Top 5 YouTube Channels Of Actual Natural Bodybuilders

| by Truth Seeker |

Disclaimer: I can’t claim that the individuals below are 100% lifetime naturals. There’s no way of knowing that.


Fortress a.k.a. Pavel Rudometkin has a YouTube channel dedicated to bodyweight training. His physique is achievable naturally. has already done a “review” of Fortress. You can read it here.


Lui Marco owns one of the oldest YouTube channels dedicated to bodybuilding. He has thousands of videos dedicated to muscle construction. In theory, Lui Marco’s physique can become a reality naturally. You can read’s post on him here.

3.Lyle McDonald

Lyle McDonald is known for his “fuck you” behavior, but since he has The Info, people keep going to him. I think he is natural.

4. LiftingForLife

Lifting for life is a channel owned by the fitness nerd Ian McCarthy who also has a physique that can be achieved naturally.

5. OfficialBarstarzz

The OfficialBarstarzz YouTube channel is dedicated to calisthenics. The videos include many athletes and not all of them are natural. However, most people who are into bodyweight training do not take steroids because the sport does not require it.

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    1. alex

      because they doesn’t look natural

    2. Joe

      Vic’s natural is a fake natty 18.5 inch arms at 6% body fat=steroids

  1. Joe

    Jeff cavaliere is a fake natty also

    1. gio002

      scott herman , alpha destiny and jeff nippard they forgot too

  2. Leonard

    Vitruvian physique is good example of natty bruh. He is not huge? 200+ pounds shredded, but in the same time athletic and lean on stage with FFMI around 22. What are your thoughts?

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