The Real Reason Why She Isn’t Replying To Your Message (and what to do about it)

| by Truth Seeker |

There’s only one reason why a woman wouldn’t reply to your message :

she isn’t interested.

Everything else is a lie.

No, she didn’t forget. She made a conscious choice.

No, it’s not because your message isn’t “alpha” or witty enough.

No, an expensive manual on improving your text game will not help.

When a person stops replying, it’s because they see you as a non-important unit from which they cannot derive the benefits that they’re looking for.

This is the truth.

The principles below will provide more clarity:

1. Text Originality Is Nonsense

Sending an original text to a woman doesn’t help. Why?

An original text could provoke a woman to reply, but if she doesn’t find interest beyond that, she will either refuse to meet you or simply ignore you upon seeing the follow-up.

Your goal is not to entertain her but to convert the interaction from online to offline.

Your goal is not to create the greatest chats of all time.

People tell me that I’m a good writer. Maybe they’re right. But more often than not, I put no effort into producing original texts as I know that they have no impact and simply drain my brain.

Another benefit of boring texts is that they act as interest testers. If she isn’t talking to you when you’re boring, the interest is probably quite low.

Be my guest. Spend your days thinking of original words. It’s a waste of time. Get ready to be left on seen/read despite overclocking your brain.

2. Don’t allow your brain to make excuses for her

The male brain becomes illogical when it comes to women. If you like her, you’re very likely to rationalize her low interest with some of the following lies:

  • She is busy.

She isn’t busier than you.

  • She doesn’t check her phone often.

Yeah, right. As if 99% of women don’t walk around with their phones sticking out of their pockets.

She probably checks her phone 1500 times a day literally.

Back in the day, Tinder had a function showing when the person has been online (e.g., last seen 4 hours ago.) With the newer versions, it disappeared. Why? Because men will see that their “crush” is ignoring them for hours despite logging in the app all day long.

Note: I don’t know whether this function is present now as I don’t have the app.

  • She didn’t receive my message.

Sure, bro. Did you send it in a bottle? More than likely she saw your message minutes after you typed it.

  • She will reply. I just have to wait. 

You can’t expect instant replies, but if she takes days to write back, she doesn’t care at all.

Also, what are you waiting for exactly?

When you put a seed in the ground, you wait for it to grow because you have no choice. What are you waiting for in this case? To get older?

Seriously, what will happen during the waiting period?


Waiting for people is a big waste of time.

If you have to wait, you’re a backup plan AT BEST.

If you have to wait, she isn’t interested. That’s it.

I repeat: you do not wait for people.

Patience is a virtue, but in this case, we have pointless, fruitless waiting because she doesn’t care.


Should I send her another message? 


It’s pointless. She simply isn’t interested.

Every single time you’re left on seen, she knows what she is doing.

She is showing low interest because she doesn’t care.

You can become a texting clown, but that won’t help.

Maybe things will change in the future?

They will if you transform into prime Brad Pitt.

A woman that doesn’t reply tends to forever not reply.

That’s a fact as hard as concrete.

Maybe it is my fault because I was too “needy” and didn’t use “dread game”?

“Dread game” and other Red Pill philosophies work well on paper, but in practice, things are different.

If she doesn’t have an inherent/fundamental interest, she won’t reply regardless of dread game or nagging.

There aren’t some magic words that would open the doors for you. It boils down to the material (looks and money).

If you were prime Brad Pitt or Elon Musk, she won’t forget to reply to your message even if you’re the neediest guy on Earth.

What can a man do?

There’s only one thing to do when a woman is not replying:

Block her without saying anything.

Why? Because there’s no point in keeping women who aren’t responsive. Stop dreaming that one day things will change. They will not.

The fastest way to find a woman is to quickly remove those who are lukewarm about you.

Think of every interaction as a software installation. If the installation process doesn’t reach 100%, the program is not installed.

It doesn’t matter when the installation fails. It could be at 40% or 99.9%. If it fails, it fails.

It’s the same with women. It doesn’t matter whether she is only 1% or 99.9% interested in you.

If it’s not 100%, she’s useless to you.

For example, I can send a DM to Shakira, but we all know that she won’t respond. Meanwhile, I can also send a DM to a woman from my social stratum. She may find me interesting but not quite there.

