Is Luimarco a Natural Bodybuilder?

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Luimarco is behind one of the oldest YouTube Fitness Channels. He has a passion for bodybuilding and spends an unjustified amount of time looking at men in posing trunks.

In addition, Luimarco has a decent physical development and claims that his physique has been achieved naturally without the use of anabolic steroids.

However, is he telling the truth, or is he injecting testosterone and other compounds on a daily basis?

1.Luimarco is not too big.


According to Luimarco’s facebook page, he is 5’10” – 178 cm @ 172 lbs – 78 kg. Stats like that fit perfectly in’s guide for natural bodybuilders.

2.Luimarco is lean but does not look made in Photoshop.

Luimarco is very lean and has a significant muscle definition. However, in many of his photos online, he is missing that ‘wow’ factor that most of his rivals possess.

He doesn’t look composed in Photoshop and is much closer to the natural look.

3.Luimarco is flat as a pancake

In most of his photos, Luimarco looks somewhat flat. He doesn’t have the “full 3D look”. That’s a natural sign right there.

4.Luimarco’s body has been the same for 15 years

Luimarco has been a bodybuilder for a long time. During that period of time, his body has looked the same except for a few points when he was a little too fat for a bodybuilder.

5.Luimarco does not have signs of pre-mature steroid induced aging

Steroids are heavy chemicals that usually age people, especially the face. Most young bodybuilders, look older than they are. Similar side effects are not observed in Lui Marco’s case. If anything, he looks much younger than he actually is.

Conclusion: The physique of Luimarco can be achieved naturally without the abuse of illegal substances.

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