The Entire World Is a Big Fake Natty on Steroids Put on your truth lenses.

| by Truth Seeker |

The “fake natty principle”, an integral part of the human world, operates as follows:

First, an image that binds to your receptors of desire seduces you. Then they give you a map that could allegedly help you achieve the presented form of success.

That blueprint, my friend, is rarely working. They don’t want you to succeed. They want you to remain ignorant and hungry for pointless advice that just doesn’t work. If you complain, you are shut down hard by the rest of the infatuated slaves.

In this post, I will present official claims based on identical mechanisms.

1. Muscle construction

Official: Jeff Cavaliere a.k.a. Athlean X is a muscle architect obsessed with angles and fixing every mistake killing your gains. If you listen to his advice, you will transform and acquire a body similar to his.

Reality: Athlean X’s videos are full of clickbait titles and thumbnails. While they may contain useful information on paper, to me – they are just overthinking. Many of the “hacks” have zero tangible effect on the way you look and perform.

But this is how the Internet works. We want to be constantly stimulated which is why content creators have to produce videos non-stop. The result is permanent distraction and paralysis by analysis.

Official: Rippetoe is a representative of a dying breed, namely that of real men. He takes little zoomers and transforms them into majestic soldiers of fortune with the help of low bar squats. I don’t know what the current version of his book Starting Strength says, but back in the day, there were claims of 60lbs+ muscle gains in a year.

Reality: Rippetoe’s pupils maximize their body fat in the hope to be perceived as men. They gain more lard than muscular tissue due to persistent overeating.

Official: There’s a program for everyone. You just have to find yours, and you will mutate.

Reality: Many idiots believe that they are small because they haven’t found the ultimate number of reps and sets. Let me tell you the truth – that combination is like the perfect woman – it doesn’t exist.

You are not that special. There isn’t a switch in your muscles that halts growth unless you follow a training regime designed specifically for your precious fibers.

But the gurus never reveal that to you. They want you to remain a perpetual, delusional loser suffocated by self-loathing.

Official: You can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time naturally if you implement a miraculous trick.

Reality: Many dreamers want to believe that they can accomplish the above naturally, but their yearning rarely if ever manifests in the real world. Most naturals who do that are either extremely fat, complete noobs or liars.

A common trick in the natty world is to get shredded and claim that you have also gained muscle mass in the process. The extra leanness creates the perception of extra muscular growth even thought cuts are catabolic.

The only way for a man to gain a noticeable amount of muscle mass while getting leaner is to import drugs.

Official: You need squats and deadlifts to reach your natural potential.

Reality: When the body is crying, we con ourselves into thinking that a miracle is about to take place. No. Difficult activities do not always come with extra rewards.

Squats and deadlifts will never turn you into the muscular monstrosity that you were promised to become.

Official: Curls aren’t a functional exercise.

Reality: Curls are mighty functional. Very often in life, you will have to lift loads that do not come with nice comfortable handles. In addition, when there are obstacles (e.g., stairs), one of the only ways to elevate an object of transportation high enough and free your knees so that you can walk comfortably is to curl or hug it.

I’ve done my fair share of physical work. One time the elevator was not working, and I had to climb six floors with boxes of tiles weighing around 20kg/44lbs. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you have to do it 20 times, you are quickly sucked into heavy exhaustion. There were two ways to carry the weights – on the shoulder or in a curled position. I had to rely on both.

Official: People train for health reasons.

Reality:  The old guy in the gym may be pumping iron to feel better, but the vast majority of muscle samurai do it to look good.

There are two main reasons why men enter the weight room:

1. They are tired of being a target due to their size and lack of power.

2. They want to build a body that will make them more attractive to women.

If this wasn’t the case, the most popular fitness brahs on the planet wouldn’t be fake naturals. Their popularity exposes what people admire and want the most – looks.

Lifting for health is a comfortable lie behind which the industry hides. All the spokesmen are injecting their glutes with potent trenbolona as we speak.

The cocktails of drugs that the heroes of the day take are all but healthy.

Official: To transform into a big natural, you need to become mighty strong.

Reality: The gurus want you chasing strength perpetually because your failure to reach their magical numbers allows them to hide the impotence of their programs and principles.