In both cases, I get no dates. So, the talk with average Becky is just as useless to me as the attempt to talk to Shakira.

Modern dating is based on finding a person that is willing you give you a chance right away. There’s no need to wait 5 months for some average girl to make up her mind. Now or never.

How To Know If You’re Making a Premature Decision

Your intuition is probably correct. However, the more you like a girl, the more likely you’re to tolerate garbage behavior.

Hence why some men purposefully date down. You will never allow a woman that you aren’t crazy about to play games with you. A hot one, however, can easily manipulate you.

The answer to the question is this: if you’re not a part of her texting routine, you’re not a priority.

In other words, if you aren’t getting steady daily messages with questions and what not, she’s useless to you. A time waster. A validation extractor. Whatever you want to call it.

If it ever comes to the point where you think she is ignoring you, she is. And it’s time to disappear.

But the Red Pill says…

Look. I don’t care what the red pill says. A lot of the red pill is nothing but made-up nonsense designed to sell seminars and weird pamphlets to men who struggle. Of course, they want you to think that you can send her a magic word.

You can’t, dude.

She is simply not interested.

She DOES NOT care.

She isn’t willing to write you a couple of words on an 8-inch phone with a QWERTY keyboard and predictions.

How interested can she really be? That’s the lowest input that one can exert today. It takes more effort to smoke a cigarette.

Learn to love the block button.

But she checked my story…

So, did many other people who couldn’t care less about you.

Don’t lie to yourself.

She really doesn’t care…or she does but way too little.

But I love her…

No, you don’t. You love an idea that you have created in your head and transpose it onto every female that shows a hint of interest.

By definition, you can’t love someone that you barely communicate with.

A person is defined by their actions. If you don’t love her actions, you don’t love her.

Be Merciless

I would rather block a woman too early than too late.

I would rather kill a chance than wait for it to manifest forever.

Why? I’ve waited a few too many times.

The wait was never worth it. Never. (I repeat – never).

My tolerance for lack of responses is incredibly low. It’s 24 hours (sometimes less if her style rubs me the wrong way).

If a woman hasn’t replied in 24 hours, and I care to check, I block her instantaneously. I don’t think about it. I don’t care what is happening to her.

The only people who can ignore me like that are family members and old friends. Women who are in the process of auditioning no longer receive that extra from me.

Maybe something happened to her?

I don’t care if she’d fallen out of a helicopter. She’s still out.

Here’s a story:

A long time ago, my grandfather fell and broke his hip. He needed a hip replacement. He lived 240km away from me.

Together with my mom, we took the bus, traveled 3 hours, cleaned his house and brought him back from the hospital. By the end of the day, I was exhausted mentally and physically.

Guess, what? I still had time to reply to the people I cared about. Unfortunately, the woman that I wanted to go on a date with had already left me on seen.

The point is this – if they can’t match 50% of my effort, they receive 0% of my respect.

Why block instead of ignore?

Because blocking erases her from your subconscious mind. Ignoring her doesn’t. As long as there’s a physical possibility for her to contact you, your naïve brain will keep thinking that one day she will reach back to you.

I prefer to erase that possibility and free space for new people.

And if for some reason she makes another account, I block her there too.

Here’s a story:

  1. I talked to a woman online.
  2. Tried to schedule a date. She seemed interested at first.
  3. She was taking days to reply but was still sending me long messages. She was online all the time (a huge red flag that my brain chose to ignore).
  4. I decided to give her a chance.
  5. The week when we were supposed to meet she got “COVID”. (just lol)
  6. I didn’t believe her but did nothing.
  7. One month later, I tried again (talk about being stupid)
  8. No date was set.
  9. I blocked her (about 2 months too late) without saying anything.

Here’s where things got interesting:

10. She wrote me from another account. (Women rarely do that. It’s a feature reserved for beta orbiters and such.)

11. I said call me. This is my number.

12. She called me and said that she will try to be more responsive. I attempted to set a date over the phone. She said that she will “think about it”.

13. We neither talked again nor met. I guess she is still “thinking about it”.

Me blocking her right away would have saved me a lot of time and before all energy.

Don’t be an idiot like me.

