Differences Between ‘Natural’ And ‘Roided’ Bodybuilders

| by Truth Seeker |

1.Natural bodybuilders look smaller.

Even a child can tell the difference between Ronnie Coleman and a natural bodybuilder. Big Ron carries five trucks more muscle. But weight alone is not always indicative.

One of the trademarks of fake natural bodybuilders roiding their brains out is that on paper they are quite light, but in reality, they look extremely muscular. That’s a look achieved through superior conditioning and quality mass.

The bodybuilders from the lower divisions who weigh about 160-180lbs and yet look 200-220lbs thanks to their superior 3D muscle are a perfect example.

For instance, Jeff Rodriguez weighs ‘only’ about 180 lbs, and yet he appears bigger than life. Most people would believe him if he says he is 220 lbs.


On the other hand, true natural bodybuilders rarely look heavier than they are.

If we compare Jeff Rodriguez to Eugen Sandow, who was a bodybuilder from the pre-steroid era, we see that Rodriguez ‘dwarfs’ him even though Sandow’s weight was about 170-180 lbs at 5’7”.


Jeff Rodriguez is supposedly as heavy as Eugen Sandow and also 2 inches taller. Nevertheless, his muscular development is light years ahead of Sandow’s.

Moreover, Rodriguez has a much better chest. The reason for Sandow’s poor chest area is that the lifters from the past focused primarily on the overhead press, which does not develop the pectorals as much the bench press and dips.

2.Natural bodybuilders are depleted while ‘roided’ bodybuilders are full.

One of the hardest things for natural bodybuilders is to keep their fullness during cuts.

When the diet is restrictive, the muscles become flat, depleted and weak. This is especially true for keto diets. In the initial stages, the lifter loses water weight and consequently his muscles look fragile and beaten.

A good way to spot the fullness of steroid users is to examine the shoulders and trap area of the athletes. Enhanced lifters have very well developed 3D delts and traps. On the other hand, naturals have a really hard time preserving shoulder mass on a cut.


The man in the photo is Jim Cordova. Pay special attention to his 3D delts with visible striations. Natural bodybuilders rarely exhibit such powerful and ultra-lean deltoids.

3.’Roided’ bodybuilders have deep 3D cuts that make you go ‘wow’.

‘Roided’ bodybuilders have really deep cuts that turn heads on the street. Below is a picture of Lazar Angelov famous for his ‘perfect’ abdominal development. Notice that he has super deep cuts.

Even if you are able to get to his levels of body fat as a natural bodybuilder, achieving such insane cuts is quite hard.

Lazar Angelov - insane lower abs

4.’Roided’ bodybuilders look synthetic and composed in Photoshop.

If you look closely at ‘roided’ bodybuilders, you are going to see that they just look synthetic and have a ‘plastic’ Photoshop appearance.

In the photo below, the popular fitness model Jaco De Bruyn displays the synthetic/robotic look.


5.Bodybuilders on steroids age faster.

Without a doubt, large amounts of anabolic steroids and other muscle-building drugs change your facial aesthetics. Many users suffer from male pattern baldness and faster aging. It’s not uncommon for individuals who are 20 something to appear 35+.

In the photo below you see the transformation of Hafþór J Björnsson who got from point A to point B in 2 years. In the first photo, he is about 21 years old. Currently, he is 25 years old. Does he look 25?


6.’Roided’ bodybuilders have funny head to body ratio.

Many bodybuilders have bodies making their heads look unnaturally small. A good example would be the supposedly natural bodybuilder Jeff Willett.


7.’Roided’ bodybuilders look grainy and ultra dry.

The grainy and striated look presented by many bodybuilders is unachievable without the heavy usage of muscle building drugs.

In the picture below, you see Helmut Strebl and his insane muscle quality.

image via: http://www.muscle-base.com/;

image via: http://www.muscle-base.com/;

8.Natural bodybuilders gain muscle slowly.

True natural bodybuilders have a very hard time gaining muscle. The process is very slow and painful. Meanwhile, steroids users often display amazing Hollywood style transformations in a few months.

9.’Roided’ bodybuilders do not follow strict diets.

Regardless of what the ‘roided’ bodybuilders try to sell you – many eat junk food all the time and use crazy amounts of fat burning drugs to compensate and remain lean and mean. That’s why people usually get quite fat when they follow a high-calorie diet plan prepared by a professional bodybuilder.

10.’Roided’ bodybuilders train with light weights and get away with it.

It’s not uncommon to see huge bodybuilders training with small weights. Most do pumping exercises and that’s about it. They don’t have to lift heavy because the drugs are doing most of the work.