Strength equals size, but it’s also heavily dependent on practice, CNS and joint resilience. Hence why some people are stronger or weaker than they look.

Sadly, strength cultivation cannot induce the magical hypertrophy advertised by the industry because it does not affect your bodily chemistry substantially.

Official:  YouTube Fitness is useful.

Reality:  Maybe it once was. Today, the segment is incredibly over-saturated and filled with fluff, fake natties, recycled content and pro advice that doesn’t apply to average dudes.

Gurus like Omar Isuf are repeating the same stuff over and over again (e.g., your biggest squat mistakes) while men like Jason Blaha make unnecessarily long videos glorifying compound movements.

Official: Gurus love you.

Reality: Nobody loves you. It’s all business. The job of every guru is to sell you their plan. One guy pushes barbells; another one swears by kettlebells; the third one is a bodyweight Jedi.

They extract carefully pre-selected bits of information from various studies and put them in a favorable context to promote their doctrines. The artistic ones add a touch of abstract motivation to the mix and began spamming you with “revolutionary” ideas.

Official: Everyone is getting big naturally but you.

Reality: People make crazy claims on the Internet. Every lifter is a few pounds away from breaking the natural limits.

Are they lying? Many are. Some do it consciously while others lie first to themselves and then to you.

The gym and the online platforms dedicated to muscle construction alter your perception by synthesizing a small sample of high-end specimen.

When you are in the weight room, you are significantly more likely to see freaks of nature and feel embarrassed.

I am fairly tall standing at around 6’1″. But one of the gyms where I train occasionally is filled with absolute freaks that dwarf me not only muscularly but on a skeletal level too. Very often I am the shortest there and look like a car next to monster trucks. But if I were to visit a gymnast hall, I would probably feel like a giant.

In short, the barbell houses and training forums attract many genetically gifted individuals, but those men make an incredibly small percentage of the population.

2. Women

Official: Men are pigs who never understand women.

Reality: The entertainment sector is infested will false claims demonizing men and serving a form of fake feminism that hurts women. Men are depicted as soulless creatures who want nothing but sex and fake commitment to exploit the precious female hearts.

Does this happen?

Yes. I’ve met females who have suffered the effect of the phenomenon. But in all cases, those women had chosen partners occupying extremely high societal positions creating an obvious gap in the union – an imbalance facilitated by hypergamy and the infrastructure provided by social media and other online dating platforms.

When women settle for men of equal rank, they are rarely left for dead “the morning after”.

Over the years, I have witnessed an effect opposite to the notions propagated by the media – men seek commitment, but women run away to preserve the thrill from being chased and worshiped. They are addicted to the power that the modern world gives them.

In my life, I have only sad love stories accumulated over many years.

I am not perfect. But there comes a point when even with extra effort, you fail to find enough evidence to blame yourself for every misstep.

Official: Women are looking for love.

Reality: Love is just a mask. When women break up with you due to a “lack of feelings”, they are lying. The actual message translates to:

1. They have found someone who is more attractive and/or richer than you.

2. They are looking for someone more attractive and/or richer than you.

3. They are searching for someone who can satisfy the irrational feelings in their belly better. (bad boys, thugs, serial killers, kings, soldiers of fortune…etc.)

Think of Cinderella’s story. The principles outlined in it are crucial.

Who is she? A woman inhabiting the lower rungs of the human pyramid. She is poor and oppressed by her stepmother, but luckily, a prince [of course] comes to protect her and upgrade her life to the next level.

Why didn’t Cinderella go for a milkman, a carpenter or a woodcutter?

Because the system has given her a hypergamous soul. Females are in love with the idea of meeting a high value guy who can extract them from their miserable life. If you are one of those men, you will get to know “real love”.

Another element needed for female ascension is the stimulation of an inferiority complex in men. Cinderella’s prince feels “imperfect” and “incomplete” even though he is on top of the food chain. This touch is essential. Without this quality, he wouldn’t settle for a woman beneath his status.

Ironically, the tale, probably involuntarily, suggests that men are the ones experiencing a truer form of affection because he loves Cinderella just the way she is.

Would she love him if he wasn’t a prince? I don’t think so.

But if we have to be fair, there’s another question that could expose male shallowness – would the prince love Cinderella if she was fat? I don’t know if he would, but I certainly wouldn’t.

