The Myth Called Change (we’ve been stuck for decades) The illusion of improvement

| by Truth Seeker |

You’ve probably heard the saying: “The world today is so dynamic. It changes every minute.”

Except it doesn’t. The world is frozen, especially when it comes to social dynamics.

Sometimes I would read a forum topic and check the date only to see that it’s from 2009 or even earlier.

Guess, what? The info is still relevant. I can give you multiple examples.


It’s the same old schema.

Claim natty – sell powders – make money

Go to the first posts of NoN exposing the big names of those times. Those posts were written 9 years ago.

Fast forward to today…what are people talking about? Liver King who unsurprisingly was pinning hard. (Can you believe it? lol)

Same game, different players.


If you go to a dating forum or subreddit (e.g., r/tinder, r/dating…etc.), you will see that people are discussing the same old problems that men and women have been experiencing for over a decade now. (e.g., How quickly should I text her?…etc.)

The new era began when the smartphone was born. The appearance of dating apps solidified it.

Of course, there were earlier indications of what will come around the birth of MySpace and then Facebook.

Ultimately, social media are a larger tool that has a dating function too. What is the motto of social media? Connecting people. Right?

If you’re connecting people, you have the basis for a dating app. Period.

The pocket computer a.k.a. smartphone and dating apps just streamlined the process and made it a lot easier for women to get their catalog of top men.

The top men liked the game and decided to play too. Add a sprinkle of feminism, and you have a society made of women “finding themselves” via the exploration of hot men’s bodies.

Ultimately, all the problems that the dating world faces today were present 10+ years ago and nothing has improved at all. The only thing that changes are the apps a.k.a. the means of communication.

Here’s modern dating in a nutshell:

  • People meet online
  • People play texting games (“I will leave him on seen/delivered for a couple of days to see what that will trigger.”)
  • People chat a lot but rarely meet in person
  • Even if people go on a first date, they rarely have a second.
  • Everyone is disappointed. Everyone complains. Everyone is miserable.
  • Non-stop ghosting.
  • People do random hookups here and there.
  • Most men have to turn the Internet upside down to secure a date.
  • Most people are functionally single despite all the chatting and weird first dates.
  • Scammers constantly sell “miracle” programs that are meant to help the average dude get more women.

The Manosphere

Nowadays everybody is talking about Andrew Tate. Men say he changed their lives. And he probably did one way or another.

But what if I tell you that there were Andrew Tates long before him?

What is the blueprint/solution of Andrew Tate for the male drama?

  • Make money via some “high IQ” online thingy (Don’t follow a traditional career as it’s for losers who will never make enough money.)
  • Go to the gym
  • Follow the red pill in dating
  • Be stoic, never complain…etc.

I can see why some 20y.o. dude would consider this schema revolutionary, but people like me remember the original architects.

Some of you are probably familiar with Victor Pride from

The site is now closed as he became a devoted Christian in 2020, labeled his site the work of the devil, and ghosted the world. No one knows where he is right now as he has zero online presence.

Guess, what?

Victor Pride was a mini Andrew Tate and his site goes back a decade before Andrew Tate’s rise.

The tenants of were:

  • Make money from a blog, YT channel (Learn how by purchasing an e-book.)
  • Behave like a red-pilled alpha
  • Move abroad to get the most of your currency and use your status on local women
  • Go to the gym

Just like Andrew Tate, Victor Pride was making money selling his own products (books, supplements…etc.) which were supposed to turn boys into men.

Andrew Tate is not saying anything that’s fundamentally different from B&D. The only difference is the scale of popularity and income.

Victor Pride had millions. Andrew Tate has billions. Other than that the message and the overall structure are the same.

Also, Victor Pride actively wanted more privacy and didn’t do any advertising. He wanted people to organically find his website through Google by searching for a problem. (It’s also worth mentioning that there was no Tik Tok at the time.)

Of course, Victor Pride wasn’t the only one. The whole 2010 manosphere was built on the same principles, namely:

  1. Tell men that they’re in a bad position. Paint their problems.
  2. Present yourself as someone who has overcome those problems (you’ve found the hack)
  3. Sell them a manual on how to do the same
  4. Make the individual believe that every shortcoming can be overcome with enough hard work.

I am not saying that similar material can’t be useful. It has its value. I am simply pointing out that the “cure” hasn’t solved the problem so far and probably never will because it treats symptoms.

Men had Pride’s guidelines for years, and I am certain that many pupils followed them.

Yet the current situation is vastly identical.

If Pride was to revive his blog, his articles wouldn’t be outdated.

What does that tell you?

Nothing has changed. The world is spinning its wheels.

I always laugh in a sad manner when people claim that the manosphere figures are making a big difference by exposing the problem.

Dudes, let’s get real.

The first and primary reason why those alpha figures are bothering you is that you’re a potential client.

Second, exposing the problem does not equal solving the problem. People have been exposing the banking system for years and look how much it changed. In the last few years, the entire world printed more money than ever before.