Moreover, lifting heavy when you are loaded with hormones could be dangerous for your tendons and ligaments. Steroids increase your strength fast, and the connective tissue does not have time to adapt. Smart bodybuilders know that and stop themselves from putting too much iron on the barbell.

At the same time, natural bodybuilders need to progress methodically and constantly improve their lifts.

11. ‘Roided’ bodybuilders carry mass far beyond the natural limits

Bodybuilders on steroids carry mass that exceeds the potential of naturals by 40-70lbs. The extra testosterone in the body of the steroid user alters the regular processes in the cells and induces extreme muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

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  1. Zorba

    Oh my gosh.. the aging of Hafthor (whatever it’s spelt) is astounding.. My mouth fell open when I saw the pre-steroid and post-steroid pics. I guess his bones, however, grew considerably within 2-3 years. His skinny self has narrower bones than his “Big” self. Humans continue growing till about 21-22 I guess.

    1. Cole

      smh I guess meat heads live up to their nick names.

      To to make sure let’s find a photo of his balls before and after. Because even ppl that use steroids say that’s the only real external side effect most universally seen.

      The rocket and medical science for this evidence and theories is greater than that for Bigfoot, the Easter bunny, santa clause, and aliens. Because you have limitage pictures backing them up while the others are don’t or a hoax. However, Saint Nickulas was a real person they just made a story of him kind like all the stuff here.

  2. Medical Knowledge

    Zorba, bones stop growing after your teenage years. When you are growing there is a line in your bones called an epiphyseal line. It is cartilage that lets the bones grow in length and it becomes fully fused by the end of your teen years.

    Your bones do not grow in width just because of steroids. The difference in width comes from more muscle mass than what he had before.

    1. Cole

      That’s not special true medical knowledge sir, guessing your not a Dr. maybe a PH D. Not always the same. Sorry but point incase
      HGh does increase bone density with its uses most notably in the headwhere there is little to no muscle to be added. It also adds to other bones but more so in the skull but I read that the effects of it in other parts of the body are of a big health risk to a person.

      Also there are drug combos that can be taken to increase and mimic HGh treatments to increase HGh and testosterone that cause bone changes.
      Especially in female athletes & bb.

      Now there is nothing that will shrink a skull no matter what witch doctors school you went too. Sorry too easy.

      So his head is what it is it just the proportion of it to his body that is weird. Flip side is his hands look oddly freakishly large to his head but proportioned to his body size?

      Steroids can also effect insulin, testosterone, estrogen hormones and glad pituitary functions which can cause HGh levels to go up or down increasing bone density or break down.

      However the break down doesn’t decrease size of the skull just density within the bone.

      So it can get bigger but it’s not healthier but once full size it really doesn’t get small just thinner. Like a tree trunk that has been cut. You can place it in water and it might grow possibly but the inside tissue wood will swell up push out the bark and expaindit from the absorbed water. While if left out the outer bark & trunk will remain at the smallest possible intact size while breaking down within.

      Also it’s possible increase bone density by breaking the bone which can increase the size.

    2. RK

      medical knowledge… more like google knowledge without even trying to further research the subject that you are reacting to. i dont even understand how can you google information like that… are you getting it from reddit or what?

  3. Pie

    Poor Jeff Willett if a legit natural. After watching ‘I want to be like that guy’ thought he looked pretty legit.

    Personally have never worked out to any great extent but at 5’11” 228 pounds, assuming a 20 pct body fat still over 180 pounds of lean muscle.

    Feel the reason most people don’t put on bulk at the gym as they spend their time their fluffing around dreaming of instant gains.

  4. Cole

    Man I’m sorry to pick on you again but I google “difference between natural and steroid BB” your article was the first not telling me how to use roids or broshitsci dot com. But I also google the Jeff willet guy in his defense I think it’s it’s workout technique that gives his head a small look besides the fact he is huge and his head is small. On his site of ppl doing his workout before and after picks all over them have the same look. Look it up kinda funny. But yeah small head but your totally misguided on this “myth”. If your huge and lean your head is going to look small. Fat necks add 30 lbs to a photo. Believe me.

    But as far as the dry look idk. But if the person does high impact calorie burning and strength training stuff like as job. Gymnast, contortionist(like cir du sal), rock crimbers, crossfiters, swimmers… see when I’m going with this? That guy look like he probably does something like that not “roided out”. Dude wasn’t extra big.

    But your whole “test method” involves using a picture of someone you believe is using roids then trying to find a comparison of someone strongly believed to not to use them or before steroids era. lol I mean I get it, your doing everything you can and told to do to look like these so called clean guy and don’t. Maybe they aren’t clean, or clean as they claim, genetics, they are leaving out details secrets to their success, or whatever it is your not looking like them so your on a witch hunt. But many of your theories for roid use seem laughable. Or maybe it’s me idk. Not saying your wrong or right just hard for me to say I agree or change my mind from thinking your in envy and jealous of them.

