Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Training and Life

| by Truth Seeker |


Below I have collected some frequently asked questions:

Q: What do you think about Andrew Tate and his brother? 

A: I caught an earlier era of male self-improvement and know more about people like Victor Pride from (the site is now closed) than the Tate brothers.

From what I’ve heard, they made their fortune via cam girl websites and are now spreading male wisdom and showing off their assets. Who knows if this story is true or not?

If I have to be honest, I am not a fan.

Cam girl websites = weird soft porn + masturbation farm.

What an amazing contribution to society…

Ultimately, the Tate brothers are milking sexually frustrated men and are part of the classic male self-improvement industry which works as follows:

  1. Gain men’s trust by explaining their problems in modern society perfectly
  2. Give men hope by showcasing a lifestyle immune to the said problems
  3. Tell men that they can escape “the matrix” if they self-improve properly
  4. Sell men a self-improvement manual
  5. Explain the failure of most men with “you aren’t trying hard enough”
  6. Repeat

Self-improvement works to a certain extent, but it doesn’t take a very high IQ to see why the above is not the solution but a vicious cycle leading to social imbalances.

The more you improve, the more society wants from you.

The problem that we face today is due to the lack of morals, values, and a higher direction in life rather than the absence of six-pack abs on men.

Your male ancestors didn’t have to “hack themselves” by listening to professors to marry an average woman.

Men are treated like garbage not because they are all losers but because this is the modern narrative.

The way I see it, the average woman needs to do a lot more self-improvement than the average man. And by self-improvement, I don’t mean getting bigger glutes. I’m talking about moving away from the life of a slut dancing in yoga pants.

Ultimately, I don’t care about gurus “fixing men”.  I’m never going to put any of those experts on a pedestal and worship them.

I am old now and the theatrics are too apparent.

Q: What do you think about the Liver King scandal?

A: Nothing new under the sun. You’re talking to a guy that’s been exposing fake natties for over a decade.

None of this will ever change. New people come and join the business, but the schema never changes:

  • Inject
  • Lie to your audience that your muscles are the result of “insert some voodoo here”
  • Profit

Q: Why do you hate women?

A: I don’t hate women inherently, obviously. I hate their manipulative behavior. I hate that you can never count on them to hold up to their word. I hate the games.

You should always expect some weird maneuvers and a healthy amount of backstabbing.

Of course, some will say “Not all women are like that”.

Ah…the mythical exceptions…We all live for them, don’t we?

If you have experienced what I’ve lived through, you would understand why I feel the way I do.

Ultimately, however, women are a victim of social brainwashing. They think that thе “sex and the city” lifestyle is something they’ve chosen consciously, but this isn’t the case. It was imposed on them.

I would also like to clarify that men have a big say in this. Many of the broken women that you meet today never had a father figure in their livеs. Their pussy dads donated them to the crazy modern world.

Q: Does PUA work?

A: If you approach a very high number of women (think 1000s), some will show interest.

However, I don’t believe in magic words, “game” and other verbal voodoo. Whether she likes you or not depends primarily on your looks and how she feels about men in general at that moment.

I would never buy weird books on game or pay for coaching.

Ultimately, PUA = huge waste of time and energy. You can get the same results by spamming women on social media. This is essentially digital PUA. The benefit is that you won’t have to humiliate yourself in front of strangers.

Every retired PUA falls into one of three categories:

a. Mentally destroyed

b. Married to an aging woman (the type that PUA tells you to avoid)

c. Still approaching and hoping for a miracle to happen

Also, the women that you get from PUA are extremely flakey.

I know a dude who’s approached an insane amount of women (10k+). He has slept with many of them (1% is still a lot when the number is that high).

However, he still has to approach because most of the interactions are a one-time thing. A woman sleeps with him and then disappears. The guy is now pushing 40 and continues to live this way.

To me, PUA = slaving to women while actually thinking that you’re the boss.

Q: What’s your take on the Red Pill?

A: If you’re talking about the red pill in dating, my thoughts are:

  • the more she likes you physically and financially, the more the “red pill” works.

Q: What’s your take on the Black Pill?

A: The idea that looks are the fundamentals of attraction is 100% correct. The proof is everywhere you look.

Becoming physically more attractive is the only thing that 100% guarantees that more people will like you.

Sense of humor? That’s nice, but honestly, who cares?

