The Secret To Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arm Size

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Arnold Schwarzenegger had a physique that most people consider ideal. He was massive, lean and brought someĀ of the best chest and arms in bodybuilding. To this day, Arnold’s chest and biceps development are unmatched.

What’s the secret to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arm size?

1.It’s not a secret routine

The online space is infested with routines revealing ”Arnold’s secret to arm size”, but the truth is that Arnold’s lifting program had very little to do with his arm size. Obsessing over repetitions and exercises won’t get you very far. The body can’t count, and there are many different ways to stress the arms.

Some like barbell curls while others prefer dumbbell curls. Which one is better? Neither. They are just exercises.


Arnold Schwarzenegger has some of the best genetics for arms and chest. The shape and the insertions are aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the muscle bellies are long and allow the acquisition of serious growth. If you have short muscle bellies and long tendons, your arms will look completely different than Arnold’s. You may have more prominent biceps peaks, but your arms will appear “empty”.


Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger used steroids. You can’t acquire the physical development of Arnold naturally.

4.Definitely not supplements

Supplements suck – plain and simple. They were garbage 40 years ago and remain the same today. You can take all the whey protein in the world. It does not matter. The biggest impact on your muscle building power does not come from protein, but rather from your body chemistry. That’s why steroids work whereas powders fail.

Final thoughts

Stop worshiping anybody’s body parts.

Don’t look for a secret routine – it doesn’t exist.

Supplement are irrelevant.

You were never meant to be somebody else.

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