    For me I’m a big guy 6’3 240-260. Out of shape fat but not obese looking unless I see a picture of my self.

    Lol but your lat and deltoid argument I guess is a popular one for natural BB and users of roids. But that has to be either a generic thing(like the tendons for some ppl are naturally at a higher arch to look bigger and add neck size or maybe some have a recessed lat that makes it harder to look like others or some build mass easily there and in the deltoid than others) or your doing the wrong workouts. Maybe those ppl do something regularly that helps build that better than workouts. Try rowing? Or manual labor. Gym strong doesn’t always add up to real life daily work strong and vesa versa.

    All I know I’ve always great lats,delts, traps, pecks, and triceps Without working them out for definition. (Legs also but don’t hold the mass like I do in shoulda& chest)

    In fact all the workouts for those muscles besides my triceps I have no stamina for doing them like I should do. In fact i barely do any shoulder workouts I have severe tendinitis and limited movement in right one. I can’t throw anything with a whined up with out pain and looking like a spaz 8 yr old in gym dodge ball.

    Maybe genetic for me idk lucky me I guess?
    Now rest of body is a poor site to see though at the moment. But going to start working on it.

    Now for the pic of and size of Rodriguez and old timer. Rod is cut up and thick, but if you told he was 5’7 180 is probably good. Idk tho he is small as mofo. That seems too much. I’d say 175? If he was football player 180 ish plus if a wrestling 170 ish. Idk he is oddly over built chest and arms. Maybe he does it more idk? I can’t make my biceps look big unflexed even when I was in shape and had 19″ arms. For arms too. But I have friends that have bigger forearms then biceps. And bigger biceps than triceps. But at 5’7 to be that big and cut at 180 that’s ridiculous. He is probably on something but does that mean roids?

    As for the old timer if he is 5’9 and 180 that sounds maybe high Idk but he is solid.
    but I bet you $100 to your(or rods really) $5 that old timer (if physique was from work not working out)that he would win in a arm wrestling, swimming, fisticuffs, drinking, and doing real life manual labor. And he could crush rods hand if he shake it.

    Smh notice old timers triceps bigger than his bicep. Why? Real life work they do very little work. Biceps, lats ,and pecks are the most desired muscle features today because they are cosmetic in need of its size being relevant to use.

    It’s like implants or forcused workouts for the muscles opening the mouth of a crocodile if crocodiles had BB competitions. Idk if that works but?

    All I know is your need to start thinking less about calling ppl out of it they are or not unless your making money of this. Which you probably are lol but your doing it atthe expense of someone else’s credibility. If they claim that great! If you know they are lying then say that feel that but don’t profit off it, unless your going to do better guess a person is on roids because to don’t and are doing the same thing they claim.

    Sorry. I know you probably right on a lot if not most. But you keep comparing them to the wrong things. There are ppl that look like that and for some it’s easier than other for very few they don’t even try, natures lottery winners.

    Just use better methodology for your “nattyornot” formula of picture evidence. Unless there is a needle in the pic or emepty vial, all of your colcusions should be natty with an *. *meaning you can’t prove yes or no.
    Really even the people you totally believe are natty you can’t.

    And yeah I was your disclaimer but if I was one of these ppl and I was making money and totally “natty” (that’s a whole box of shet of its own to get into, and then your defition of steroids vs supplements vs natural occurring hormones replacement or increased production, stream cells?)

    I get you I do, I’m sorry I think it’s because forever example you choose to use I instantly know I from myself you can’t make that case or your logic and comparisons are off too much.

    All I know whether on roids or not these people have made it their lives to look like they do for better or worse for themselves. An did they profit from that and are misleading ppl then yeah that sucks and is wrong. They are making something hard look easy. I think everyone has that talent wether you learn what it is and make money off it idk. They found theirs tho, and you should keep looking to. Because your talent is not this blog. If your making money great hope you don’t get sued but don’t hurt a truly innocent person. Your no different the people your calling out if making money off this and it’s meaningless. They are atleast trying to change and help ppl and make money, you made a natty or not blog rid off hotornot with the hot button or not.

    Sorry low blood sugar now idk where I’m going now but I hope you have made enough money to buy a house not even a big one with this site.

    In all realness and honestly I think I dislike this so much is because I make statements like this half jokingly and ppl take them wrong and go the way I’m going with you. So there’s that for you! Maybe shoot me your thoughts first I’ll play devils advocate for you.


  5. jim

    jeeesus….^^^ get a *** life!

    (i read about 2 lines then gave up)

  6. Eric

    Brooo your biased asf. You don’t know if what you speak.

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