Women’s goal is not to love someone unconditionally. They are searching for a way to acquire more resources, not always in the form of money, by marrying up. Most of the couples that I know are made of men who are either more attractive or sensibly richer and of higher status than their partners.

Furthermore, you will never hear of a reverse Cinderella story [a princess marrying some toilet cleaner] unless he is extremely attractive.

3. Alpha males

Official: Shave with a straight razor like an alpha male, and your entire life will change.

Reality: If men were thriving, there wouldn’t be so many blogs, forums and other outlets telling you how to fix your life because the demand for such material would not be present. But we are not doing so well which makes us a vulnerable group, a prime candidate for “hope scams”.

Many bloggers out there will try to be the father or the big bro that you never had, but in the end, all you get is “pump up” material that does not offer anything of value other than adrenaline.

It’s a called the alpha pyramid scheme.

A bunch of tryhards get richer by infesting your mind with abstract motivation and by telling you to mimic the peripheral habits of successful men. As if waking up early will turn you into Donald Trump. Or maybe, you will become Michael Jordan…if you work hard enough.

They will tell you to shave with a straight razor, like a real man, and spam you with clothes designed to fix all your problems in life. And while the envelope matters, the modern philosophers omit the truth because it does not fit the shiny world that you are supposed to live in. Their job is to amplify your hope rather than to destroy it.

People + hope = clients

People – hope = bankruptcy

Why do we want to be alpha in the first place?

In most cases, the goal is to attract women or elevate yourself socially. In both situations, a man is better off focusing on mechanisms that work rather than trying to live up to some miraculous image.

What do women want? Good looks and money.

We live in a highly visual world. A few years back, when I was trying to figure out what is the point of SnapChat, I met a Spanish woman online. One of my pictures was taken from a weird angle, showcasing my big nose in its worse form while the rest of the pics were “normal”.

She requested a selfie because: “I looked ugly in one picture.”

That’s right. All it takes is one bad photo. I blocked her.

There are many men out there who score not because they are alpha – but because they satisfy women’s visual criteria and provide a variety of resources.

Another reason to be an alpha is to protect your ground and dominate the men around you. Looks, authority and money are needed for that too.

If you are physically weak, other men would be less inclined to perceive you as the boss unless you have cash and power. But even in that case the visual aspects matter as shown by millionaires who inject steroids to gain even more territory.

If you look tough and have cash&status, you will be categorized as alpha even if you shave with pink female razors.

P.S. If this type of philosophical conversations trigger your interest, check out A Hater’s Synthesis 2.

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  1. Sam

    ? Again a good and true article! ??

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am happy that you liked it.

    2. Y_u_

      Wow you Sir have spoken the truth

    3. VBR

      Wow all this writing to basically say a couple things, women are attracted to rich and handsome men. I never knew thanks for explaining. As the Hold Steady sing so prophetically “Guys go for looks girls go for status.”
      You can’t fool mother nature bro should have learned that in kindergarten.

  2. Greg

    You have a lot of wisdom and definitely provided a lot of insight on just how deceptive fhe fitness industry is. However this is a bit too black pilled for my taste. In my mind a big part of the problem is that people have unrealistic expectations and Americans are way too competitive so they are always comparing themselves with others (they even turned EXERCISE into a competition with crossfit!) Not everyone can be the best or rich or have a supermodel girlfriend but plenty of people can still have happy fulfilling lives

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I think the world became excessively competitive due to social media. The Internet does not allow you to forget that there’s always someone better.

      1. Greg

        A bit late getting back but I think you are right. It’s not just that there’s someone better, it’s that even if they aren’t better they can pretend to be with editing, context, etc.

    2. Nitrox76

      What’s your opinion on Rollo Tomassi and his books? Please let me know.

      1. John

        Lot of good information for beginners about men’s self-improvement,but after some time he becomes like Athlean-x of manosphere: too much theory and overthinking, without adding any additional value. You are better with Roosh or Victor Pride.

        1. Daniel

          Please tell me you are joking with these two.

