Myostatin – The Secret To Brutal Growth? Can I shut down my myostatin?

| by Truth Seeker |

Myostatin is a villain protein acting as a hypertrophy break inhibiting the growth of muscle cells. Some studies show that blocking myostatin keeps the body in a ”fat-burning-mode” too. This leaves muscle lovers only one option – to demonize myostatin and seek ways to destroy it.

On paper, the removal of myostatin would be a miracle. The less you have, the more muscular you are. Except, it’s not that simple, boy. Studies have shown that mice deficient in myostatin have fragile tendons and suffer traumas. Muscle of steel and paper tendons are not a good combination. Nonetheless, similar results are not observed in bulls. I guess there is still hope.

Another negative effect that could manifest as a result of myostatin inhibition is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – a disease in which a portion of the myocardium (heart muscle) is enlarged without any obvious causes, creating functional impairment of the heart.

The war against myostatin is sponsored by supplement and pharmaceutical giants. Can you imagine how rich a company would become if it invents a substance that can safely inhibit myostatin? Damn. If whey protein and creatine have earned trillions, this one will make even the Illuminati jealous. Oh, wait! We are talking about the same people.

Different supplements claiming to inhibit myostatin efficiently have appeared in the past. Some had believable and professional looking websites while others were no names selling weird bottles on eBay. The marketing was done by underpaid spammers on forums. Neither looked legit and convincing to people with a measurable IQ.

The explanation is simple. There aren’t anti-myostatin drugs that are both – effective and safe for humans. Consequently, big pharma abandoned some of the researched compounds. Nonetheless, supplement companies continue the promotion of nonsensical myostatin inhibiting supplements.

Why supplement companies don’t deserve trust!

If this myostatin thing works, the ”inhibitors” will be made by pharmaceutical companies and sold in pharmacies just like steroids. Moreover, the primary purpose of the drugs wouldn’t be muscle enlargement in healthy people. The goal would be to cure diseases.

Inhibiting a naturally occurring protein in your body is not a joke. If you think that you will be able to go to the local supplement store and buy some myostatin blocking formula without prescription, update your brain firmware.

Is it true that genetically gifted bodybuilders have very low levels of myostatin in their systems?

Of course, not. They just want you to think so. Pro bodybuilders are pathological liars of the highest order. Sooner or later, every pro goes mental and starts to believe his own nonsense.

The backbone of many training programs are muscle-enhancing drugs. When you are big, people listen even if your theories don’t make any sense. In reality, myostatin deficiency is nothing but a front. Steroids are still the ultimate muscle-building drug. Maybe in the future, there will be a breakthrough in myostatin inhibition, but so far, we only have speculations, placebo, and wishful thinking.

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  1. Chris

    C.T. Fletcher is a full natty brah. No measurable myostatin present. He’s not even gifted, just a hard working mofah. You can buy his myostatin inhibiting “Sidewalk-cracking supplements for Iron Warriors world wide!” on his website. Get into it Nattyornot. Promises you madddgainnnz.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I have too much myostatin. I need to simply die.

  2. Big V

    do you think Mike Matthews is natural???

  3. MB

    What about Katie Lee? She claims NOT using steroids.

    1. synyster

      Really dude? Does not exist ifbb pro natural.

      1. MB

        I had doubts because first she looked natural and she sounded very convincing in her statement.
        But now she has become much bigger. I thought that was weird.

    2. lifterx

      You clearly haven’t taken the time to read the articles on this site. Lol

  4. Stefan Tds

    Big V… if you still wondering whether Mike Mattews is natty or not, then you have not read the articles and understand the principles of this site.

  5. Alan

    Great article, myostatin must be there made on a good purpose by God, as how you also talked about it in the first paragraph. It is a natural thing it could also be possible that it will bring more negative than positive things out of it if you try to block it.