So, what if more people know about the large male problems?

Will more women swipe right on you because Andrew Tate is blowing up their feed with jump-cut videos?


Will the court treat men better in a divorce case?


Will women treat you better on a date?


Will you face less competition from other men?


Will women be more compassionate?

No. Even the so-called red-pilled women still behave like all the rest when the cameras aren’t working.


The only value that you get is hearing someone say what you already know and think.

Why aren’t those solutions working?

Because they treat the symptoms rather than the cause and consequently work only for a minority of men rather than the average guy.

If a solution doesn’t work for the majority of average men, then it is not a solution to a problem that average men face.

Example: Women want ultra-hot, successful men. Men try to become hot and successful.

Let’s hypothetically say that a critical mass of average men satisfies the hot and successful standards. That is practically impossible, but let’s pretend that it’s not.

What will happen is this: the new hot men will quickly become the new average men, and women will once again want more. (Remember: Women always want more and different.)

For example, if all men reach a six-figure income, then a six-figure income will mean nothing.


The reason for the dating problem is not the lack of income but the lack of values and direction in western societies.

How come people in other parts of the world have no problem marrying and having children with small salaries, but Europeans and their descendants are somehow convinced that you need to be a millionaire to have a kid?

Your father and grandfathers didn’t have to play this stupid game, at least not to the same degree. More than likely they had an average job and married an average woman with fewer problems.

Why? Because that was the climate back then. You go on a few dates with a woman and then you marry her. You didn’t have to go on a date with half the town to find someone.

People are simply lost inside. Until that’s fixed, no amount of money printing and shallow self-improvement will fix the problem.

Also, don’t forget that there are many guys who have the whole package (looks + money) and still suffer.


The “alpha solution” to money generation isn’t really a solution for the average guy.

Imagine this. Everyone quits their job to start some online thingy (blog…etc.) to make money. If that happens, the economy will crash.

If people are poor, that should be addressed as a whole rather than by creating some scheme that will by definition work only for a few individuals.

The above may seem a little too complex and untidy. So, I will give you a simple example.

Imagine that there is insane inflation and eventually a box of 10 eggs reaches 1000 bucks.

Average people would go to the supermarket and state: “Lol. That’s really expensive.”

Out of somewhere, a Redpill Alpha dude says: “It’s not expensive, you’re just poor. Last afternoon, I bought a Lambo because I was bored. Wanna learn how? Just follow my steps.”

Maybe a few men will become rich enough not to care that 10 eggs cost 1000 bucks, but there isn’t enough room for all average men in that scheme by definition.

Or in other words, even if all men work just as hard, most will not succeed because there aren’t enough positions that give you the needed leverage for similar money printing.

The eggs example can be used for women too.

Imagine this: 100 average men try to get 1 average girl and fail. She rejects all of them.

Out of somewhere, Redpill Alfa Dude says: “Just gain the status of a Saudi Arabia prince, and she will be yours.”

It’s obvious why this will not work as a mass solution.

It’s almost criminal to make men reach level 99 to get a woman that’s not even on level 5.

Furthermore, this type of thinking creates insane social imbalances leaving the vast majority of men frustrated and with nothing.

The only solutions that will EVER work are those that do not play the game that created the problem in the first place.

Truth be told, humanity needs to go back in its social dynamics to go further. The current momentum is leading to nothing but crisis after crisis.

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  1. Donny Eldridge

    “It’s almost criminal to make men reach level 99 to get a woman that’s not even on level 5.”
    That sums it up for me.

  2. Crodrigex

    to a certain degree this makes perfect sense. But even if men are forced to go to level 99 to get level 5 woman, ha its advantges if you look at it in a diferent way. First of all, we do not really need women in our lives, we think we do, but reality i that is our reproductive organs the ones that are really craving for them, not our brains. So if you believe in the line of thought that men need to chase women, then yes you will do it only for women,. which in fact is a reltively polarizing act. The main point is that there is nothing wrong with achieving level 99, or at lat striving to achieve it, for it is better to try and be your best self rather than staying in a sofa and playing videogames/watching tv after a 9-5 job. Because even if we are not looking for woman and due to that we are not forced to go to level 99, that is no excus to stay a loser. Remember other women are not the only people in your life, what about your father/mother that broke their backs to give you a good life, wht about your brothers/sisters ? DOnt you want to improve their life quality? dont you want to make them proud? or do you want them to see you as a 9-5 slavey wagey? It doest mean you need to make millions or dollars, or even succeeding, it is abour your intentions and your way of living. And it all comes down to the very famous adage,


    And that is something I have seen with my own eyes from a lot of men in my life, Including my own father. They tried and hence they succeeded. So we as men, need to strive and achieve level higher than most individuals, not for chicks, but for us and the ones we love. Therefore, it is not at all criminal. Because if our main focus are chicks, the our whole mental model is not logical, but based on your reproductive organ/hormonal desires. Chicks are only an addition to your life. If they come GREAT, if they dont keep your way.