When in doubt, just block women.

Block. Block. Block.

She Is Texting Me All The Time. Is that a good sign?

On the surface, yes.

In reality…

I’ve been in situations where a woman would text me all the time (as if we are super tight) while having zero (a.k.a. “0”) intentions to meet me.

Why do women do that?

Two main reasons.

Texting a guy who is somewhat acceptable feels better than playing Candy crush.

They want to feel validated (“guys still like me”). Behaving like a vampire who sucks male energy instead of blood feels really good to them.

Women do this all the time which is why a man shouldn’t take too long to press the issue.

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  1. forossa

    This is an impressive coincidence. Just yesterday we were talking with my buddies about this exact situation and then a post comes with all the points I made. Indeed block is the most fullproof way to go. I have way to many experiences to share and i will not do it.

    The bottom line is i find it to be disrespectful, dishonest and impolite. Since i was raised to be polite I cannot accept and approve bad behavior of others. And it is only natural to reject people with no basic social skills. It is about respecting one’s self. No other way around it. Τhe mere thought that i am encouraging behaviors like this disgusts me.

    No man should become a plaything. No person should just be a 1/1500 followers/friends/orbiters. In many ways, in modern life we are indeed just statistics, but it would be only wise to avoid it tooth and claw whenever we have the ability to do so. It is in our hands. Be the one or be no one.

    My plateau used to be like yours, set at 24hrs, but let’s be honest, what modern woman in this world doesnt check her phone at least ten times per hour? I took it down to 8hrs and it feels much better and just.
    I have also a rule when it is getting too late to receive replies. The reply must begin with an apology for being late. I would do it…. So why would the other person not do it for me? Otherwise even within the time limit i still block it. It is just as you said in a previous blog post. We as men, need to learn to demand more from others. And a polite and honest behavior (for me at least) is the way to start.

    Things are wayyyy more simple than we want them to be.

    Anyways. Long reply…
    As always, thank you for sharing and much love!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      8 hours could be too short because anyone can have a bad day and want to hide from the world.

      But in most cases, it probably isn’t because if you’re not part of her regular texting routine, she probably isn’t interested.

      But if I have high interest myself, I will definetely allow more than 8 hours.

      By the way, on a few occasions women have apologized for the late reply only to ghost after one more line.

  2. Penefattore

    I don’t understand why you keep talking about redpill as if it were PUA nonsense. The red pill was born as the very reaction to PUA BS, on a now defunct online forum called Where are you learning about redpill? Whatever the source, please be aware that it’s full of s#1t and that actual redpill is often pretty much the opposite of what you make it. In fact, your posts are very redpilled. 🙂
    I like both your posts and the red pill. Keep up the good writing!

    1. Penefattore

      I mean, look at you claiming that it’s always about looks and money: the LMS theory is one of the very pillars of the red pill! 🙂
      And I agree with both you and the red pill, of course: take prime Brad Pitt or Elon Musk and see how fast the bitches will be texting.

  3. MB

    Then there is only one solution: The Gilroy from Ocean’s thirteen.

  4. Ahmed Salem

    Truthseeker you have to blame men for this as well they have no standards, no morals, and they would sell out their friends or family members just for a chance with a woman.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      That’s true. Men aren’t innocent. When you cave in, you get hit. We caved.

    2. Chris Hansen

      Ahmed’s mangina comment hoping that a women sees this and touches his peepee.

  5. MB

    A very interesting article. But if it’s all true I’m dissapointed in some women.
    Does this article also count for non-romantic situations? Like when you had much contact with email as friends and then at a certain point, her emails get shorter, more brief, and after another point in time she only responds after sending her 2 emails, then 3, 4, 5, 6, …
    And then no respond at all.
    That’s something I don’t understand. When there is no romance involved, but in the past emails were very extensive and with much feedback and then over time reduced to less than zero.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes. However, if it’s a non-romantic relationship, it can be restarted just fine. For example, I talk to some former co-workers and we routinely drop each other on seen without bad feelings, but only when there’s no action required. Then we start talking again. That’s normal.

      But we women that you’re trying to get on dates and they drop you like that, it’s a lost cause most of the time.