  6. M

    I know a guy with low myostatin (or at least I think so).
    He is tall, relatively lean and has well-developed arms. He used to eat noodles with beer or any other booze for 2 years. Always parting at the clubs, never taking a well rest.
    I’m impressed how gifted this guy is 🙂

  7. Big V

    well most of Mike’s info is pretty much the same as the one provided in this site. In one of his articles regarding magazines he Mike state no supplement will make a significant changes to your body in terms of losing fat and building muscle. He also state he can’t help you if you wanna be big Olympia like physique. So as weight lifter I can’t point out where he sells pipe dreams.

  8. Brett

    Mike Mathews looks depleted and fragile, not like steroid users. He doesnt have 3D shoulders or huge traps. His body does not have the photo shop look, like the author of this site likes to make reference to. Yes he promotes his own supplements, but thats because he is business man. The author of this site also sells something. Thats the world. I doint give a faggot fuck if he’s on steroids or not. But to outright say hes using is a bit imature. Especially since it is not obvoius if he is. He does not preach fast gains or quick fixes, most of his advice is sound, meaning he knows what it takes to put in years to build a physique, and if he was using roids, chances are he wouldnt appreciate this. All in all can people stop asking if Mike Mathews is natural or not, trust me, its fucking irrelevant to your life.

    1. TruthSpeaker

      Nobody asked for your opinion on what or how it’s relevant Brett.

      And to answer the question Mike Matthews is 100% on steroids and likely other fat burning elixirs.

      1. Visto

        what evidence do you have to suggest Mike is on steroids?? After reading on your article on pull where you weigh 70 kg which explains why you have small arms and you blame the industry for not growing the fact that you not looking to gain weight in fear that you will gain fat it’s absurd really no one gained muscle by eating at maintenance and you don’t need to eat over 10% surplus to make steady gains so you got fat because you bulked like the liars ifbb professionals. Other you would a good physique at 6’1. mind you I am 172 lbs 10% bf height 6’1 ft. cheers

        1. realitybites

          What’s your wrist measurement?

          Also, you can’t tell what gains someone should have made because of vast genetic differences between people.

          The models predicting yearly gains and maximum muscular potential commonly passed around (Lyle’s, Alan’s etc.) are disgustingly generous. For a more realistic take on the matter, I’d refer to Casey Butt’s own formula, which is more accurate by virtue of taking in at least one of your measurements alone:

          Casey also says very gifted people might exceed these values but only by a couple pounds or so. That would then make the values more appropriate for someone who’s already rather gifted, rather than the average lifter, who might only get to about 50 – 70% of them. And then let’s not forget below average people actually exist too, and some of us invariably will have to be among them. Could be the author of the article is one himself, don’t you think?

  9. s.h

    it is not important if he is using or not. that is his talking which is meaningless as he said he had been fat and muscleless and using every method and effort but useless and then once with using optimal rep range he get shredded and muscular.

  10. Big V

    I never questioned Mike Matthews on selling supplements because He stated valid reasons to open his line. The only reason I asked is because the author on this site doesn’t believe one can gain over 30lbs of muscle naturally but most site who uses same formula he used predict 40 to 50 Lbs though rarely will people get to 50lbs as I have seen most people gain 35 to 40lbs and they don’t look big but aesthetic by normal standards. I myself have gained 30 lbs already being lifting for almost 3 years now at 10% bf. I believe I still got maybe 10lbs to 15 …left in me

  11. Dick

    How deep down the rabbit whole one has to be for getting influenced by such crazy shit? I’m going to count the days until I hear some random dudes gibbering about this new weird trick.

  12. lifterx

    What about fast twitch fibers? Many people use that as an argument for their “muscle grow.”

    1. TruthSpeaker

      It’s just pseudo-science designed to confuse you.

      It’s true that fast twitch fibers are far larger in size than slow twitch.

      But the majority of people already train their fast twitch fibers. Unless you do exercises 15+ reps or 5+ sets you are working fast twitch mostly.

  13. MB

    I don’t think pro’s want to lie. If I read these articles it looks like It’s the fitness industry that puts them in that direction. That means that they are forced to lie.
    Or am I wrong?

    1. TruthSpeaker

      I doubt they WANT to lie.

      But anyone going into the industry knows what they’re signing themselves up for. So whether or not they want to, they have no problem lying.

