Politics In Bodybuilding

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The controversial Mr. Olympia 1980 {image via: bodybuilding.com}

The controversial Mr. Olympia 1980 {image via: bodybuilding.com}

Bodybuilding is one of the most controversial judged events. Sadly, on many occasions, the winner of the competition is chosen before the start of the contest. The 1st place is often given to the most marketable bodybuilder due to lucrative reasons.

A good example would be the competition Mr. Olympia in 1980 when Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised everyone by deciding to compete. He was allowed to do so despite the regulations prohibiting the acceptance of new competitors at the time. Ultimately, Arnold won the competition even though he was 17lbs lighter than his last Mr.Olympia five or so years ago. What was Arnold’s secret weapon in 1980? Show promoters and organizers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a really good physique, but the fact that he was heavily supported by Joe Weider throughout his career cannot be denied either.

The champion is often the most marketable guy because there are millions of dollars to be made on his back. If the winner is a controversial figure, it’s hard to use him as a promoter of the sport. Unless the winner is a Hollywood guy with a big smile, he just ain’t very useful.

People put way too much value in fake things. It may be hard for some of you to realize it, but there is no such thing as first and last place in the real world. This is a man made concept meant to manipulate the crowd. The real winners and losers can’t be defined by human made criteria that doesn’t correspond to the natural law on this planet.

A good way to illustrate this point would be to compare a successful athlete to a firefighter or a doctor. The first one may get all the glory and fame, but that’s only because in the fake human world that person in considered more valuable. In the real world, a doctor helping people is much more important than a footballer selling his soul for a contract with a sugar drink. Of course, doctors can be immoral too, but that’s another story…

Bottom line: The mainstream winners are often those who just sell better.

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