Exposed: Supermarkets Make People Fat And Trick You Into Spending More Money

| by Truth Seeker |

Тo present you the entire supermarket scheme, I have to start from the outside. What are supermarkets made of? This may not apply to all countries, but most stores are ugly metal warehouses with a few glass windows. It’s obvious that the architects of those bungalows are trying to keep the projects as cheap as possible. The keywords here are – quantity over quality; profit over style.

Supermarkets never invest into a solid construction because it doesn’t fit their plans. They want to pay little and sell big. Therefore, people are shopping in easy to construct and maintain warehouses that resemble military bases rather than constructions with tradition and character.

While the outside of a supermarket can tell you the entire story if you can read between the lines, the real fun starts once you get inside and rub elbows with hungry humanoids ready to fight over nice deals.

Usually, the first thing that hits you is the sweets section or the fruits and vegetables corner. In the first case, we have an attack designed to exploit people’s addiction to processed food – an essential element of the 21st century. After all, we have all been nurtured with candies. When I was a kid half of my teeth melted into ruins from eating cheap bonbons.

Today, everybody craves that modern technological taste. We are essentially sugar junkies – even the little children. ”Mommy, buy me a waffle or I will cry like a little bitch,” says the stupid looking spoiled kid chewing on a plastic action hero figure.

The supermarket strategists are aware of this condition and often put all sugar goods close to the entrance. As a result, the first thing that humanoids see after finishing slavery is chocolate. Naturally, this becomes our painkiller.

Vegan products represent another potent strategy. Fruits and vegetables are fresh, colorful and make for a nice image. When you enter the store and see a wonderful selection of monkey foods, your mind is tricked into believing that everything else is like this. Moreover, people associate fruits and vegetables with vitamins and health. This reinforces the perception that you are at a good place that will make you a stronger and better-looking human as long as you are willing to cooperate (pay). That’s not the case. Nobody cares about your health. You are just a mindless walking bank that needs to be drained and loaded with sugar.

This is not planned by the staff of the supermarket. Those underpaid and exploited souls have no idea what’s really happening. They just ”do their jobs” as they’re told by the upper management. The whole system is orchestrated by greedy entrepreneurs, marketing teams, and psychologists. This is not a joke. They really rely on behavioral experts to determine how clients react to the various elements of the strategy.

The next step is to hide the foods containing protein (e.g., meat, cheese, milk, nuts…etc.) at the back of the store so that the customers have to pass through loads of other garbage before getting to the essentials. I realize that this may not be the case for all supermarkets, but in most situations, there is a lot of junk on your way to the better stuff. Why? Because the supermarket wants to sell you extra stuff.

By the way, the discounts are nothing but a joke. First, they are always placed on poor quality products. Second, the supermarket is still making a nice profit since it buys goods in bulk for pennies.

I often laugh internally at the garbage that humanoids around me put on the rolling mat before paying. There are many couples formed by ultra fatsos that spend a monthly salary in one day on junk food. It’s not uncommon for similar individuals to buy five chocolate bars, 10 gallons of Coca-Cola, 5 boxes of bonbons, 10 packs of pancakes, 5 packs of roasted peanuts, 5 six packs of beer and, of course, 5 kilos of shiny sweets for their little boy that already has a fat gut and tits bigger than those of most girls in the school.

Some people call pigs vacuum cleaners, but humans can behave like pigs too. Supermarkets give us an opportunity to prove this fact.

This post will not be complete without mentioning the sellouts known as celebrities. Those are worse than the bodybuilders who push protein powders as the ultimate way to build muscle.

Most celebrities who sign PR contracts with supermarkets are already rich and famous. In other words, they are not struggling to survive. They just want more. That’s why you see brain dead sports celebrities advertising all kinds of bad food. Those greedy bastards get paid more in a week than what ordinary people make in a decade, and yet they still want more.

Due to the system’s brainwashing, we always think of price rather than value. As a result, we have people who can’t see clearly. We only identify the shiny labels while the true core remains hidden. The result? We are taken by the elite. They see their clients as drones with wallets that have to be drained through purchases of smiling candies, painted meat, sugar and fruits.

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