Tom Platz Downplaying The Effectiveness Of Steroids

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Below is an old interview with the bodybuilding legend Tom Platz a.k.a. the Golden Eagle. He was known for his exceptional leg development and intensive training style. 5 minutes into the interview, Platz is asked about anabolic steroids. He immediately tries to downplay how effective they are. He even uses the term “steroid therapy” to minimize what’s actually happening in the sport of bodybuilding. The proper term is not steroid therapy but rather steroid abuse. Back in his day, steroids were somewhat legal, and it was much easier to get quality anabolic drugs made in expensive labs.

By the way, the retro muscle constructors were pretty reckless with their dosages. They were taking Dbol like candies.

In the video, Tom Platz states that he only takes steroids prior to major contests. In his words, anabolic drugs do not make champions and are nothing more than “polishing your car”, or simply put – the finishing touch. This leads to a logical question. If anabolics are not that important, why are all the pros taking so much of the stuff? The answer is painful – because the activity requires it.

This is a common trend among the so-called successful people. They always try to downplay how much help they’ve received from external sources over the years.

Tom Platz Downplaying The Effectiveness Of Steroids

Clear gynecomastia due to steroid abuse

At the end of the day, the truth is that anabolic steroids have been the femur of modern bodybuilding. Without the drugs, the pros will look ordinary. Steroids alter the synthesis of protein in the organism. Ultimately, this leads to the accumulation of muscle mass beyond the natural potential of the human body.

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  1. Paul

    “Truth be told this is a common trend among the so called ‘successful people’. They always try to downplay how much help they’ve received in order to end up where they are”

    Very well said. Origins, help of others and stealing are, in general, the true causes of a big succes. Especialy where money is involved.

  2. bob

    I am in total agreement of this article and I’m sure anyone else who has trained hard naturally for many years and then dabbled in a steroid cycle will instantly have understood just how powerful these drugs are for growth. When you can gain as much muscle in 3 months as 3 years of dedicated teeth gritting, natural training simply by the addition of AAS steroids not to mention build up beyond your natural limits it really is such a gross understatement that steroids are little more than the icing on a cake or polish on a car.

  3. William Ogden

    Tom Platz spoke like a Politician… he’s rehearsed his come back lines hundreds of times…a bullshit artist. He misrepresents truth by telling us that if Steroids we’re the answer,then there would be lots of Champions. That’s a non sequitur…Because in fact all the top competitors were using Steroidss & so obviously only one of them must “Win”.

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