The PERFECT Bodybuilding Routine

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Bodybuilding does not enjoy a large number of people telling the truth. As a result, propaganda and agendas reign supreme.

The business model of the muscle industry has not changed. The sector sells supplements and hollowness to the naïve teens while using roided freaks as promoters.

Hence it is hard to trust the masters when it comes to bodybuilding. They know how to get big, but the law and the bank do not allow them to tell you.

The good news is that once you have received the cold slap, you become more enlightened in other areas of your life. Suddenly, you start seeing the same pattern wherever you look. It is a lesson that will serve you for life. If you choose to ignore it, you risk becoming a perpetual lifelong sucker.

You will never find “the perfect bodybuilding” routine or something close to it in muscle magazines. The media are corrupt and operate on the principle problem – reaction – solution. First, they show you the men with big muscle who enjoy great love thanks to their perfect bodies. This creates a problem -you want to join the club, but you do not know exactly how. Don’t worry! They have the solution for you – liver tablets and amino acids.

Consequently, the only thing that you find in the magazines are garbage routines designed to increase the volume of the supplement catalog that you are holding in your trembling hands with so much hope.

Ironically, you will never find the perfect bodybuilding routine on this site either. I do not have it and never will. All I can provide are principles that can help you create what I call “the liquid bodybuilding” routine.

You can think of it as a shoe – you wear one type during the cold winter and a very different one in the summer. Therefore, anything close to a perfect routine would resemble a large wardrobe containing different footwear for every situation.

The most important elements of a successful bodybuilding routine are:

  • Exercise selection
  • Progression
  • Frequency & recovery
  • Simplicity

Exercise selection

Every exercise is a tool designed to help you build your house. If you do not have the right tools, the likelihood of producing a good product is low.

Exercise selection should be based on your goals, experience, abilities and current physical state.

While I do not believe in the existence of irreplaceable exercises, for the most part, learning the basics is required.

Instead of looking for a shortcut, you should learn how to do all classic compound exercises, and make your own decisions when you are ready. Nothing is obligatory besides having the fundamentals down. You can certainly succeed without doing exercises like the squat and the deadlift, but having the ability to perform them correctly will only help you in your career as a human crane.

Once you have the basics down, you can evaluate what you are getting out of each movement and make your own decisions. Be honest in your assessment. Only then, you can come up with a proper exercise selection, which is key to successful bodybuilding routines.

Progression & Narrow Focus

In the muscle world, progress is measured in muscle size and strength. If they are not present, your routine is keeping you at the same place, which is often the case with mainstream bodybuilding plans full.

A large number of exercises hinders your progress due to the lack of focus. If you want to make real progress in one area, everything else has to take the back seat. The narrow focus is your friend.

I would rather be the guy who got his pull-ups from 8 to 20 repetitions, instead of doing 20 exercises for all heads of the biceps and triceps.


Every action has a reaction. You work you rest. If your routine does not allow you to recover, it is never going to work.

Your recovery ability is also affected by your lifestyle. If you are an office slave, you can do more work than a construction worker.

Always add rest days when needed. Many people fail because they treat routines like doctrines without taking into account their own abilities.


Simple routines are always the best. It is much better to do two solid exercises instead of 20 just to look hardcore. The biggest losers in the gym are those who try to make every machine and weight set happy. They move from one exercise to another, thinking that quantity is the key to success.

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