The Keys To Building a Successful YouTube Fitness Channel

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The Keys To Having A Successful YouTube Fitness Channel

In this post, I will show you how to create a successful YouTube fitness channel that prints money. The process is simple but requires a lot of hard work.

Step 1. Build some upper body muscle

A dominant upper musculature is a must when you are launching a YouTube fitness channel. People who have well-developed arms and chest are taken more seriously by the bro-science community which forms the majority of the muscle worshipping audience. This step is important and should not be taken lightly. You can neglect your lower development if you want to, but the upper body has to be big. (Note: Females have to do the opposite – focus on the lower body and upload plenty of ”leg pictures” on Instagram.)

It does not matter whether you build your body with performance-enhancing drugs or not. You can always claim that you are a natural bodybuilder because many people are naive enough to believe that even Kali Muscle is natural.

Don’t forget to come up with a story about your muscle building journey too. It does not have to be true, but it has to be dramatic and intriguing.

2.Start posting videos revealing the secrets of muscle construction

If you want to have a popular YouTube fitness channel, you need to stand out. The classic way to accomplish this is to come up with your own muscle building secret. It has to be something absolutely ridiculous in order to spark controversial debates in the YouTube fitness community. The ultimate goal is to troll the other YouTube fitness channels so that they make videos about you and basically give you free advertisement.

Remember: It does not matter how stupid your muscle construction secrets are as long as it trolls your competition. You can even say that you can build more muscle by watching more porn.

3.Don’t use scripts for your videos

You don’t need scripts for your videos. You must, however, use a lot of ”you know”, “hm….”, and “well….”. It also helps if you swear a lot. (e.g., Rich Piana’s every third word is ”fucking”.)

If you have an entertaining way of saying “motherfucker” and “fuck”, consider yourself a natural born talent that will go very far.

4.Make videos about every stupid thing

The topic of your videos does not matter as long as it repeats what’s been said 100 times already.

Remember: People never get tired of hearing that bicep curls build muscle, squats build legs and bench presses build chest.

5.Create a catchy intro and edit your videos

It does not matter how stupid and boring your videos are as long as you edit them with professional software.

Even a video of you making a protein shake can be epic with the right music and effect. Take advantage of the digital illusion.

Note: There’s no need to do that with all your videos. Keep it for the special footage. Your vlogging videos can be recorded with a pen or a toaster. It does not matter. However, throw in a drama clip once in a while.

If you follow these steps and create about 200 videos, you will be making decent money. To push your channel forward, start making collaborations with other bodybuilders on YouTube. The more you are part of the circle jerk, the further you will go.

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  1. Janel

    You’re the reason there is so much junk flooding youtube today. This is some serious karma you bring to yourself telling people to lie and manipulate others. Sure they are falling into the lie but that is their karma. I was very disheartened reading this. I’ll be posting a link to this on all of my future fitness videos to show the people about crooks like you and people who listen to you! 🙁

    1. Craig Davis

      Have you done that yet? Please post a link. I’d love to read the replies of people calling you an idiot for not recognizing obvious satire.

  2. rohit sharma

    haha lol get the fuck out of here haters but this man is right
    and you can see the truth on youtube… I am gonna put it into efforts
    thanks, man keep it going
    and remember you cant make all fuckers happy so don’t let them make you down,,,,

  3. Danny

    I’m going to try this. Good advise. Middle finger to all the haters here. Man tell some knowledge. If you really about fitness understand ppl and watch other fitness you tubers you’d understand what he says is the truth

  4. BigBicepSmallQuads

    Time to make millions

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