The “My mom is different” myth.

| by Truth Seeker |


A lot of men think that the majority of modern women are bad, apart from their mothers.

“My mom is different,” says the average bro while leaving a comment exposing the lost modern woman.

I have some bad news, bro. Unicorns do not exist.

Allow me to explain.

I was one of those bros myself.

My mom has done endless sacrifices for me and my sister over the years. She did everything in her power to give me a better life and she succeeded.

She did it all on her own.

I grew up with a father, but he was never around. He would leave the house in the morning and come back home at 23:30. I know the precise hour because I was logging his arrivals for a while. 90% of the time it would be around 23:30.

Some days he wouldn’t even come home. We would call him on the phone, but he wouldn’t pick up. We had no idea where he was. We still don’t know where he was spending the nights, but that information is irrelevant today.

On the weekends, my mom and dad would often fight, and my dad would leave and go into the unknown. He hit her a couple of times too.

He skipped 90% of our birthdays and didn’t come to my sister’s graduation. He took me out to play on his initiative exactly 2 times.

You may say that he was doing it all to earn money for us, but that wasn’t the case. My mom was the bread earner. 90% of the money in our family came from her. She bought him 3 cars.

When you add the fact that sons pick a lot of character and physical traits from their mothers, it would be hard for me not to love her.

And I do. Without her, I would be dead. I owe her.

I know that many men out there come from fatherless homes too. So, it’s natural for us to idolize our mothers and dream of meeting women displaying similar qualities.

The reality is different. Very different.

Yes, my mother was extremely loyal and amazing when it came to her children.

But when it came down to selecting men, she wasn’t all that different. Just like the rest of them, she rejected nice guys and went for a bad boy.

You can already see that my father is a big egoist who only cares about his own comfort. He was abusive to her from day one. Yet she stayed with him.

I also know from her that she rejected one nice guy that she met on a train. According to her, the boy was very pleasant to talk to but a bit under-educated. (He was a cook.)

After the encounter, he proposes to her in a letter.

My mother rejects him with the classic: “I have a boyfriend.” line. In reality, she was as single as one can be.

The truth is this. All women want a man who makes them excited. Some men have the magic and some men don’t. If you don’t, most women would classify you as a nice guy and push you away and keep you as a backup plan. They may return to you when their expiration day is close.

My mom is that way too. Chances are yours isn’t different either. She could have married the cook, but he wasn’t “magical”. Instead, she went for the unapologetic pseudo-alpha bad boy that kept her on her toes forever.

During my sad dating life, I met a couple of women that appeared very similar to my mother on the surface. One of them was even born on the same day as her.

During the date, she would blush and behave like a schoolgirl that had just found her husband (me). But then she rejected me in a very direct and honestly disrespectful way because I was too nice.

Today, that same woman is with a guy that has more tattoos than I can count.

“My mom would be different today.”

Another big lie is the belief that your mother wouldn’t be like the average girl nowadays.

The reality is this: we are all a product of our environment. If your moms were born in 2000, 99% of them would be on social media, tinder, bumble…etc. They would be doing what the modern woman is doing because that’s the type of people that the world produces.

Hell, if you were to transform into a woman yourself (please don’t), you would probably act like “one of them” too.

That’s the bitter truth.

All else is nonsensical dreaming.

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  1. Joe Brinker

    Nice to see you posting again man. Been waiting for one! No disrespect but I feel this could have been more in depth…. You always have an interesting and realistic perspective on the topics you write about and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like there is more to be said here…again no disrespect I still really enjoyed reading it. Hope to see you post more. A lot of people Love your posts and look forward to reading new content from you. Keep it up brotha you do make a difference

    1. José González

      As someone who has read (and enjoyed) a fair number of his posts so far, I’ve to agree. While I agree with his main point (basically, that almost all women are terrible when it comes to choosing their partner regardless of their possitive qualities), this one felt way shorter and lazier than usual.

      I hope that, if he keeps posting on this blog, the next posts will be as long and detailed as they used to be until now.

  2. Larry Lifter

    Watch what you say about my mom! 🙂

  3. Ryu

    Wow, TruthSeeker.

    You were quite honest in this article. That is a hard thing. Many men would try to make their mom and themselves look better. Your father too was just responding to the environment. Why buy the cow, when the milk is free, so to speak? All are to blame.

    There is nothing new under the sun. Women AND men also, usually will only be good if they are forced to, or if it is convenient. Not that women are evil, they are just responding to incentives.