Good conversationalist? Nice, but no woman cares about your verbal skills if you’re 1 foot shorter than her.

That said, it’s wrong to completely give up on life because you’re not a 10/10.

Q: What do you think about Tik Tok?

A: I’ve used Tik Tok for 30 minutes and literally felt dumber by the end of it. The videos were disturbing, to say the least.

Q: Do you think that the world will end soon?

A: It can end for an individual, but it never ends for everybody.

Back in the day, I was a subscriber to a popular religious channel. The guy was constantly pointing out that the end times are coming. Eventually, I stopped watching his videos for many years (7+). I am still getting notifications saying that “the end is close”.

Many people thought that COVID was the final nail in the coffin, but apparently, it wasn’t.

In my opinion, this world never ends.

Q: Women often tell me that they’re too busy to meet. Are they lying? 

A: Yes, they’re busy going to the mall and playing with their cats. Of course, they’re lying. Do you know who is busy? A mother with 2 sick kids. But the single women that you’re talking to are not busy. They’re just distracted and spoiled.

Q: What should I do when a woman cancels?

A: If she proposes another day, schedule a date. If she doesn’t, block and forget as fast as possible.

Q: Why do people lie so much?

A: Because it works. You can’t get to the top by playing honestly.

From bodybuilders injecting tren in their precious glutes to successful alpha males. All of them lie a lot more than you think. By a lot, I mean a lot.

Why does lying work? Because the truth is ugly. We want the fairy tales. The hope. The pipe dreams.

Currently, I don’t receive any hate mail for exposing bodybuilders, but in the glory days of this site, I was under constant pressure from regular people whose dreams had been shattered.

This world is built on hypocrisy.


Sugar causes cancer and diabetes, and yet the companies that produce it are rewarded handsomely.

The governments of many countries routinely commit mass murders (wars), but people are more concerned about school shooters.

Men commit 75% of suicides . 2/3 of those men are white. You don’t see protests about that.

Q: Do you believe in heaven and hell?

A: I don’t know if heaven and hell exist, but I do see this world as hell itself. The main theme of this world is suffering. You’re born. You suffer and then you die. Some suffer a lot more than others, but we all do.

If you live long enough, you will witness some horrendous stuff.

Not many people think about it, but hell needs heaven to exist and vice versa. How can you know light without knowing darkness?

Therefore, the perfect hell includes a heaven in it. This matches the description of this world perfectly. People experience joy for short periods of time, get re-energized, and then face another obstacle.

People will argue that the opposite is also true. Pain makes it possible to experience joy, bliss…etc. This is 100% correct, but pain wins…in the end.

Unfortunately, this world appears to be a closed circle. We die, but the loop keeps going forever.

Maybe there is a way to break the circle, but the way out appears to be hidden from us at the bottom of the ocean.

Q: Do you consider abortion murder?

A: Abortion is 100% murder. It doesn’t matter that the baby isn’t fully formed yet. The spark of life is already in the fetus. Putting an end to it at whatever phase cancels life. 

Since the act of abortion is done consciously (unless you have a mischarge/involuntary abortion), it’s murder.

That said, sometimes abortion is necessary to protect the life of the mother. In that case, I see abortion as justified.

But the vast majority of abortions happen for different reasons. E.g., “I’m too young to have a baby.”…etc.

(By the way, Koreans count age differently – they include the pregnancy.)

Q: What do you think about women who say “my body, my choice”?

A: If we’re talking about appearance, they’re correct and should have the freedom to do whatever they want with their bodies.

When it comes to babies, however, they’re dead wrong.

Let me tell you a brief story:

  • 2-3 years ago I met a woman
  • She told me that she’d aborted her first child at 23 without telling the father.

This story shows the following:

  1. Women abuse the loopholes that nature has given them.
  2. Some women believe that they have full authority over their children because the baby lives in them for 9 months. Or in other words, the kid is more hers than his.

The reality is this. The father should have an equal say in the future of his child. In my story, the woman commits two crimes. First, she kills a perfectly healthy fetus. Second, she deprives her boyfriend of becoming a father to a kid that’s equally his. This is an extremely selfish act. I would even classify it as pure evil.

Q: What do you think about women who talk about male issues?

A: They do it for the views. A woman can never understand what it is to be a man. The opposite is also true. Imagine a man talking about female issues….haha

Q: What do you think about Vince Gironda?

