Is Lifting Super Heavy Weights Needed For Big Muscles?

| by Truth Seeker |


Over the last years, heavy barbell training has regained its popularity among natural bodybuilders because the gurus say that heavy lifting makes you “grow like a weed”. This misconception has created an army of lifters who kill their joints with super heavy weights hoping to build extraterrestrial muscle 100% naturally. Unfortunately, heavy lifting cannot help you overcome the shortcomings of being natural. It doesn’t produce the effect required to do so.

In the beginning of my journey in the realm of muscle and iron, my goal was to lift as heavy as possible. I was convinced that most lifters around me were cowards who only train for the girls. I didn’t want to be like them.

Well, the assessment of my gym colleagues was correct, but I was too infatuated to see that I was doing the same thing by following the opposite approach – trying to impress the girls by being a hardcore motherfucker who lifts heavy and puts as many plates as possible on the bar. It turned out that my desire was an expression of the same thing – a union between stupidity and a drunken ego.

After a few years of frustration, I finally figured it out – heavy lifting is as scammy as protein powder. Why? Because the gurus claim that it makes you exceptionally big when it doesn’t. You should lift challenging weights, but not more challenging than necessary.

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