Can You Be As Big As Tom Hardy Without Steroids? Is it possible to acquire the muscle mass of the actor naturally?

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On a couple of occasions, the British actor Edward Thomas Hardy better known as Tom Hardy displayed a well-developed physique.

In the movies “Bronson”, “Warrior” and “The Dark Knight Rises”, Tom Hardy plays the role of very strong and muscular characters. His physique was used by many to promote a variety of training protocols claiming that you can build similar mass fast and easy.

This leads us to the classic question – can you become as big as Tom Hardy naturally?

How big is Tom Hardy?


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According to online sources, Tom Hardy has the following body stats:

Height: 5’9″/175 cm
Weight: 181lbs/82.272 kg
Arms: 16 inches/40.64cm
Waist: 34 inches/86.36cm

The above numbers reveal that Tom Hardy technically exceeds the guide for natural bodybuilders. However, he is not in an ultra-lean condition.

He looks between 12-16% body fat in most pictures.

To get down to 5-8% BF, he will have to cut at least 10-12lbs.

When you add the muscle and water loss, Hardy’s ultra-lean bodyweight will be close to 163lbs/74kg.

Tom Hardy Is Lean, Not Shredded

Tom Hardy has a solid physique, but he isn’t ripped according to the modern bodybuilding standards. This is important because the hardest part of natural bodybuilding is to be truly shredded and muscular at the same time.

The Classic Hollywood Transformation

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If you observe the career of most muscle actors, you will see that they are big only when they have to play specific roles. We have the same situation with Tom Hardy. He was big in three movies, but a quick online search reveals that his body looks normal/average most of the time.

Logically, this leads us to the question – could Tom Hardy be one of the guys who bulk up with the help of muscle elixirs just for the roles?

In general, naturals don’t like large bodyweight shifts and try to remain in shape all the time because they know how hard it is to bounce back after a long period of unhealthy living.

Many people have been rightfully accused of using anabolic steroids for their transformation. Since it’s almost impossible to prove steroid use without random and extensive blood and urine tests, we are left only with speculation.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that actors get paid a lot of money to play fictitious characters in movies. Tom Hardy does not make an exception. According to online information, Tom Hardy received over 2 millions for his role in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. 99.9% of the population on the planet will never receive a paycheck of this magnitude. There are people out there willing to do almost anything to get their hands on similar sums. Taking steroids could be considered a noble behavior compared to many other things that humanoids do for cash. A couple of testosterone shots? That’s as innocent as kissing a little kitten…

DAMN! Those traps are HUGE!


So, we are supposed to believe that those traps can be built by doing push-ups?

Tom Hardy’s traps {trapezius muscles} are his best feature. They are big from top to bottom and make the rest of his physique appear much smaller and less impressive.

The trapezius muscle and the deltoids are the first to grow when a man starts using steroids because the shoulder girdle has the highest concentration of androgen receptors in the body.

Tom Hardy’s alleged workouts do not hit the traps that hard and raise suspicion. Web sites have revealed that for the movie “Warrior” Tom Hardy did a routine consisting of push-ups, shoulder flyes, dips, bridges, and abdominal exercises.

This makes us wonder. How can you get similar traps without heavy weights? Honestly, there are two main options – either the online info is inaccurate or PEDs helped.

So, what’s the truth?

The truth is that some people may have the potential to achieve the muscular development of Tom Hardy completely naturally. However, a similar transformation will require a lot of work and won’t occur as a side effect of bodyweight push-ups and chair dips. You will have to pull heavy weights if you want to see similar traps in the mirror.

It is hard to tell whether Tom Hardy has relied on steroids to transform. Of course, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if PED were part of the preparation. It’s not like Hollywood actors are known for their drugless living.

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  1. Justin

    Its very clear his is 10% at most. You can see his oblique’s for gods sake. How are you even writing these, with a blindfold on ha

    1. realitybites

      I can see my obliques at 15% BF, despite storing most of my fat in the abdominal region. If big enough they can be seen at even higher BF percentages with some flexing and solid lighting.

      Hardy hasn’t ever cut to single digit body fat for his movies.

      Also, everybody can get back in shape pretty quickly – it only takes a long time the first time you do it. Losing fat generally doesn’t get easier but the muscle comes back fast.

  2. Doug

    Definately on PEDs. The transformation above would have taken 5 years of hard work and diet, if he even had the genetics for it, which is debatable. You dont get in that kind of condition in a few months.

    1. Joseph

      5 years bro? That’s a real DYEL estimate ngl?

  3. stan

    Without steroids you don’t get in that shape – period.
    Its so wrong when people in the public eye say they have done it naturally.
    I personally have nothing against it – but at the least it gives people false hopes and dreams, and at the extreme end of the scale it’s just taking the pi** like with Dana Linn Bailey.

    1. realitybites

      ‘You’ is a generalization.

      I see more developed people at my local gym all the time. It would be ludicrous to think they ALL owe their physique to abuse of PEDs.

      Hardy didn’t look like much of anything before – neither did many would-be pro bodybuilders. Take ten skinny-fat blokes, have them train for 6 months and you’ll notice some have improved more than others. Take a hundred and be surprised. Take a thousand and be blown away. It’s just natural genetic variation and statistics.

    2. Joe

      Wrong. I started working out (4-5 times a week) in April of this year (2016). I was 180lbs, 19% BF, 39″ Chest. I have only relied on diet, protein shakes, BCAAs, and Creatine.

      I’m now 195lbs, 15% BF, 43″ chest. No steroids and getting damn close to how Hardy looked in the movie Warrior.

    3. Ulrik

      I am bigger than Tom Hardy and I have done it in 3 years naturally.

  4. Mike

    His physique has never struck me as a steroid physique. Not ripped enough or developed all round as much as his traps to be that. I’d say his personal trainer made him hammer his traps a shit load. A lot o volume, a lot of frequency.

  5. delectric

    the traps are way too big ~ steroids

  6. RizenSaga

    Honestly I’ve been doing the Tom Hardy “warrior” workout for three months and my traps have really started to show. The workout is legit.

  7. Eric

    Yes, he’s taken steroids. He’s admitted it:

    Quote: “After bulking up for the role [of Bane], Men’s Journal reports, Hardy was asked if he used performance-enhancing drugs. ‘No, I took Smarties,’ he said. ‘What do you fucking think?’.”

  8. Ulrik

    The question is not if Tom Hardy took steroids or not. The question is if you can get as big as Tom Hardy with or without steroids.
    I think you can get a physique like that without steroids. I have seen some impressive natties and some terrible looking steroid abusers.

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