HodgeTwins – Natty Or Not?

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The ”HodgeTwins” is a popular YouTube fitness channel. Many follow it mostly for its entertainment qualities rather than the bodybuilding advice presented in it.

The majority of the viewers are confused teenagers who aspire to get big and muscular – just like the HodgeTwins. This is not a surprise. In this day and age, people put a tremendous emphasis on aesthetics. Consequently, the body awareness of the young population has gone through the roof.

The online space is infected with images of muscular perfection and fitness clips. It’s hard not to be affected. The mainstream trends, however, are often just marketing techniques relying on people’s ignorance. The proof lies in the fact that often IFBB pro bodybuilders on anabolic steroids advertise poor supplement products to the unaware. As a result, more and more people are starting to ask themselves what kind of physique can be achieved without steroids.

Are the HodgeTwins Natty or Not?

The main factors to consider when making a decision whether the HodgeTwins are natural are:

1.The HodgeTwins are big and ripped.

According to the current online information, the HodgeTwins are 6’2” (188cm) and their bodyweight is about 210lbs (95kg). The body fat of the twin brothers is very low. In most pictures, it is between 7% and 10%.

It’s obvious that the HodgeTwins are not as big as an IFBB pro. What many don’t understand, however, is that you don’t have to be as big as Ronnie Coleman to be a steroid user. Bodybuilding is divided into weight classes. There are 135lbs competitors who are not only taking steroids but also GH (growth hormone).

In brief, the fact that someone is small does not mean that he is clean. What reveals the use of anabolic steroids is fullness at lower bodyfat levels. The HodgeTwins cover that criteria and in many pictures have the Photoshop look too.

Note: The HodgeTwins exceed the general guidelines for natural bodybuilders outlined here by 13lbs (5.8kg).

2. The HodgeTwins live in America and make money as “YouTubers”

Similarly to CT Fletcher, the HodgeTwins could face legal issues and financial losses if they were to admit to steroid use.

3.The HodgeTwins’ Transformation is suspicious

In just a few years, the HodgeTwins acquired the aesthetic look. Most people never get to that level in their lifetime.

4. The HodgeTwins have signs of gynecomastia (bitch tits)

In some pictures, the HodgeTwins show signs of gynecomastia – formation of a female breast due to hormonal imbalances caused by steroid usage.

HodgeTwins Natty or Not?

5. The HodgeTwins Are 40 Years Old

The male hormone testosterone is responsible for strength and muscular development. Unfortunately, the level of natural testosterone decreases with age, and for that reason, many older men are advised to start TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) in order to negate the negative side effects of low testosterone. The age-related testosterone decline in males is explained in details here.

Now, you know. But the choice is still yours.

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  1. Keith F

    The HodgeTwins are too big and too ripped to be natty simple as that. As soon as they busted out CREATINE, and started making all of these fast food reviews… its clear what their goal is and it is clear that they use drugs to enhance their bodies. Their goal seems to be views which ofcourse is money which I respect. To conclude, anyone who reads this, yes the HodgeTwins are on roids, not alot of gear but they arent natural. Good day to you all.

  2. Jim

    I watched a video of them on the incline bench lifting 275 X 15. Wtf. Yeah definitely on roids!

    1. Brandon

      275×15 is not that impressive. When I was 16 y.o. My max was 275 x 3 now that I am 37 I hit 225×15 and I am all natural and just been back in the gym for less than a year. I’m 9nly 5’10” 200 lbs so at their size 275 is nothing earth moving but it is nice! Not saying their natural but 275×15 doesn’t mean they aren’t.

    2. Keith

      I am a 19 year old football player and I can bench 275×10 on incline and I’ve onky lifted for 4 years.

  3. Jay

    I think they are natty because I can relate to that. Any good physique you look at in BB, its normally a short guy. The twins are 6ft 2, the only mr.olympia that height was arnold himself, everyone else was/is shorter. The taller you are the more strenght potential you have, and the longer your arms are, the longer your muscles will be.
    I am 6ft 2 tall and my bone structure is similar to theirs, although I am not that big, I believe that I could reach their measurements too naturally. And of course genetics play a big role too.

  4. Pedro

    Definitely not natural. Too big, too shredded. One thing juicers overlook when talking about being natural is the fact that to be that shredded, the cardio needed to get there would deplete plenary of that muscle as well as the fat. I’m not 100% sure they could be that “big” as well as that shredded, much like every juicer I have seen in the past. I could always be wrong, but I’m quite doubtful.

  5. Pedro

    I said definitely, then followed it up with “I could be wrong”. I should’ve said, in my mind they’re definitely not natural, but you can think what you want.

  6. Kfkfjf

    @Pedro you dont need cardio to get shredded. What are you talking about?

  7. sp00k

    um, I am 41 and in better shape then alot of 20yr olds I see at the gym 5’8 265lbs at 25% BF and I am natural alot of what you post on this site is bullshit, looks like honestly you just don’t have what it takes to train hard and diet.

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