing this, what reason would you have to believe these bullshit studies claiming sitting on your ass, eating at maintenance with a fairly standard protein intake and shooting up a bit would make you gain 18 pounds of muscle in just 20 weeks? Does that make any sense to you at all?

      Truth of the matter is you need a freak genetic response to these drugs or else all you’re going to get is the side effects. It’s not about the concentration of test coursing through your veins, but what your body does in response to it that matters. Same goes for every other drug there is, recreational, anabolic, therapeutic, doesn’t matter. Just like one dude can smoke pot and get all mellow, jovial and friendly whereas all the other one gets is paranoid schizophrenia if that happens to be his response. Or you could take a sedative pill and write about how it knocked you out on Bluelight upon waking up 16 hours later, while another person needs an on-demand anesthetist to be put to sleep.

  17. Ptit Suisse

    Just wanted to say thank you for your very informative and unique website.
    The world in which we’re living is really like a shop window, everything is so perfect and beautiful from the outside, but so ugly and corrupted from the inside. This is true for the training business as for any other aspect of our modern life.
    But we are mainly responsible for this, because we are so easily manipulated, and I believe like you said in another post that the most important part in this life is spiritual. We want to get big muscles because we feel insecure and because the ego wants to benefit from it. That is the real cause of this madness and we should work on it. Much easier to say than to do.
    Have a nice day

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  18. rocco

    i am so glad i found your site , i can relate so much with everything you write man , congratulations !

  19. Greg G

    >I am sorry, but I don’t believe in the fairy tales about ectomorphs who lose weight unless they eat 5, 000 calories a day.

    You haven’t met me… I’m 6’5 and used to weigh 149lbs. I have since bulked up to 213. If I eat anything less than 4500 calories daily then I will lose weight. Sucks man. Great article and site!

  20. Vance

    Most lifters following a solid program and diet will maximize their hypertrophy in about 2-3 years. You see this all the time in true natty bodybuilders with long careers, they tend to compete at the same bodyweight for the most part. Even lifters on gear maximize their muscle mass in a few years. Arnold S. was 240# as a 21 year old and never competed much over 230-240#. In the 1980 Olympia I’ve read he was only about 225#. Every natty can get super lean and shredded but what we can’t do is be shredded and big at the same time. Sorry, the body doesn’t work that way.

    1. joe santus

      After maxing out whatever their muscle mass can be at competition bodyfat percentage, competitives (which takes about three years for PED-free, then two or three years more for PED-users) don’t try to add more mass, since they know they can’t. Rather, they schedule themselves to train, eat, recuperate (,and drug-enhance) to arrive on contest day at their maximum mass as shredded and dry as they can be.

  21. Ads

    I think all your articles are hilarious, it’s like you know me personally. I’ve been training on and off for about 12years and have experienced nearly everything you have mentioned. I started at 67kg and am now 90kg and am still fairly lean (abs still visible). My arms went from 12.5″ to 17″(18 with pump) in a very short time, maybe 2years. I am fairly strong but even though I have a big bench I have no chest and I can deadlift nearly triple BW but my back isn’t amazing. Looking back, I really don’t know what it was that made me grow because I did so many different programs and I don’t know if it matters cause I can’t replicate it now. But even after the days of protein powders and creatine and all other crap and doing nothing but thinking about gym… I don’t look different after having stopped all that… full body 3 days a week and not letting it consume my mind seemed to work better in my mind. Lifting makes me happier and relaxes me, do it for yourself not for others. If you look good but you’re and dickhead… then you’lol be remembered for that.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am investigating.

  22. Valy

    Training natural is the only way a recreațional lifter should train. People think gear builds muscle forever. When You come off, You shrink some, then your natty test is gone and shrink some more untul You recover. So cycling is not so useful unless You do it often, above safe. If there is safe. The only way to stay huge and shredded is to Be like a coke addict. So stop thinking about gear that will build muscle without training, because when you are off, IT Goes away. I see IT at my gym on the DAILY. Dudes think theyre Cutler or B Warren, walkin around with their imaginaryland lat wings and hoods on, acting like their too huge. Then a few months later i see em Back to the start complaining that they are always tired and hâd to drag themselves to the gym. I wonder what the wives think about his gummy worm.

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