        2. Jack

          Actually, Rollo doesn’t have any self- improvement advice .,it’s only dry,sterile rambling,”muh feminine imperative”. Having read tons of his articles, I can only assume Rollo is like wasp, too much buzzing around,but not much honey at all. I don’t see any reason men who want to have succes in dating or any other sphere of life should read Rollo. They will waste their time on boring, overcomplicated theories,which will not help them even 1 percent to get laid.
          Yes,they are much better with Roosh or Victor Pride. Honest,quick and short, no bullshit, no-nonsense advice on every important area in life. Roosh is better for dating, Victor for everything else. They do not rack you with big, empty words, that cause analysis-paralysis.

          1. Truth Seeker Post author

            The entire manosphere itself causes paralysis by analysis and is a pyramid scheme part of the death loop.

  3. William

    Brilliant and insightful as always. Seeing the world for what it is instead of what you want it to be is wisdom.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. I am happy that you like the post.

  4. Louis

    There are two main reasons why men enter the weight room:

    1. They are tired of being a target due to their size and lack of power.
    2. They want to build a body that will make them more attractive to women.”

    Exploiting the above two propositions, Charles Atlas implemented the greatest shame-based campaign in bodybuilding history. (“Don’t Be Half A Man”.)

    Even if one was not afflicted by either of these conditions, the threat was that one might become compromised. Thus, even a more robust male sent Charles his quarter—as insurance—to beat the (inevitable) bully and win (or retain) his girl.

    Everything in the post-Charles world merely perpetuates the underlying eternal condition, whether the purveyor overtly states this or not. And Charles had the marketing moxie to depict your plight—via a 7-caption cartoon—showing the Before-and-After of *both* conditions. His then cure: “Dynamic Tension.”

    Anything can be sold to the fearful—if the delivered package strikes to the heart of the fear/desire.


    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Great observation. The exact same mechanism is used to this day. You have to lift to be a “real man”.

  5. John

    You are GOD of writing and I really mean it. Keep up with great articles.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. I won’t stop.

  6. soloshin0

    “Furthermore, you will never hear of a reverse Cinderella story [a princess marrying some toilet cleaner] unless he is extremely attractive.”

    Wouldn’t you simply attribute that to supply and demand?
    In post-WWII Europe, many countries had a giant deficit of men compared to women, and so it was not uncommon at all to see young women married to half-handicapped alcoholics.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes. Scarcity would create a similar effect too. But it’s not currently present. Women swim in offers from hot guys.

    2. Segun

      Alladin is an example of a reverse Cinderella, thepricess marries the poor theif

    3. Segun

      Alladin is an example of a reverse Cinderella, the princess marries the poor theif

  7. Teflon24

    Just found this site yesterday and really enjoy your writing man. I probably agree with 80% of what you say… all those ig models may be juiced to the gills, but they obviously have the genetics to be able to do it. For every Mike Thurston, there’s 1,000s of Eric Kanevskys.

    As far as bullshit advice goes, I like to call it the hamster wheel of delusion. “Maybe I’ll get a girlfriend if I can add that last 10 lbs to my bench” was something I thought when I was a gym rat powerlifter type in college. All the dudes would complement how “jacked” I was… didn’t help at all. I stay lean year round, and that’s the difference.

    Sorry for the ramble, just enjoy seeing the truth so eloquently written.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Welcome 🙂

  8. Solomon Rothman

    “Why didn’t Cinderella go for a milkman, a carpenter or a woodcutter?… Females are in love with the idea of meeting a high value guy who can extract them from their miserable life. “, This question and after statement alone is worth following your blog. It’s awesomely stated, true and sad at the same time. Did you take this example from another source?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Those are my observations. But many others have experienced or at least witnessed the effect. Volumes of books written by women express the same idea as well. They all want to be saved by a rich, handsome, tall guy and are absolutely ruthless in their pursuit.

      1. Frank

        Yeah my ex-wife was in full beta provider hunter mode when we met. She figured marrying a lawyer was her meal ticket. When she realized I was happy being a public defender and wasn’t ever going to be a rich corporate attorney she found someone with real money.

  9. Franck

    you are too good.simply too good.

