Vomiting Because Of Your Workout – Hardcore or Stupid? Is working out till you puke needed?

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image via http://www.thesochillnetwork.com

Why do people vomit after their workout?

Strenuous exercising shifts the majority of the blood supply towards the skeletal muscles, heart, and lungs. As a result, the blood going to the visceral organs like the stomach is reduced. This can result in oxygen deprivation, nausea, and vomiting. {more}

What do you accomplish by making yourself vomit after a workout?

Nothing…except ego satisfaction. Vomiting is not a healthy activity and should be avoided unless there are medical reasons to do it. It’s bad for your teeth and stressful for the stomach and the rest of the organism. As far as fitness results are concerned,¬†vomiting has nothing to do with them.

Another factor that largely contributes to puking after a workout is meal timing. If you eat hard to digest foods close to your workout, throwing up is always an option. Does this make you hardcore or stupid?

To tell you the truth, suffering from vomiting caused by a workout reveals a mistake rather than a positive.

A Workout Shouldn’t Destroy You

The goal of every workout is to make you stronger, faster and more athletic. It’s a small form of evolution. The body is subjected to stress (natural selection) and has no choice but to adapt. However, there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed very often.

Being tired or even completely exhausted from a workout is perfectly fine. Hurting yourself isn’t.

Vomiting could be considered a minor hit because it does not get you closer to your goals. It actually takes you further away because you are losing nutrients and stressing your internal organs which have to operate well in order for proper recovery to take place.

Fighting a False Battle

I am almost sorry to inform you that you are not saving the world with your CrossFit workouts regardless of what the people liking your puking posts on Facebook and Instagram say.

People are easily manipulated into investing their efforts in pointless battles that at the end of the day don’t mean anything. Just like Tyler Durden (played by Brad Pitt) says in the speech above, we are fighting a spiritual war against the enslavers pushing the matrix on us. The very same people that make us spin the rat wheels into infinity.

So, you puked after your burpees?

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