A: He invented some cool exercises (if your joints can take them). I also like that he exposed the high carb diets. But I have zero doubt in my mind that all of his popular pupils got big thanks to the drugs rather than some “magical” workout routine. Open his book. All you see are drug users.

Q: Do you watch Joe Rogan?

A: I’ve watched some podcasts, but I’m not a massive follower. I am tired of listening to people telling me how I should live. They can keep their wisdom to themselves.

Q: What do you think about Jordan Peterson?

A: He is the king of spiking interest via controversy (e.g., makeup is a form of sexual harassment) without fully breaking the politically correct wall.

He is also very good with nuance words that kind of say something offensive but not to the point where one can be “canceled” for it.

Personally, I am not a fan and see him as just another propeller of the “just self-improve, bro” idea.

He refuses to publicly acknowledge the fact that many of the men suffering today are average and above it.  Thus, the suffering is the result of the system rather than the lack of self-improvement. He knows this well, but rarely if ever says so because it’s politically correct to criticize men and spare women’s feelings.

Q: What do you think about people who don’t want to have kids because the world is overpopulated? 

A: Those individuals have bought into a false narrative spread by the globalists.

Europe, USA, Japan…etc. are suffering from a huge demographic problem and need more kids than ever.

It doesn’t matter that other countries have billions of people if your country is getting smaller and smaller each year. If you want your country to have a longer life, it needs more and more people born and raised there. No people, no country. It’s simple.

But even if you don’t care about nationality and such, having your own children is still something that you should consider. Sure, you can raise other men’s children, but you will never love them as much as you would love yours.

The connection between a biological parent and a child is insanely strong.

The idea that you shouldn’t have children because we already have enough people is just a trick that keeps people stuck in a self-centered, self-obsessed, consumer lifestyle.

Yes, there are plenty of people…but they are all strangers to you. You will never love them, and they will never love you.

8 billions people…and none of them will touch your heart like your own kid would.

Q: What is your take on crypto?

A: Crypto is a scam.

How do you make money from crypto? Two ways.

  1. Buy low, sell high

This is simple speculation. You make your money (add your value) by selling the same unit to another person at a higher rate.

This method counts on finding other individuals/losers and dumping your digital wallet on them in exchange for standard paper money (the very type that crypto is supposed to make obsolete, just lol).

2. Tell other people how to make money from crypto (get rich by telling other people how to get rich)

Why are people so concerned with making you rich via crypto? Why are they constantly advertising “crypto secrets”?

Why don’t they use their stupid secrets themselves? Why are they bothering you?

Because “those secrets” are just theoretical nonsense. If those secrets guaranteed gains, they wouldn’t share them with you.

Ultimately, crypto has zero value on its own.

How much is 1 coin worth today? I don’t know and don’t care to check, so let’s say that 1 coin = X amount of dollars.

Since you can’t use crypto to buy anything worth something without exchanging your wallet for actual fiat money, then the value of crypto comes from the dollars that you can get from it.

Or in other words, the dollars are worth something, the coin isn’t.

It’s pretty ironic, isn’t it? Crypto is supposed to eliminate standard money, but its entire value is based on it.

If the dollar loses its value, so will crypto.

On its own, crypto is worth absolutely nothing. You can’t buy anything worth buying with it.

I would also like to point out that crypto needs electricity.

No electricity = no Internet = no crypto = no transactions = no money = nothing

So, in the case of an apocalypse, your crypto will be worth nothing at locations without electricity or the Internet.

Q: Do you smoke?

A: I’ve smoked 5-6 packs over the last 2 years. It has a calming effect on you, but it’s obviously very bad long-term.

Q: Do you drink?

A: No. I don’t like alcohol at all.

Q: What’s your take on masturbation?

A: The male desire for reproduction and thus sex is extremely strong. As a result, many men do insane mistakes (e.g., sleeping with ugly, fat married women).

Masturbation is the only way to clear your head from those sexual desires outside of actually having sex. Thus, it can be used as a tool to prevent an otherwise very bad move.

There’s an old piece of advice that goes “Before promising anything to a girl, masturbate”.

If a man is sexually deprived, his standards go extremely low. After a session, however, most men immediately eliminate the women that would make a bad spouse in the future from their heads. That’s the definition of thinking clearly.

That said, masturbation often comes with bad company such as porn and addiction. Porn is 100% bad and should be avoided at all costs as it permanently rearranges your brain and shows you imagery you were never meant to see. In short, porn is a video library of people’s sickest sexual ideas. Always run away from it.

