Are Fitness Models Using Anabolic Steroids Yes, of course.

| by Truth Seeker |

The general public and most fitness enthusiasts prefer the look of famous fitness models over the grotesque appearance of modern professional bodybuilders.

The main reasons for that are:

1. The Classic Look Is More Appealing

The so-called classic bodybuilding physique consists of a wide back, narrow waist and developed deltoids.  This combination creates an illusion of grandeur and makes the bodybuilder/fitness model look bigger than he really is.

In the past, this was the ideal look that people desperately wanted to have. After the IFBB professionals added insulin and large amounts of growth hormone to their mix of anabolic substances, things changed. The stomachs of the competitors grew tremendously. Many modern bodybuilders have distended midsections resembling ugly guts. This was one of the many sacrifices on the road to even bigger muscles.

Since many fans prefer the old look, more and more lifters are trying to build a physique similar to what contemporary fitness models present – very low body fat, a narrow waist, wide shoulders and modestly developed legs.

The fitness competitions were created as a way to satisfy the growing demand for a more attainable yet still powerful physique. In those shows, the competitors wear shorts covering their upper legs. This style promotes the idea of an over-developed upper body, larger V-Taper and modest quadriceps and hamstring development.

2. The Myth That Fitness Models Don’t Use Steroids

Another reason for the interest in fitness and physique competitions is the naive belief that the models don’t use anabolic steroids. This is not true. The most obvious evidence is the fact that modern fitness models and natural bodybuilders are becoming as big as the professional bodybuilders from the Golden Era.

Meanwhile, the general public is gullible enough to believe that all people who use steroids look like Ronnie Coleman or Dorian Yates. This is, of course, a very superficial understanding and is the equivalent of saying that unless you have the money of Bill Gates, you are not financially rich.

IFBB pros inject grams of steroids whereas fitness models take a lot less and for the most part stay away from insulin and growth hormones abuse.

3. The Belief That Fitness Models Have Extremely Active Sexual Lives By Default

The number one reason why people start lifting weights is to impress the opposite sex and become more sexually attractive and desirable. When lifters secretly examine their physiques in the bathroom mirror, they often ask themselves – “Am I fuckable?”

However, many forget that anabolic steroids suppress the natural production of testosterone and can technically make you impotent.

4. CrossFit, Mainstream Fitness Motivation, and Social Media

Fitness models have become particularly famous thanks to the CrossFit propaganda and social media. There are thousands of motivational posts presenting the physiques of famous models and natural bodybuilders as the ultimate purpose.

The propaganda is, of course, sponsored by supplement companies. They use the images of fitness models on steroids and growth hormone to promote their product lines. Whether this is moral or not is up to you to decide.

In brief, fitness models use steroids to break the natural limit and build physiques that drag the spectators into a never-ending stupor.

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  1. Mason Adkins

    Honestly whoever wrote this article doesn’t even fucking lift. Bullshit that the main reason they do it is to seem “desirable” to the opposite sex. This is their fucking life and it’s all they know. They make their living off of this for god sakes. Also I’d like to point out the fact that you said there was a lack of intelligence, but I’m pretty sure that these athletes do what 99% of the population cannot. Of course most use performance enhancing drugs; however, do not be naïve to the fact that some do not use drugs. Either way it takes hard work. They don’t just stick a needle in their ass and then all of the sudden they look the way they do. That’s all I have to say.

    1. David

      Sorry to disappoint, but a 1996 study found that a group of test students on performance enhancing drugs for 10 weeks and ‘did not train’ gained more muscle mass and lost more body fat than the group who consumed a placebo and trained for 10 weeks.
      Take from this what you will 🙂

        1. Mason Adkins

          You’re a fucking moron if you believe that…

          1. Timothy

            What’s not to believe? Did you read the article? First. It was a legitimate study. Second. David only pointed out that muscle growth was enhanced without training during steroid “treatment” compared to the placebo group. The study also said those getting steroids and exercise put on MOST lean muscle. It’s not rocket science, but it’s science.

    2. Rick

      It’s so sad that there are so many people like you out there who desperately believe that if they train really hard they can achieve even 1/10 the results of someone using drugs. The brutal fact is that you can train your entire life drug free and unless you have awesome genetics the average person will barely notice you work out. Steroids are very powerful drugs and since 150% of the people on the covers of fitness and bodybuilding magazines are on them you have been brainwashed into believing this is what is possible naturally at least for some people. It’s not even close. Sorry for the reality check. Santa does not exist either.

  2. Eric

    Who ever wrote this doesn’t seem to know much about steroids or fitness. And is clearly a giant hater.

  3. jay

    i believe you’re misinterpreting the end of the article. those were all points of what others looking to date Fitness people may see, not the writers opinion of what they are. i think as a fitness person many of these points are valid and i see them myself.

  4. Rance

    ive been into lifting and fitness for over 30 yrs,
    and ive even tried dianabol steroids at one point and i can confirm that you still have to put the hard work in, it isnt wonder juice or pills that you simply take and the next day you have the body of schwarzenneger or stallone in their prime,
    i found myself that it gave me more endurance to train longer and strength to lift heavier, but i still had to train,
    too many people out there think steroids is cheating in that the hard work didnt get you there but the pill or juice magically did and this belief is so far from the truth.

    1. nick

      you used steriods, it’s cheating homie

  5. Jagz

    Well I agree with David, He does have a point in his article. Steroids is extra hormones, that’s like putting 2 men worth of hormones into 1 body. yes hardwork, ok sure but your results will be tremendously further than a natural lifter, those on steroids can put on more muscle than a natural lifter. whether he works at it or not he still is “cheating” because he’s adding more mass than he would normally add if he was natural. For the spiritual part, I agree with that as well to an extent. Most meat heads or fitness physiques are too distracted by their surroundings and so focused on the mirror that the reality of their living is ignored. It’s like a person who is so caught up in money that he has no time to think of what truly is his purpose, he’s sort of “blinded” by some superficial distraction. Not to say every single one, but majority absolutely, let’s blame media and society. anyway great post. 🙂 keep it up David

  6. Jason

    Obviously this guy Mason takes steroids and believes in that what he believes in. I personally root for the guy that builds year after year without the help of steroids but that’s just me. Might as well let him continue down that path and leave him to believe whatever He wants. His angry speaks for itself.

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