Vadya Sonawdekar – a Natural Bodybuilder From India

| by Truth Seeker | presents another natural bodybuilding transformation that may not be as eye-catching as the pipe dreams presented in bodybuilding magazines, but at least it’s more believable for normal people who train naturally.

Vadya Sonawdekar is a bodybuilder from India who went from:

Height: 5’7″/170cm
Weight: 100lbs/45 kg


to 119lbs/54kg with zero fat gains



Believe it or not, that arm is only 13.3 inches. Long live the power of angles!

How does Vadya Sonawdekar train?

In the beginning of his journey, he installed a pull-up bar in his house and did a lot of pull-ups. After that, he joined a gym and started lifting weights regularly. Eventually, after increasing his calories, he reached 54 kg/119lbs. However, in his words, he has an underdeveloped body due to his fear of squats which he is now trying to overcome.


What about Vadya Sonawdekar’s diet?

Due to financial reasons, Vadya Sonawdekar eats only two meals a day. In his words – ”clean food is damn expensive in India, nearly $2 for single broccoli”.

You can contact Vadya Sonawdekar at

Could you achieve more as a natural?

Of course, especially if you train your legs. As you can see in’s guide for natural bodybuilders, we believe that a male natural bodybuilder who is at 5’7″/170cm tall can reach 149lbs/67.7 kg @ 5%BF naturally. However, that’s only for guys with above average genetics and great dedication.

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