  10. Swabie

    Good article bro
    In my past days I was fat and out of shape, today I am 20kg lighter, look way better than most friends and colleagues from my generation, sure it’s all nice but to be honest I don’t feel that much confident, to tell you the truth I was even more relaxed and confident when I was fatter
    In short – lifestyle change, new clothes and lifting can improve your life, but can’t fix all your problems, that’s the truth, sadly
    BTW I shave with straight razor and I don’t really feel like alpha hahah

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I shave with an electric razor that’s 3 years old now. The best investment I have ever made shaving wise. It cost me 50 euros and still works with the original blades. It has already paid for itself since I don’t purchase consumables.

  11. EM

    Good article. But lumping Michael Jordan and Donald friggin Trump together? Michael Jordan was a great athlete, while Donald Trump, just two days ago was fined for stealing from a friggin charity and now represents a movement that thinks evolution is fake, global warming is a myth, adults shouldn’t have the right to choose their own spouse, forced birth for women of all ages, unfettered access to firearms for even mental patients, supplanting the constitution with the bible, making birth control as scarce as possible and spends an inordinate amount of time fellating Evagelical Christians who think the end of the world is a good thing as it will usher in the coming of the messiah. And on top of that, despite his money, he seems to not really ever get laid since every sexual interaction with women seems to culminate with him begging or attempting a rape. And the man is afraid, NO TERRIFIED, of STAIRS. I simply would never want to be someone that petrified of a star case. Not to mention the botched hair transplants.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Many “alphas” use Donald Trump as an example of a successful business man and promote his “habits.”

    2. Brett

      Evolution is just a theory. Not proven.

      The atheist schooling indoctrination has done a good job of pretending its fact though.

      There is not solid proof that evolution is real. No scientist or even Darwin could prove it. Natural selection can not explain the diversity of the millions of species found all over the world.

      I know thats frustrating to hear, as a atheist having no answers to life’s questions must be tough.

      1. humancrane

        Evolution is a theory and so is gravity but I dont see you repping at least two plates on the bench, Brett

  12. girlyman

    You are like the darker version of me, the one who didn’t make it. After all those years, you still write about fitness gains ? compounds doesnt work ? really ?
    when i started i was skinny as fuck, yet every one around me can see now the progress i made. now i look like i m in pretty good shape. so i’m guessing you didnt make it because you are still angry that somehow after all that time spent training, you still arent muscular…enough
    a girl left you so you went back to lifting, somehow you are still training…but why arent you quiting ? why keep lifting if it doesnt produces results ? just to feel good ? you can do plenty of cool stuff just to feel good, much more fun than lifting period, like snowboarding/surfing hiking or whatever. nah u still want to chase your dream of big biceps, you wanna look like arnold did, but you dont want to take steroids… do you actually looks at bodybuilders with envy and try hard to convince yourself they are loosers coz they inject but yet you imagine how it would be if you looked like them ? do you still believe in your heart that you can make it, and try hard to convince yourself that you wont ever ? no routine will ever work ? so sad.
    well some routine actually work. they have plenty of proof lying around for you to see. 5×5, calisthenics, … ofc if they work for others that doesnt mean they will work for you coz everybody is different right ? surely, when genetics come into play, after all you are definitely not the same as everybody else. kek

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Cool story, bro.

      1. Roflcoptr

        Bwahahaha best response ever.

    2. Alphonse

      working out, in the advanced stages, does feel like coming. After a while you kind of do it for that sensation, but what truthseeker says is truth, in the first stages is for the looks.

  13. Sulla

    Very wise and profound piece of writing. I think you probably want to look into what Starting Strength are doing these days, it’s moved on a lot and become a lot more nuanced since you did it. Their demographic is much broader now than before with a lot of focus upon older people. I ran the program for 6 months, got strong and lost weight, and no I don’t look like I lift (a look only attainable with stellar genetics and steroids) but I feel a lot better for it at 44 years old. Thanks to your writings I don’t have unrealistic expectations so I do what I can with what I have.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Even back then there were many older men doing Starting Strength. But the driving force of the fitness industry will always be young, “naive” men.

      I admit that training is beneficial at any age. But it’s the wild claims that create the popularity.

  14. Louis

    It is not about any particular body-building program (or its claims and “proofs”)—at any time in history.

    It is about being vulnerable to a shaming point of view—and how that particular vulnerability came to be, for a particular individual.

    With awareness about what is *really* happening, one can begin to make effective change. This is simple but not easy.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am very happy that you like it.

