Whey Protein Side Effects

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Whey protein is more than just a supplement. It’s the backbone of the muscle constructing industry and the reason why bodybuilders and their pimps bath in gold. This legendary powder reveals critical characteristics of the human race as well as the effectiveness of marketing. Therefore, it deserves an analysis.

Most of the protein powder that you find in supplement stores is isolated from whey, which in itself represents a by-product of cheese production. In other words, whey is nothing more than protein taken from cheese waste. Ironically, whey is frequently served to pigs too.

If whey protein is nothing more than glorified pig food, why are people so obsessed with it? Simple. It’s all about emotional conditioning.

The human brain is programmable. We are not machines, but we can be programmed just like machines. A good example would be the countries living in complete isolation such as North Korea. The authorities there make sure that the nation is programmed in a way that serves the party. Thinking outside of the box is not allowed and never tolerated. This methodology results in the creation of obedient slaves separated from their true nature.

The same principles are behind whey protein’s fame. The industry convinced (programmed) the lifting population that it is practically impossible to supply the body with the protein it needs to grow without supplements because we live in the “busy modern world”. Obviously, this is not true. You can actually supply your body with enough protein from regular food because the daily needs are lower than the industry wants you to believe.

At the end of the day, whey protein is terribly overrated and comes with nasty side effects such as:

1.Money losses

Below you see two old-school bodybuilding ads. The first one advertises Joe Weider’s training principles whereas the second one presents a muscle building supplement. Both ads include bodybuilders who were on anabolic steroids – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva.

The same trick continues to this very day. All bodybuilding magazines are flooded with supplement advertisement. This leads to unrealistic expectations and obsession. There are people who can’t go to sleep if their alleged protein needs are not met.



2. Farting, stomach gases, diarrhea 

Whey can cause side effects such as farting, stomach gases, diarrhea and overall discomfort. Of course, high-end powders tend to eliminate similar scenarios, but you can never know how your body will react.

3. Water retention and poor muscular definition

According to an unconfirmed rumor, whey protein and the chemicals contained in it are estrogen promoters causing water retention which induces the formation of a watery film covering the body. This can negatively impact the muscular definition of the lifter.

4. Constant hunger

Individuals who rely heavily on protein powder as their main source of protein are often hungry because whey is consumed in the form of a liquid and represents an incomplete source of nutrients. There are no fats in it. As a result, you constantly feel empty inside. Solid food fixes this issue.


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  1. Paul

    I think the same. I’ve used some whey protein in the past and I found it not satisfying the expectations. But recently I got an idea. If it’s good for pigs and humans and pigs have much in common – omnivore mamals, why the whey does not work for humans ?

  2. Andrew

    I take whey because its cheaper per ounce than most foods and convenient.

    Even Homer referenced whey in his work The Odyssey:
    “and he could fatten his thighs as much as he pleased on whey”

    Whey can be used to build muscle.

  3. Vs

    In my opinion whey is one the most overrated products in human history, a complete waste of money…I was taking whey a few years ago and all I was getting was diarrhea after diarrhea…to the point I had to stop using it. I saw much better results eating more meals a day and eating good food (vegetables,Cod fish,cheese,tuna,salmon,beef,olive oil,Oathmeal with cinnamon – Warning: Don´t put more than 2grams a day in your oaths because it can be toxic to the liver and oathmeal in some cases can cause brain fog due to the gluten so stop using it if you start feeling this – …etc…etc…

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