    On a personal note, it is important to note that you have an opportunity. You know well the lies that make up bodybuilding. IF you roided up, and sold fart powders, you have the knowledge to become a rich man, IF you were willing to lie that much. You would be better than Arnie or O’hearn. I bet you still get tons of emails from newbs wanting the new magical routine.

  4. Edward

    Modern women are not evil or bad…only Western Feminist Brainwashed women are bad and most western women are because they’re delusional. Now given the right circumstances even middle eastern women can turn into brainwashed gold-diggers because it’s how female nature was built! The current environmental conditions are the reason why you have so many delusional women and sluts!

  5. Vasco renegau

    Great post, as usual.
    Someday I’d like to hear your take on the covid hysteria that took the world in the past few years.
    Cheers mate

  6. mattsk1

    Their are recovery groups like AA and Alanon that help people actually change, both Men and Women when working the 12 steps. I am in recovery for porn myself and work with a sponsor with 5 months of sobriety. The real part of recovery is not the addiction but the Emotional Sobriety.

    My point is Men and Women have their own issues that can be delt with in a healthy way. I listen to their stories and the ring loudly what the author’s parents behaved.

  7. Wordtobigbird

    I experienced the same kind of thing. My father, despite being a drug addled loser, was a loving father on many ways. Always spent time to teach me, hace patiwnce with me. His only downfall was tht he put drugs above working so we never had any money. My mother decided shed rather be with soneone more her speed; just a string of complete assholes after that. But hey, they had a bit of money. She ended up dying fairly young after letting her life spiral into wreckage. My father on the othe rhand, though he never got his act together drugs or money wise, is now at age 67, completely healthy and in the physical shape of yiur average 30 year old, which i know isnt saying much these days but still pretty impressive.

    My mother was definitely not different.

  8. mattsk1

    This site turned into all Women are Toxic and you’re wasting your time talking, trusting, and sharing feelings with them. This site implies that There are men who are Toxic and Men who are not. I am just not seeing any material on signs of a healthy minded safe women. It is not a myth. They are out there just few in numbers.

    Both me and my Wife are Toxic to each other at times, but we are also safe for each other for the most part. Perhaps I am incredibly lucky.

    1. Ryu

      You will learn in your own time. Most Earthlings only learn one way- the hard way.

      Please write back, after your wife has divorced you, after she called the police on you and put you in jail, and then she got the house and half of your wealth. That will teach you real fast. It has already happened to tens of millions of men.

      Teaching men about marriage is like teaching newbies about steroids – they never believe it at first ….

      1. mattsk1

        Six months ago, after relapsing numerous in gaming and porn and promising my Wife and Manager at work I would stop my Wife gave me a wakeup call. She told me that she would find an apartment with our son living with her. I would have to pay for all her expenditures if in the next three weeks I don’t get a Sponsor and start going to a 12-step addiction group. I knew even if I worked 60+hours a day I would not be able to afford the added expenses. My wife does not work and is going to school part time for her masters. I became willing to do whatever it takes and surrender my will to try to be sober on my own. I contacted a recommended Sponsor whom I text/leave message/talk on phone every day for the past 6 months and ongoing. I have been working through the 12 steps with him and have just started step 8 listing people I have hurt and what I did to hurt them. Step 9 is making amends to those people. This is something that has not been easy, but I have experienced 6 months of sobriety and improvement in my communication with my Wife. I still have a long journey ahead of me with a lot of areas that I need to address. It has been Porn and gaming that was the problem. I have one drink of alcohol a month and have never done any kind of drug. Yes, the possibility of what you said is their if I relapse and remove myself from my Sponsor and 12 step programs. I have also listened to countless AA and Alon on Testimonies where this has happened prior to entering a 12 step program working with a sponsor.

  9. Ripple

    Has anyone seen the new Rippetoe video on the Starting Strength YouTube channel? It is a super strange video for a gym channel. As of right now, there is only one comment that calls it out for what it is. I wondered if it was Truth Seeker’s comment under a pseudonym.

    See the video here:

  10. Mrniceguy

    My mom cockblocked me, and also dad . They were not particularly happy I had a sex life . 🤓

    But how about a woman that spreads her legs wearing short gym pants in front of her father? And also me, and her husband?

    And of course we all remember half naked moms of our middle school friends😁

  11. Mrsupernice

    One more thing .. my mom is different..she was never halfnaked in front of my friends but I remember when I was 4-5 her walking around the house in her nightgown without panties.. the smell and hairyness were horrendous.. I remained a virgin until 20

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