It’s also possible to get addicted to masturbation. E.g., Performing the act for hours each day.

This is very bad and should be avoided at all costs.

Q: Have you quit lifting?

A: Not really. I still train, but I simply don’t care as much. Gone are the days when I would obsess over my deadlift numbers. In fact, nowadays, I do everything possible to make an exercise more difficult without adding weight.

I use tricks such as:

  • deadlift with small plates so that the range of motion is longer (+ standard grip)
  • increase the incline of a bench once a certain weight gets easier instead of adding more weight

Honestly, bros, I just don’t care about the gym all that much anymore. I still train, but I spare my body.

Lifting heavy (under 5 reps) is a massive waste of time and can get you injured in the long run. I rarely do less than six reps with good form these days.

Pumping is smarter than lifting heavy. I cringe at the days when I would overload the bar to the point where I miss reps.

Look at Jay Cutler and then look at Ronnie Coleman. Jay trained smarter. Ronnie Coleman’s spine took a massive beating from all that ego squatting.

This is the biggest danger – the spine. All those heavy lifts (squats, deadlifts) torture it. Sure. If you have perfect technique, the risks are low. But even then heavy is heavy.

Q: Do you believe in happiness? 

A: You know what they say – happiness is always two steps away from you. Even if you get exactly what you want, you still won’t feel as happy as you thought you would. I don’t think that the point of this life is to be happy but to learn. And to learn, you must know both happy and sad.

That said, every human needs at least the hope that he will be happier one day to keep functioning in a healthy manner.

Q: What’s your take on visiting a prostitute to lose your virginity and in general?

A: Ideally, you wouldn’t have to do that.

It’s 100% true that prostitution is the cheapest and fastest way to secure sexual experiences if you are not attractive enough for online dating (most men aren’t).

Prostitution saves you the trouble of spamming women and essentially begging for their attention. Most men today do not have consistent sex. It’s usually sporadic and the result of one-night stands with less-than-ideal candidates. Escorts eliminate this problem on the surface.

However, that shortcut has a big price tag:

a/ You don’t get to experience the feeling of being wanted. This is the most important part of sex. An escort does not provide it.

b/ No love. No kids. (that’s self-explanatory)

c/ It’s dangerous and illegal in many countries. You can get in big trouble. You can even get killed.

d/ It’s immoral in many regards. If you had a daughter, how would you feel if she works as a prostitute selling her body to random men? Just the thought of it would make most fathers crazy.

That being said, we also have to account for the fact that without escorts some men will be forever excluded from the sexual marketplace.

For example, if you are a really short man, most women will brutally reject you for your height and won’t feel guilty for 1 nanosecond. What are your options then, really?

Unless you hit the love lottery, escorts or gold diggers are your only 2 realistic options. The second one is the less evil of the two, as long as you protect your assets.

I know that the above sounds cynical and depressing, but those are the times we live in. Women are picky and tricky.

Personally, I’d rather remain celibate than pay for it. I am not interested in the escort experience all that much, but I am not going to play dumb and close my eyes to the logic and necessity that could be motivating people to engage in similar acts.

Q: Is there really someone for everyone? 

A: No, there isn’t. For example, in my city there are 15k less fertile women than men. Even if every fertile man is matched with a woman, 15k men will be hugging air.

Don’t waste your time watching romantic movies. They’re made for women and promote unhealthy feminism.

Q: What’s wrong with MGTOW?

A: MGTOW is not a long-term solution. It has zero late game.

Go find a MGTOW man with children and ask him if he would trade his kids for all the things that a man is supposed to gain by going MGTOW?

Seriously, ask him if he would trade his kids for cars, watches, escorts experiences, “peace and quiet”, motorcycles, hobbies, and whatever else you are supposed to get by going your own way.

The answer will be no.

The problem of most men is not the lack of sex. It’s the lack of children. The absence of women in a man’s life is not a huge issue. The absence of offspring, however, is.

The main point of being with a woman is to procreate. That’s why men have such a strong desire for sex. We want procreation.

People often comment under MGTOW videos as follows: “51 years old. Never married. No kids. Never being happier.”

That’s a lie. Being a lonely man is a painful experience.

It’s also worth mentioning that most MGTOW men are not MGTOW by choice.

