5 Knee Friendly Alternatives To Running

| by Truth Seeker |

Jogging and sprinting are productive activities only if your joints can take the impact. Below are five alternatives to running for people who experience pain. A combination of the exercises below can build endurance, explosiveness, and strength.

1.Bodyweight squats

If you are using running as a form of cardio, bodyweight squats could be a great alternative. Sure, you can’t do them for hours, but they are easy enough to serve as cardio. Since the squat is not a ballistic exercise, it’s much kinder to the knees.

2.Kettlebell/Dumbbell swings

Kettlebell/dumbbell/T-handle swings are also a cool form of knee-friendly cardio. The range of motion at the knee during swings is very small. That’s why the movement is quite safe for your knees.

3.Riding a bike (low impact cardio)

The bike is relatively knee-friendly too since the joints no longer have to support your body.

Note: Most forms of swimming are also knee-friendly, but the breaststroke could be very rough on your knee ligaments.


Similar to the kettlebell swing, the deadlift is knee-friendly. The range of motion at the knee joint is short in comparison to the squat. Deadlifts rarely cause knee injuries, provided that you don’t drop the bar on your knee caps.

The deadlift will build your lats, spinal erectors, traps, hamstrings, glutes and grip.

Note: The conventional deadlift is more knee-friendly than the sumo version of the lift.

5. Sled pulling

Sled pulling is a great form of cardio with relatively low knee stress.

You don’t need to buy expensive sleds. Just make your own for the fraction of the price.

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  1. Tyler

    I like this post just because of the fact you put put body weight squats as number one. I have been doing this for years and I feel like its better for fat loss than running. I run 5 to even 8 miles ever other day but some how BW squats are better. My abs pop and I can run longer. Obviously my diet is on check

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