Is Jeff Rodriguez A Natural Bodybuilder or NOT?

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Jeff Rodriguez is a very popular “natural bodybuilder” who displays an amazing physique. He is big, aesthetic, detailed and super shredded.

Question is, can you achieve that look naturally? Could you become the next Jeff Rodriguez without taking a bunch of pills and injecting your glutes with synthetic hormones every day? Let’s see.

1.Jeff Rodriguez = the Frank Zane Of Natural Bodybuilding

Back in the day, the bodybuilder Frank Zane was the epitome of symmetry, aesthetics and overall bodybuilding beauty. He was not a big guy and yet won the biggest competition Mr.Olympia three times, although according to some, politics were involved.

Let’s compare the Frank Zane of Natural Bodybuilding, Jeff Rodriguez, to the Frank Zane of “unnatural” bodybuilding.

Jeff Rodriguez has the following stats:


Height: 5’9” – 175 cm;
Contest weight: ‘somewhere in the 180s’; {source}

The real Frank Zane had the following stats:

Christian Thibaudeau is on steroids

Height: 5’9” – 175 cm;
Contest weight: 185 lbs – 84 kg {source}

Conclusion: The natural Frank Zane, Jeff Rodriguez, is as big as the unnatural bodybuilder Frank Zane who won Mr. Olympia three times and competed against Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Mentzer.

2.Jeff Rodriguez looks like a superhero composed in a digital photo editor


Jeff Rodriguez’s aesthetics are on another level. He has striations on top of striations and looks full regardless of the fact that he has an extremely low body fat level. (Just look at that triceps.)

The majority of natural bodybuilders underestimate their body levels tremendously. It’s not uncommon for people to be off by 5-10%. They see a set of two pack abs and think they are 12% body fat. Not the case. Truth be told, most natties look malnourished at 5% body fat.

Final thoughts

Jeff Rodriguez looks great, but believing that one can achieve his massive muscular development and insane conditioning naturally is a little too ambitious, to say the least. The natural potential is lower.

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