  15. Daniel

    Mostly true and to the point. Life is always a struggle, up and down all the time. Everyone is blessed in some ways and not in other ways…that’s life!

  16. Greg

    Just curious what is your take on SARMS? I actually had pretty decent results doing nautral bodybuilding (above average genetics, from a family of athletes), enough that people would comment fairly often but I hit a ceiling and got some wrist and knee pain. I tried two SARMS and was very pleased with the results. I put on muscle, particularly in places difficult to build naturally like upper chest and delts and the pain is essentially gone. Not exactly a miracle pill but as far as I can tell considerably safer than steroids and pretty effective

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      SARMS are just a light, alternative form of steroids. Many scammers sell them to delusional naturals.

  17. MB

    In the article it says:
    – quote –
    There are two main reasons why men enter the weight room:
    1. They are tired of being a target due to their size and lack of power.
    2. They want to build a body that will make them more attractive to women.
    – end quote –

    But why are women do it?
    The regular woman will probably look good and fit, but then you also have the fitness models en female pro bodybuilders.
    Do they want to be big for strength? For appearance? To win contests? To be attractive to… men / women ?
    And did they always thought like that? Or is it the influence of a big drug-based coach?
    Is it a mental problem or just feminism?

    I wonder why they want to be so big. How can they talk about being very muscular and being feminine?
    This would be an interesting topic for an article.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      The percentage of women who want to be as big as female bodybuilders is super slim. Women also train to become more attractive in the eyes of hot guys.

      1. MB

        But since the popularity of social media, especially instagram, there’s an entire invasion of woman who take drugs to become bigger.
        Or do you mean with ‘female bodybuilders’ the bodybuilding category? There are not many women who want to be Ms; Olympia indeed.
        And even if there aren’t many women who want to be super big, I don’t understand why they do that.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          The models injecting Anavar to get a bigger booty for Instagram are doing it for external validation too.

          As I’ve said before – if you were alone on a deserted island, you wouldn’t even lift. Only experienced men and women lift for internal reasons, but even in those cases, their initial motivation is to look good rather than to be ultra-healthy and perform well.

    2. Jim

      It is true. I think beyond a very basic semi taxing work out once a week everything else is overkill.

      Fat loss can be done through diet…but nothing wrong with say 2 cardio sessions a week for heart. Brain health..
      I see some people spending 10 hours a week in a gym when 3 is way more than enough.
      Addiction? If lifting weights evwry 10 days is sufficient…why lift 5 times a week?
      Diet is 90% of the equation. Just have a flat. Lean tight stomach and you are 90% there. Do some pulls and pushes to develop your shoulders.arms and back to their nat levels…that is it.

  18. humancrane

    truthseeker, what do you think about incels and manosphere communites? worth the time, or also a form of mind poison?

    1. Sam

      The difference between you and the Truth Seeker is that you do not write from experience. Truth Seeker did it all and experienced it himself (been obessive, tried all the supplements, bulking, etc, etc.). This makes imo a very big difference which can also be found in your blog.

  19. Moti

    I follow your articles and have bought all the books but you mentioned that a natural, in most cases, can’t gain muscles while losing fat.

    For me, I’ve been able to gain muscles and lose fat at the same time. I wasn’t super fat.
    Weight: 105 KG
    Height: 6’2
    BF: 25%

    Weight: 83 KG
    Height: 6’2
    BF: 9.1%

    I can see my abs clearly and vascularity on my biceps. I am not super big but I have a decent muscular structure.

    First, I followed a keto diet on two meals per day. As I lost some water weight and gained some noobs muscles. I switched to intermittent fasting. When I did that, My BF started to go downhill like crazy. After witnessing decent progress, I decided to go for prolonged fasting like 20 – 23 hrs a day with more than one day fasting once a month.

    Having done that till now, I reached a single-digit BF but I don’t think I got smaller maybe unnoticeably but the reason for that could be a combination of genetics and discipline on a not too popular way of eating i.e; fasting as a lifestyle.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It’s possible to gain some muscle mass and lose fat simultaneously if you are somewhat fat (25%BF or more) and a beginner. But many lifters expect to get cut lower abs while adding inches to their biceps. It can happen only if you “tren” hard.