To me, MGTOW could be helpful as a temporary state and nothing more.

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  1. cavalino

    Brilliant article.
    Since I’ve been on this planet, I’ve seen how attitudes have changed, especially on the women side.
    Nowadays, most women think they have the Holy Grail.
    If they are charming, they think they are movie stars.
    Unless it’s an exceptional girl you’ve met, in the end it’s not so hard to convince yourself otherwise.
    I have my dogs, my hobbies, and even if I don’t have a relationship, it’s all about feeling good about myself.
    The most important thing is to be happy.
    Not an easy task, but who said the opposite?
    As Marcus Aurelius said: “Give me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to distinguish the former from the latter.”
    Heaven is where you find it.

  2. Zell

    Would you still recommend a protocol consisting of just dips and pull ups as a minimalistic yet effective way of training?
    Glad to see you posting again. Your writings have been accompanying my own personal growth for the last couple of years and helped me put a number of things into perspective.

  3. Ahmed Salem

    Can I reach my cardio natty limit by doing one exercise such as skipping rope instead of running? I am currently skipping rope for 20 minutes straight once per week. Is that enough to reach my cardio genetic limit?

    1. RandomGoyOnTheInternet

      Try burpees instead. See how many sets of 10s you can do.

  4. Donny Eldridgeyk4F

    While I enjoy the articles written by the author.
    Where does friends come into play for us men.
    I think social interaction with other males is important.
    It can help us men get through tough times having a yarn with other blokes.

    1. Simple Simon

      “most MGTOW men are not MGTOW by choice.”

      I think I read here that MGTOW is actually MSTOW.

  5. Lee

    Love the article but have to disagree on the last point. I am 50 years old and have never for even 1 second regretted not having kids.

  6. Edo

    Glad you’re back Truthseeker, you’re writing style never gets old


    Cognitive dissonance dance
    + Life is suffering
    + I hate the powerful because of vice
    + Most everything is a lie (nihilism)
    Then says;
    – Abortion is murder (Let’s invite more people to the suffering party)
    – We should do what the powerful say because of “love”
    – Still believe in God and nation-states (?)

    1. Jose

      Also some points seem to contradict thoughts he shared in the past.

      For example, here he fully agrees with the Blackpill’s idea of “lookism” when, in a previous discussion, he pointed out that even if you are a 6 ft or more Chad looking guy, if you have a “nice guy” personality a woman will most likely prefer a “bad boy” over you even if he looks average or subpar (and this makes 100% sense to me).

      IMO, looks at best make you more approachable and give you more chances for one night stands and stuff like that, but they hardly are what keep a relationship going on in the long term.

      1. RandomGoyOnTheInternet

        You think that because you don’t look good enough. Looks are 99% to nearly all women. Check out the Jeremy Meeks story.

    2. Neckman

      And he smokes

      Man is clearly depressed and has a negative mentality. Too bad since he’s absolutely right about the fitness influencers and the natural limit. It is even worse now than back in his days with all the sarms goblins now

  8. Ani

    Thank you truth seeker. I was missing your articles. Your view of the world is radically realist. It´s crazy how we are nothing but instruments playing in a greater table. The fact that we have feelings, wishes and intelect makes everything harder because we try to give meaning to our own worlds, when in reality, we are just living beings with conscientiousness. We know deep down these things, but we cannot do anything about it. That’s it. Natural selection always wins. I’s a matter of time.

    I would like to ask you, can I estimate my own body fat percentage just by looking at my face?

    1. Tartaria

      Wrong. How did you get this consciousness? You live on a flat earth in the centre of creation. Humans were glorious before the resets. Research Tartaria

  9. Victor

    Great, great post as always. I hope there will be many more to come, alongside other books maybe!


    Is this the final conclusion of this blog?

    1. Neckman

      He is clearly depressed and swallowed the black pill in full. Poor guy, he was really on point with everyone using drugs and the natty limits. Too bad his neurotic tendencies got the best of him. I legit think he would be happier if he actually took the damn steroids

  11. Steve

    Generally speaking, If the dollar falls. then the relative value of an asset, including crypto, rises. Intrinsically, it hasn’t increased in value, but relatively it has.

    Additionally, Jordan Petersen is at the Apex of his field and supports everything he claims with Empirical Evidence. The controversy around him is merely his quoting of studies that have inconvenient findings. His books are very good.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I can guarantee that if the dollar falls, so does crypto. Crypto is worth nothing. It’s a way deeper scam that I presented in this post.

