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image source: BenjaminNelan;

image source: BenjaminNelan

About a year ago, I wrote the guide How Big Can You Get Naturally. It reveals how much growth lifters can expect without steroids. I am sorry, but nothing has changed. Actually, I think that the numbers are even lower for the average person.

Many people ask me how I came up with the numbers in the guide. It’s a combination of both – research and personal observations.

I spent a lot of time reading and collecting information from the local muscle scene in my town.

When I first started lifting, I went to the closest gym and did 95lbs deadlifts, overhead presses with just the bar and some funny front squats. Later, I decided that I need a better gym.

I guess I was “lucky”. An hour from home, there was an underground gym where powerlifters and bodybuilders trained. It was the type of gym where the toilet works once every week and 70% of the equipment is homemade, but it still had everything I needed for my “superior” barbell lifts. There were a squat rack, bench presses and very good bars. It was dirty, but I decided to settle.

It was a powerlifting gym, but the hardcore powerlifters were training mainly in the evening. During the working hours, most of the people there were typical bodybuilding “brahs” looking to get jacked.

I was convinced that everyone around me was training like a complete idiot. I was suffering from the 5×5 syndrome. Later, I had my moment of truth and realized that I was wrong and right at the same time.

I trained hard for months. My workouts were over 90 minutes because of the long rest periods I was taking due to “lifting heavy”.

I got relatively strong – 1.6BW squat, 2.5BW deadlift and only 1BW bench press (long arms, ectomorph). I did that in 5 months of natural lifting.

This was a decent progress for me, but I wasn’t happy. I felt cheated. I was breaking my back, but the mirror was not reporting anything spectacular. I was just a typical skinny-fat dude with a 36-inch gut, no chest, no arms, big ass, some back, no quads, no hamstrings and some mediocre barbell lifts. In other words, I felt like a clown.

What do you do when you feel like that? You ask yourself – what the hell?

I started paying attention to the big guys in the gym. I quickly learned that most of them were on steroids. Many were open about their drug use, but some were still talking in riddles. Apparently, the code name for steroids was supplements. Some of the guys were spending over 500 bucks on supplements every month. Obviously, they were buying juice and not protein powder.

Moreover, the powerlifters that I met there were on steroids and fat, to say the least. Occasionally, there were also needles in the locker room. As I said, the place was a pig farm.

Occasionally, there were also needles in the locker room. As I said, the place was a pig farm.

I even had the chance to meet a “natural” bodybuilder competing in the classic bodybuilding division. The first time I saw the man, he was training his obliques. His synthetic look punched me right away. He was not incredibly big, but his abs screamed – synthetics.

Later, I found out that he was juicing. He said so himself in a conversation with a fat powerlifter. Somewhat ironically, he weighed as much as me, albeit lean and 2-3 inches shorter. He had no hair and was rather ugly. He treated me like a poor kid with dirty clothes lost in the mall. I hated it. I don’t need anyone’s pity.

Surprisingly, or not, I gained some respect in that gym because I trained harder than many lazy bastards and participated in a local powerlifting meet. My deadlift helped a lot too. Ironically, I hated the place. It was dirty as hell, and the atmosphere was not for me. I felt stupid and out of place, but at least, I got the chance to gather information.

Dbol bloat there was as common as a barbell plate, and some people were talking about tren and Anavar openly.

One of the big guys who were on everything from slin to GH almost punched me because I dared to use the cable machine while he was doing a triceps superset. He pushed me away from the machine, changed the weights, did a set of triceps push downs and immediately measured his arms. He had a solid growth hormone gut.

There were some funny moments, but I had to leave after I got into a fight. Besides, I missed lifting in a gym with a working bathroom.

I found a facility close to work. It was small but well equipped and gave me a chance to meet some of the “mini juicers”.

Those would be the guys who take smaller doses and lift a lot less than your average Youtube fitness celebrity. Some of the guys there were on test and other drugs while only benching 275 pounds – a very respectable number, but nothing to write home about when you are on drugs.

One time two guys came out of the bathroom together. The smell of alcohol filled the air right away. Apparently, they had just disinfected and injected each other’s butts. I will probably never forget the “we didn’t fuck, so don’t worry” facial expression of their faces. One of them had Tom Hardy traps and was benching decent numbers. The other was a permabulking mess. They were also doing cocaine, according to their stories.

In conclusion

  • All people showing extraordinary muscle size are on steroids regardless of how strong or weak they are.
  • The physiques of steroids users have an artificial look.
  • I am still certain that the numbers in the original post are true, but only for elite lifters. I cannot reach the weight for my height at 5-8% BF, but that does NOT mean that others will share my fate. If you can reach the outlined numbers, you will look exceptional in almost every gym you go.
  • The natural potential of most people in terms of strength and size is light years behind the steroid limits.
  • 95% of the YouTube fitness gurus are juicing. The other 5% are not popular. Some of them admit it, others don’t. Either way, the result is a poor understanding of how naturals look and perform.

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