      Congratulations on your physique. Also, thank you for the support. That’s what keeps me going.

      1. p. sacco

        “tren” hard – HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

      2. Moti

        Thanks for the insight. Yes, I am having difficulties with the lower abs although they’re not protruding when I stand but When I sit down they accumulate slightly.

        and yes I don’t ‘tren’ hard hahaha

  20. Jim

    OMG…i will never be able to watch Cinderrlla ever again. I never thought about this before. It is brainwashing kids.
    King Kong is the same. He is obviously Aloha. KING OF THE JUNGLE and she was good looking. NOT SOME FAT crack head.
    Always the same.. 7 dwarfs..snow white…even Shrek…omg

  21. Wordtobigbird

    Yet again a great article. If people actually put to test the things you’ve said here, theyd be shocked at the results. Now at ahe 38, I went from lifting 3 days a week to 1, and my body measurements are same now as they were 7 months ago. The only thing that changes that is my diet. Granted I am significantly weaker in some areas, but who cares? Not like I have to survive in some gladiator like gauntlet each day. The world is a ridiculous place and only getting worse.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. I am happy that you like it.

    2. Chris

      if the worlds getting worse, then why not be a Gladiator ?

      1. Sam

        You know most of them died a terrible death?

        1. Chris Hutchins

          in the arena 2000 years ago yes.

          So did many others, far far far more than the Gladiators.

  22. Dude

    I’m getting tired of all this alpha/beta bullshit honestly, looks,money….bullshit. What do you need a woman for? Or 100 women if they don’t love you, or they love only your looks or money? Women can be assholes no doubt, 100% pain in the ass, but from my experience I can tell you that generally speaking they can and know to love(and also hate) more than we do, when they love, they love 100 hundred times more than we are capable of doing. We can learn a lot from them.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I don’t think that women love “better” than men.

  23. John

    Great article! Please don’t stop writing.
    Also your books are great, I really enjoyed them.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. I am happy that you like it.

  24. RichardIII

    Can you do a commentary on the natty status of the barbell medicine crew? You’ve mentioned in the past that you think some of them may be shadow pinners.

  25. John Smith

    Hey Truth Seeker

    What do you think of these fat to fit YouTube transformations? Almost every single one of them reeks of steroids to me, and why do they all follow the same format? Text dialogue, sentimental script, dramatic music. You’d think these people survived an encounter with a bull shark, no, they just lost a little fat and put on some fake muscle, temporarily, until their dad bod genetics kick in and reverse the “gains” achieved by the roids. Is there some industry puppet master pulling the strings on this one?

  26. Hazem

    This is fuckin awesome man
    i like you

  27. LB

    You’re forgetting that Cinderella is attractive. Would he have married her if she was fat and ugly? On the physical level human beings are shallow. Make and female. Don’t make men out to be some mythically magestic and sensitive human being. I did PUA too. Men and women are BOTH retards. Really. Don’t worry about that shit.

    A guy once said, lay not your treasures where moths and rust do consume.

    What that means is don’t put your treasure – your value / attention / focus – in the impermanent (where moths consume).

    Find that which isn’t “consumed” by time and impermanence.

    You are experiencing the disillusionment with worldly things. Congratulations 🙂 welcome to the small club. Most people will chase worldly things their whole life. And if reincarnation exists, for many lives. Life after life chasing something impermanent. How sad. You’re waking up to the reality that nothing on earth can be that great because nothing lasts. And if it did last, you would change so it’s meaning wouldn’t last.

    Go the spiritual path. Look up terms like awakening, self realization, or presence. This is controversial among the worldly and mind oriented people who would ask you to chase “success” instead. If their message appeals to you, by all means go for it. The spiritual path always was and might always be one for very few people.

    A guy once said, among the millions of human beings, one spiritual seeker is rare. And among the millions of spiritual seekers, one truly earnest one is rare.

    Loved your article and best of luck to you, brother.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      True. But this world does not tolerate the non-material route. Regardless of what they say, people want money and that’s what impresses them the most. If you have more money right now, you will have more female attention than if you were to donate a kidney and save someone’s life.

  28. MB

    On a forum once someone told that steroids can turn a woman completely into a man including the male reproduction equipment
    Was that a joke or can women realy grow a third leg by using steroids?

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