Changing Your Routine Leads To More Muscle Growth and Strength?

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Lifters often tweak their routines in an attempt to stimulate more growth. However, sometimes it’s unclear whether those changes lead to meaningful results or are simply actions designed to fight boredom. Therefore, the question today is – will changes to my routines lead to more muscle growth and strength?


In theory, you can do the same routine forever if it comes with built-in deloads and does not promote muscle imbalances. In practice, nobody does that. Eventually, you need a break – both mental and physical. The change does not have to be profound. You may, for example, do a cycle of high bar squats instead of low bar squats and vice versa.

Moreover, analyzing the data in your log could be extremely useful.¬†You may be surprised how far you can go in life if you sit down and just think for a second. Most people tend to play the busy card and continue to hit their heads in the wall expecting that one day the gate to heaven will open. This is one of those cases when reason is your best friend. If something isn’t working, find out what and change it until it works. Repeat the same process when your new trick gets old.


Changing your routine can help you progress in terms of strength, skill, endurance and other athletic parameters, but it probably won’t result in significant muscle growth. Natural bodybuilders are not small because of their routines. Truth be told, the routines of most people are just fine. In short, training variety will not help you reach beyond your natural genetic potential.

The Main Principles Never Change

The principles are the same as far as muscle growth is concerned. Regardless of rep ranges and schemes, your routine should always have one goal in mind – to take you closer to your goals through progressive overload and adequate joint preparation.

If it’s not broken, don’t change it. Just buy the new version.

The whole point of gathering experience is to make smarter choices based on what you’ve learned. Training does not make an exception. Over the years, you will have many mentors. They will be right about some things and terribly wrong about others. You have to pick what you see as useful and slowly move forward to your personal and improved version.

The goal is to learn from your mistakes and to come up with a better product based on your successes and failures instead of staying at the same place.

Life is Made Out of Time Periods

Life consists of time, at least in this universe. Look back. Are you the person you were 5-7 years ago? Hell, no! You are a newer/older version of yourself. You have different goals and different views regarding life. In other words, we change with time, or so we think.

Maybe five years ago you wanted to become a super strong deadlifter, but now you are more into bodyweight stuff and want to do planche push-ups. Well, your program must change appropriately in order to produce your new goals. After 5-7 years, you will be singing a different tune.

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