      1. RandomGoyOnTheInternet

        Read up on Bitcoin. Nearly all cryptos are centralized scams, Bitcoin isn’t.

        And in case of an apocalypse paper-money won’t be worth anything either.

      2. NotASleazyFan

        In which way? Do you mean the theory that Bitcoin is artificially pumped by Tether? Do you have crypto critical sources to recommend? Bitcoin allegedly got its first real use case in the darknet markets. How the hell do dealers decide to accept worthless internet „money“, that is considered a scam, in the first place?

        If somebody puts money into crypto, it should always be treated as gambling. There‘s just so much that can go wrong with the digital currency itself, exchanges, crypto wallets, banks, taxation, things you won‘t think about. If you lose money, it should be an amount that would never ever bother you. Be emotionally distanced. Never put your hopes into it.

        Persons who shill crypto as „store of value“ deserve to be punched in the mouth.

      3. Steve

        You cannot guarantee this because this is not how financial markets work and crypto is now part of this machine.

        However, Crypto IS definitely propped up by the “greater fool theory” and could never become mainstream because to be acceptable, it would have to cease being that makes it in attractive in the first place.

    2. Fred

      Jordan Peterson is just another fraud promoted by the system who shills for his (((masters))).

  12. Dave

    Longtime reader and I think you’re off base on a couple things here but that’s cool, we can’t all agree and I think you’re a net positive in terms of what you’ve put out there both through the site and your books. Wish the best for you and your continued evolution through life. You might like Schopenhauer if you haven’t already checked him out, some of your views are similar.

  13. Jose

    This. The key with crypto is to put in it only money you can afford to lose or not recover (if you ever have the chance) in a long time. Like any other high risk financial activity, the reward can be very high (“scam” or not, there are people who have made good money with crypto because they bought and sold at the right time) but the losses can be as huge if you are too reckless and don’t see crypto for what it truly is.

  14. Popescu René

    I am not a MGTOW by choice, but because I have no other better options. That the hard cold reality for me and I’m not a bad looking guy.

    I wonder how my life will look in the future without a “soul-mate”.

  15. Thorgal

    Crypto currencies have been introduced for one purpose: get the masses seduced and becoming familiar with the concept in order to adopt without thinking the horrendous CBDC our financial overlords are putting in place right now. This is a honey-pot bait with “good” and “bad” sides. Let the peasants familiarize themselves with it (and a lucky few make a fortune so as to maintain the appeal) but yet introduce some bad sides (wild fluctuations w.r.t fiat, cybertheft, etc), issues that the central banks will no doubt “correct” … Crypto
    = fucking scam of a gigantic scale, propelled by the usual cabal of globalists.

  16. Jose

    My impressions exactly.

    Regardless of the future of this blog, I really hope he will get past whatever is happening in his life right now. It pains to see him embrace and promote utterly pessimistic ideas that don’t do any good when in the past he had much more healthy and down to earth views.

  17. Pablito

    Men (and women) are also unhappy with what Voegelin used to call «immanentization of the “eschaton”», i.e. ”the closure of the eschatological directionality within the intramundane, immanent and cosmological horizon.”

    Both Marxist and (classical) liberals wanted to create a heaven on earth, Truthseeker. But they failed. That’s totalitarianism

    Of course in our case (the so called Western world) we are talking about classical liberal totalitarianism – whose order is based on the myth of the American dream and on the fact that everyone can get rich and build his own personal and earthly paradise through wealth – cause marxist totalitarianism lost the [cold] world war 3 in 1989.

    Again, sorry for my poor english.

  18. elden_sorcerer

    Any truth resonating in pills is just part of a greater pill that is Gnosticism, or Platonism – more Valentinian Gnosticism – distinctions between the two don’t matter that much. But pills are mostly bro shit.

  19. elden_sorcerer

    p.s. this matches your stance that this world is actually hell. it might not be lowest realm, but it is far enough from perfection and light that would would classify within boundaries of “hell”.

  20. Sean

    I liked this article as I do most of your stuff. Heaven and hell are definitely real. Accepting into your heart that the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for our sins is the only way to get there.

    Matthew 7:13-1413
    “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

    I know this is off topic but you mentioned not only heaven and hell but you’re also against abortion. I agree. We are no accident and there is a “story line” so to speak behind creation.

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