Is Gerardo Gabriel Natural Or On Anabolic Steroids? Can you get this big and shredded naturally?

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Gerardo Gabriel displays an aesthetic physique that most people would kill for. His thickness and leanness make him one of the most popular fitness models. He has thousands of followers, and many of them would be more than happy to exchange their bodies for his.

But how do you get to that level? Is hard work all that is required? Do you have to take steroids? Is Gerardo Gabriel natty or not?

Let’s see.

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How big is Gerardo Gabriel?

According to information available online, Gerardo Gabriel has the following body stats:

Height: 5’7″/170 cm
Weight: 178lbs/80.9kg’s guide for natural bodybuilders puts a 5’7” tall man at 149lbs in a lean condition. This literally means that Gerardo Gabriel is 29lbs above the limit of

Looking Heavier Than You Actually Are

Fitness models on steroids look bigger than they are because the use of certain substances (e.g., trenbolone, anavar…etc.) results in extreme muscle quality and density. When you add the ultra-low body fat numbers, you have a recipe for an extraterrestrial appearance at a low bodyweight. There are fitness models who weigh 180lbs and yet could easily pass for 220lbs. Meanwhile, naturals rarely look a lot heavier than they actually are.

The Photoshop Look

Gerardo Gabriel looks composed in Photoshop. The size, the leanness, the 3D pop and, of course, the massive shoulders and traps point in that direction

How big is Gerardo Gabriel in comparison to former bodybuilding champions?

Lee Labrada next to Flex Wheeler and Shawn Ray image via:;

Lee Labrada (left) next to Flex Wheeler (middle) and Shawn Ray (right) image via

Gerardo Gabriel has competitive body stats in comparison to former bodybuilding pros.

One example would Lee Labrada who is 5’6″ tall and weighed between 185 and 192lbs in contests. This means that Gerardo Gabriel is an inch taller and 7 to 14lbs lighter than one of the best short bodybuilders ever. Of course, 14lbs is a lot of mass, but it’s still close enough to cause suspicion.


Frank Zane

Another classic example would be Frank Zane. He competed against Arnold weighing about 185lbs at 5’9”. In other words, in his prime, Zane was 7lbs heavier than Gerardo Gabriel but also 2 inches taller.

This leads me to an important question:

How can a natural bodybuilder obtain body stats so similar to those of a legendary professional bodybuilder who competed in times when steroids were widely available?

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  1. steve ariff

    Geraldo fake all the way

  2. Orlando Gonzalez

    The BIGGEST diff is the waistline. Look the old IFBB pros, the mens physique and ALL IFBB pro’s now of course are ALL on Gear. End of story. The problem is that with the IFBB boys they all do too much insulin (which is another level type of gear) and it blows their stomach up and no more small waistline.

    The Physique boys Lazar and company they dont TOUCH insulin, they also dose in MUCH smaller quantities which yield nice and small results. Enough to go undetected as “ALL ROIDED OUT”

  3. David

    149 pound at 5’7 is NOT the limit for lean condition. You can be absolutely defined with low body fat and shredded at 160 easily. It’s just a matter of training and eating properly while investing time. Just like anything else in life.

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