When Running Sucks For Losing Weight

| by Truth Seeker |

Running is one of the most popular forms of cardio. Sometimes, however, it’s not an efficient way to accomplish your goals.

If an individual is severely overweight, running is a harmful activity. When you are a fatso, your knees won’t appreciate your affair with the road. Consequently, seriously overweight people prefer to swim or ride a bike, although the diet is still the most important element of a successful weight loss program.

Another problem that people face when they go out for a run is the hostile environment. If you live in a cold city, running Rocky style is not as sexy anymore. In fact, going out for a run at 4 in the morning could be plain dangerous and stupid. Running alone in dark streets is not exactly a fun activity. Sure, you will lose some extra weight from the stress, but it’s better to find an alternative.

Ironically, running could be too stressful on your joints even when you are skinny. It’s a ballistic movement generating a significant impact on your joints. On the other hand, the squat isn’t a ballistic exercise. There are people who squat heavy weights without pain but cringe when running.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Running is still a really good exercise. Sprints will build your legs while jogging develops endurance and stamina needed for sports such as boxing. If you are in a position to run – hit the road. If your joints cry from running, fix the problem or replace the activity with something producing less of stress on the connective tissues.

Running alternatives: swimming, cycling, kettlebell training, barbell circuits, sled dragging (walking pace)…etc.

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