      They have no problem lying to uneducated, children, mentally disabled, etc. They have no problem in being scammers.

      1. MB

        Maybe they do have a problem with the lying, but they can’t tell that.
        Maybe they are very frustrated about that, but can’t show it.

      2. MB

        Sometimes I have mixed thoughts about it.
        I know a few who probably use drugs for their results. But they also work very hard and keep being very nice persons.

        (And then I don’t know anymore what to think about it).

  14. iROC

    So if we do calisthenics should we just explode on each rep? Cause for some reason people just love that “time under tension” whenever you watch YouTube.

  15. journ

    Truth seeker is it possible to succeed in life all natty?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Depends on what you mean exactly.

    2. jim

      LOL…..what a question? What do you mean? As a natty will you ever get job, get financially rich, raise a good family, have great health…

      NO son…steroids are the answer to everything in life. Not just huge, inflated, ugly muscle and bitch tits…but they will set you up financially and emotionally as well. The true magic pill of everything successful in life…go on Youtube and ask.

      It never ends does it…”One born every minute”

  16. jim

    It’s why i hate to going to the gym…full of the modern Youtube “bro’s”. Telling me…(a 20 year weight lifter) i should be doing drop, pyramid, reverse, set up sets to failure for best results. I am deadlifting over 200kg, Shoulder pressing over 110% of my bodyweight, they are lifting Keny and Barbie weights for reps….i can’t believe the cheek of it.
    Some of the crap i used to see was laughable. I got a power rack. olympic barbell at home and done with it.

    I am staggered how stupid most people are.

  17. jim

    oh and as for this article. There are people with genetic defaults in Myostain production….one women who’s legs were about 10X bigger then they should be…looks truelly freakish…
    BB’s want to start messing around with this? IDIOTS!!!!

    IF they did do better hope it can be switched back on.

    Just shows the mentality of many bb’ers these days…Take any risk, do almost anything to have an outstanding physique…for the short term.

  18. FatManEvo

    Does anybody know if Anavar is a steroid or not? reason I ask is because everyone seems to be on it these days!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      What do you think it is? A lollipop?

      1. FatManEvo

        In that case where can I buy it? LOL

        1. Zher0

          If it’s a lollipop, at the candy store!! 😉

      2. Dom

        Hahahaha, I will be using that rhetorical question in the future. “What do you think it is? A lollipop?”
        Thank you

  19. Visto

    Calling Mike a steroid user is absurd. For every info Mike puts upfront there scientific studies which you can review yourself. As for his supplements there is money back guarantee of three months if you don’t think they work…still waiting for other lines to have such options for customers. As for his optimal rep range he suggests a beginners should emphasise 4-6 rep range and add few high reps sets once built a solid foundation… as finishers…further more he never promised anyone to have physics of Lazor Angelov, Panda and the likes. Even the author of this site has no valid points to support his claims of Mike being on roids. Mike isn’t pukking crap like Scott Herman cheat recover reps bullshit. He does make it clear it takes 5 years or more to reach a respectable physique by normal standards and not everyone will be 190lbs but 175 to 185lbs is attainable by average people. also you can go read Mikes article on Steroids and Magazine as well as nattys potential.

  20. MB

    – Quote –
    ‘Pro bodybuilders are pathological liars of the highest order’
    – End quote –

    What a great sentence. It’s awesome how you express it.

  21. realitybites

    Myostatin doesn’t even appear to be as limiting of a factor in humans as it is in rats, dogs or cows. Meaning even if we could inhibit its effects fully there would be another bottleneck somewhere limiting growth rate and potential more substantially.

    I don’t know how much truth there is behind this claim but Flex Wheeler has been claimed to be the only BBer with a confirmed case of some degree of myostatin deficiency. He wasn’t the biggest nor the leanest and could get rather out of shape without lifting.

    There have also been reports of kids with myostatin deficiency over the years but where are they now? Surely not as huge and strong as we’d think.

    Hypertrophy appears to be quite complex indeed and there is no one magic bullet. No drug to this date has been the equalizer people seek – small guys stay small, big get bigger.

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