Training Splits That Should Work Well Training splits are not rocket science.

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Double overhand grip will sooner or later fail on you.

There’s nothing magical about training splits despite the enormous amount of attention that they receive. Persistence rather than “the perfect training split” is the engine. You can follow a subpar training routine and still do very well if you just keep pushing.

Below are a few training splits which you may find useful depending on your goals and preferences.

Once a week

Believe it or not, you can train once a week and still make progress. I wouldn’t say that this method is optimal, but it can work better than some people think. Obviously, you will have to train everything on that day.


1.Squat; Bench Press; Barbell rows + assistance work;

2.Leg Press; Bench Press; Deadlift + assistance work;

3.Front Squat; Dips; Rows + assistance work;

Since this frequency requires you to do many compound exercises in one day, rep schemes such as 5×5, 10×3, 8×6 and 6×6…cannot be applied to all movements because it will take 4 hours or more to complete the workout.

Twice a Week

Two times a week could be a very effective way to train too.


Day 1

Squat/Leg press/Front squat

Bench press/Dips

Calf raises

Assistance exercises

Day 2

Deadlift/Back Training

Assistance exercises

Three Times A Week

If you are training three times a week, you have the needed time to do more volume.

Day 1

Squat/Leg press/Front squat + Calves raises

Day 2

Push day

Day 3

Deadlift/Back day

Three times a week 

Day 1: Upper legs + Calves

Day 2: Upper body (push focus) + 3 sets of rows or pull-ups

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Back (pull focus) + leg exercise + 3 sets of dips or another pushing exercise + calves

Four Times a Week Training

If you train four times a week, you can make space for another “big” leg day on Day 5.

Day 1: Legs +Calves

Day 2: Upper body push focus + 3 sets of rows or pull-ups

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Back (pull focus) + 3 sets of dips or another pushing exercise

Day 5: Legs + Calves

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