Frank Medrano – Can You Build His Physique Naturally?

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Frank Medrano is one of the most popular bar athletes a.k.a. bodyweight training specialists on the Internet. He resides it the U.S. and carries one of most shredded physiques you are likely to see. Frank Medrano made it happen, but can you follow his steps naturally without using anabolic steroids? Can you build a body like his without pinning them glutes?

What do we have here?

Frank Medrano is 5’9″-175 cm and weighs about 160lbs-73 kg. According to the guide for natural bodybuilders, this is pretty much the maximum weight that a 5’9″ male can have at 5% body fat. In other words – the body of Frank Medrano is within the limits, and if you have favorable genetics, you can acquire his mass naturally.

Shredded beast

Frank Medrano’s physique looks so attractive primarily as a result of low body fat levels. The question is whether one can be as shredded as him naturally? The answer is yes.

Contrary to popular belief, naturals can get shredded beyond belief. Problem is, they can’t maintain an appreciable amount of muscle mass while being super lean. That does not mean that you can’t look good as a natural – you just can’t be 200lbs with abs at 5’10”. The natural potential is lower.

Does Frank Medrano have the Photoshop look?

Yes and no. He appears out of this world in many photos, but for the most part, he does not jump out of the page as much as others. In addition, he does not possess the typical 3D steroid delts common for roid abusers.

In the photo below, you can see that he does not look that impressive without digital editing, oil, tan and other tricks that make you appear larger than life.

Frank Medrano - Can You Build His Physique Naturally?

So, can I build a physique similar to the one of Frank Medrano solely by doing bodyweight exercises?

Yes, but your legs will remain on the insect side of the river. If that’s not a problem with you, we don’t see any issues.

However, you can achieve a similar look by lifting weights too. There is nothing magical about bodyweight exercises.

What about his diet, should I become a vegan?

No, you don’t have to be a vegan to get shredded. In fact, one of fastest way to lose weight and get ripped is the low carb high fat diet.

Are you 100% certain that Frank Medrano is a lifetime natural?

You can never be certain. We, obviously, can’t know whether Frank Merdrano is a lifetime drug-free athlete. However, we believe that a similar physique can be achieved naturally – whether Medrano did it that way or not remains a question to which only he knows the answer.

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  1. Bruno from Brazil

    Great post, agree 100%.

    I’m an ecto, vegan, bodyweight athlete like Frank Medrano.
    And I’m 5’9″ at 135lbs – but 8% BF.

    My body doesn’t look like his, but he clearly has more years of training, a better diet and different genetics.

    Judging from my personal experience, YES you can look like him as an ecto, vegan, bodyweight if you do everything right AND has genetics in your favor.

  2. dimitry

    What kind of exercises i need to do, and what food i need to eat?

  3. Joe Daddy

    I can’t believe it was ever a question if Frank was natural or not. The dude is a vegan. He got that body on PB&J sandwiches, lentils, greens and fruit (I listened to an interview where he outlined his diet). Did you really think a health nut like Frank would use drugs? On a side note, I’m a vegan bar athlete myself and have noticed more energy and decreased body fat since switching to a vegan diet and calisthenics. It’s a glimpse at the new age of fitness. I think Frank is just ahead of the times.

  4. PV

    Hey! Frank medrano seems to have an average to relatively thin bone structure(wrists upto 7 inches), and is still 73kgs at a bodyfat percent that low. Don’t you think that athletes with relatively thicker bone structure(wrists 7.5 to 8 inches) at the same height can actually exceed the numbers presented in your guide for natural bodybuilders?

  5. Gary alikonis

    “Frank Medrano is 5’9″ – 175 cm and weighs about 160 lbs – 73 kg . According to our guide for natural bodybuilders which has been proven right many times, this is the about the maximum weight a 5’9″ male at 5% BF can have.” Did you mean minimum weight at 5’9 naturally? I am 5’9 195 lbs, I take no suppliments or do any drugs, I am probably about a 10% body fat, with what you said in that statement would mean it’s impossible to be my size naturally.

    1. justin

      If you’re natty 195 you’re certainly not 10%.

  6. koes

    if medrano use drugs, he will be 3 times bigger than that.. its a so natural body

  7. delectric

    Could be natural though a lot of people are taking reduced dosages these days and claiming that to be natural.

    For me he is a little too vascular, though this could be natural too. The problem is most people don’t have pronounced veins even when very skinny.

    Still I agree the body can be built naturally though there still would be phases when body fat will be relatively high when building muscle.

  8. Ryo

    He has lost a considerable amount of muscle mass in the past 3 years, and all that baby oil can’t hide it any more. Looks like he was using low levels of T and is off it now.

  9. Layla

    My boyfriend has veins showing very much as well. He’s also vegan, but varies between 8% and 9% body fat, so not as ripped as Frank Medrano. Height 1.79m, weight 67 kilos (overall less muscular). What I am pointing out is that veins showing are clearly a genetic trait in some people, it doesn’t mean they’re on steroids.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Extreme vascularity is a sign of leanness which in and of itself could expose a drug user when combined with a lot of muscle mass.

  10. HInfoT

    Its not about the look … many boxers are on steroids even in the lightweight, His power is a strong indicator that his is on some steroids …

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