    1. Crodrigex

      And maybe yes, that will not fix all of dating/world/ economy problems. But t is better to play the game and earn something than saying that the game is too hard for me, hence, i will complain.

  3. Julio

    In YouTube there is a Channel called l”a verdad sobre el fitness” is in spanish who takes your exact content and publishes it and has a lot of followers, i don’t like that he takes your credit, don’t you think?

  4. Ryu

    There is nothing new under the sun. This was true even 2000 years ago.

    The ONLY thing that makes a woman special to a man – is her loyalty to him.

    Everything else is irrelevant. Feminism makes women useless to men. American men will learn this everlasting truth in time, thought they will fight it. Beauty and charm pass away. Sex becomes another chore. Paradoxically, once you completely lose interest in women, they will be drawn to you.

    What is occurring today in 2023, happened in the past as well. There is nothing new about feminism, mass immigration, and the mental castration of men.

    Thank you NattyorNot for your work. You must get tired of teaching the same thing over and over. Just imagine how God feels, watching the same mistakes, over and over …

  5. Ahmed Salem

    Truthseeker, you know what’s funny? I knew Andrew Tate 4 years ago before he blew up. He was famous back in the manosphere since it was a tiny niche. He was selling overpriced self-improvement programs and I knew he would blow up because people nowadays enjoy mental masturbation. Anyone who tells them you can do it bla bla and combine that with a bit of drama boom you have secured a cult. Another funny fact btw is that Andrew Tate inherited a hotel in Thailand after his father passed away so yea he didn’t start from scratch as he would say lol. Also, Andrew Tate and his brother worked door-to-door sales. These door-to-door salesmen are crafty and lie nonstop.

    1. Ryu

      THAT explains a lot, Ahmed. Thank you for sharing your experience with Andrew Tate.

      To be very frank, Earthy Success = Work + Luck + Cheating. TruthSeeker has written about this. Tate will disappear and be forgotten, as Pride was, as Roosh was, as Roissy was, etc etc etc.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am not associated with them. People just steal.

  6. José González

    Indeed Ryu.

    I’ve seen that happening all the time with other grifters who came before Tate, and every two or so years there’s a “new kid on the block” who repeats the cycle:

    1- A charismatic and good looking man creates some self-improvement social media account claiming to have gone from zero to hero.

    2- The self-proclaimed guru/alpha/Chad uploads “redpilled” and hustle culture content that attracts insecure and misguided men who look for a change.

    3- The guru creates a cult of personality and sells overpriced courses, chat group subscriptions or coaching programs to the most desperate.

    4- Finally, they are caught up in some big scandal due to their unethical (sometimes literally
    criminal) practices or decide to conveniently “retire” before things go out of hand.

    What’s sad is that it will never end because there will be always a steady supply of naive victims ready to fall in the clutches of such shady characters (I used to be one of them years ago. I wish I knew better but sometimes you need to learn the hard way).

  7. Dooshie

    Interesting how many of these guys got the God pill, a further proof. Roosh was always interesting in that he was more about just taking advantage of being able to travel, whereas most people (especially if they actually had good jobs), rather than being really believable that euro girls or whomever were really all that interested in him. Not that he was bad looking, but he was on the lower end of above average with that look and ethnicity.

  8. Artful Dodger

    Great posts and comments. Yes, this is totally accurate. As a 1% in physical fitness and in career, I can attest to the fact that because of many things (but mostly the arms race as Truth Seeker points out) in the modern cultural slop, you can’t even get anywhere near a commensurate value to what you bring. Beyond that, people keep thinking if you add characteristic X, you’ll get Y girl. No, and your point on loyalty is spot on, and proves it.

    My personal opinion is that, even if I’m just a 7, let’s say, the number of 7+ girls (if they were even loyal) is unbelievably smaller than guys somewhat close to me, either same or slightly higher/lower. Really successful men are not going to COMMIT to a 5ish, which is remarkably fat, especially if they both have money and are in really good shape. The nail in the coffin is that now, even if the girls aren’t fat, that largely is only around teen ages into early 20s. And the society has the women chasing other things like career and fun, or casual nonsense, or whatever. If you can’t get young women, the whole thing is definitely not worth it for men, and it was arguably something that was hard for men to commit to even when things were relatively perfect in the 50s …

  9. Thorgal

    “The current momentum is leading to nothing but crisis after crisis.”

    I’d say the current momentum is leading us toward a hard wall fast. What we are witnessing is the agony of the our modern civilization (which I will call the “West” for simplicity’s sake). The West is careening toward utter collapse, there is no doubt about it. In just a few years (at most 10 I believe), we will be back to reality and we won’t like it very much.

  10. Pablito

    The one thing that will never change is human nature (and its mostly unpleasant traits). Unfortunately, modern philosophy has even gone so far as to deny the existence of strictly human nature (we’re just evolved apes, aren’t we?)

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