  6. Glove

    ….because she isn´t interested.
    Which other realistic reason could she have not to reply? The simplest conclusion which is possible.
    If we can´t accept the truth we are looking for all explanations which fit in our pink dream world

  7. MB

    Why all the games? Why do women don’t just say ‘stop texting, no interest…’ instead of making things up.
    It would save a lot of time.

  8. Steve

    Your approach is wrong, that’s why you fail.
    Why don’t you check out Kezia Noble, she coaches pretty average men on how to pick up women without being douchebags or liars. She’s very, very successful and posts videos on youtube.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I hope you’re not serious. The golden rule is to never ask a woman how to pick a woman as they’ve never actually done it themselves.

      1. Steve

        Deadly serious.

        She runs bootcamps on picking up women; they study techniques including day-game and night-game, and they go out in the field and pick up women using what they have learned, both in the day approaching on the street and in bars in the evening. She has a formidable reputation for success because what she teaches works and her students are applying it in real time with real results. Obviously, these are week-long bootcamps and even if there was one in your area, they are not cheap. However, her youtube videos are free so information is available to those that want it.

        Of course, you could just dismiss this because it doesn’t sit with your world view, after all, it is not like you write article after article after article complaining that you’ve approached thousands of women with zero success and that they are the problem.

        Alternatively, you could, during the course of a search for truth, learn that whilst modern women are indeed wholly unrealistic and in many cases completely toxic, that there are things that you are doing (or are not doing) that are really destroying your chances.

        You have everything to gain by entertaining new perspectives.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          Facepalm, bro.

  9. Paul

    Woman can also play games, test you to see how keen you are. Love is rarely at first sight, interest can grow with more contact. Its a tricky game, the author of this topic here is by no means an expert on female behaviour.
    My own mother told me she at first had no interest in my father when he made his early approaches, but he was persistent and she ultimately fell for him and they are still married today. Also arranged marriages have suprisingly a high success rate.
    There is certainly room for persistence but at some you need to be honest with yourself and not beat a dead horse too.

  10. Paul

    For men they key is “utility, success, health,and fertility”. If you have these qualities you will be highly desirable to women. For example the owner of a successful business will have many suitors. Women are attracted to driven men who are focused on getting shit done. Again with high utility. Because at the end of the day the women is very focused on what resources you can bring to the table, and for this reason the advice I give to my own teen son, is sure play with women have your fun, but dont get serious until you are successful and have your shit together say 35 years old, 40 even, because by then you will have the choice of the best young women because your market value as a man continues to grow with time as you become more successful and resourceful. I dont give a fuck how good looking, tanned, or fit you think you are if you are not resorcefull and hold high utility in the womans eyes you are useless. Abs dont pay the bills!

    1. Baron2Duke

      You son will be picking up scraps at 40 if he follows through with that advice. Ideally, he must get ‘successfull and resourceful’ by 30 at his latest.

      1. Baron2Duke

        If you live in some shi*hole country, though, this rule does not apply as much.

  11. MB

    There once was a pretty woman that liked a man much more than me while he was not as handsome as me (not that I am a Brad Pitt, but I am better than average… I think).
    That man had a relative high fat percentage, but he was much stronger. I don’t know if that’s important for women.
    What he didn’t had were manners. Ignoring people and playing with his smartphone instead. Burping, …
    I also saw this another time. A pretty women who liked a man who shout very loud when he is enthusiastic and not ashamed for loud burping in public, jokes about women that some will describe as obscene or rude, giving more attention to his smartphone than to people (except his pretty girlfriend of coarse).
    Ok. This sound negative. He also was helpfull and friendly, but I think it’s strange that women seem to be ok with the negative things.

    I don’t understand that… So you don’t always have to be polite then? Only to the girlfriend, but not to other people? … I don’t get it.

  12. Nokia105europe

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  13. MB

    What does it mean when a woman sometimes responds but not always but almost always give a heart / like on social media as respond to a question?

    1. Muji

      Ask her out to find out. Like or heart means nothing as the button is there for her to click. Anybody can do that.

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      it means she’s lukewarm. Could be anything. If you interested, ask her out. If she rejects, block and forget.

      1. MB

        I don’t think that’s possible because the big distance and her messages are probably not in a romantic way. I don’t know. But thanks for the info.

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